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Month: October 2016

Keep it Enjoyable

That’s my advice anyway. Whether it is work, exercise, food, play, finances, etc etc, when you keep it enjoyable, you will keep doing what you ENJOY doing. It’s so simple and yet… So if we take exercise as an example;   Gorgeous Sunday morning 10 mile bike ride with my wifey and small fry. Even Read More

Feel Good Insight, for Me at Least

  You know, most of us really do put forth the effort. Diet, work, relationships, exercise etc etc. We DO really TRY (especially since OUR OWN truth is what WE believe is the truth). Don’t argue with me yet, hear me out. But “just effort” simply gets you no-where. We need to find a way Read More

Dog Food

Yup dog food… I tried to do a bit of research on “dog-food” years ago but it was hard to really pinpoint anything of value. Over the years I’ve simply gone with common sense and went with the assumption that “commercial dog food” is a bit like “baby-formula” , it keeps you fed and alive, Read More