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Month: January 2017

Real Food, Muscles, Salad Dressing & Credit Cards.

I need help with Post Titles LOL, mine are terrible. Give me some ideas please… First another lunch; Eat real food, make it at home like so: Start with a nice base of black beans and sliced carrots. (do a little search for stir fried black beans, ok click the link then). You can make Read More

The Smaller moments…SOUL PLEASURE

You have to pay attention I think, attention to the only thing that exists and that is the (here and) NOW. It’s often in those “aware” moments, that the “smaller moments” let us experience true happiness and joy on the very deepest levels of our being. I will call it SOUL PLEASURE I believe this Read More

Determination and Kindness…

Wanted to share this little video. We thought it was such a nice example of our natural states of determination and kindness. In regards to determination; we all have it in us and I believe encouragement is actually a distraction, I don’t thin, it’s what we want, we need laser like focus to access our Read More

Simply EXCITED for 2017

Happy 2017 to all of you. I’m about to go crazy with some posts, ideas and updates…hope you enjoy it while it’s here 😉 You know, maybe it’s because I lost my Dad last year, perhaps I’m finally “maturing” a little bit or maybe just maybe, I’m starting to reach that point of life where Read More