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Month: August 2016

Basil and Getting Fat

My small amateur garden exceeded expectations this year. My basil TREE (lol) was huge this year. This is the first basil “harvest” (besides from picking leaves all summer when needed) and represents about 1/3 of the basil bush. Basil freezes well, so will freeze some and make large batch of pesto and freeze that also. Read More

Sandwich Lunch

Yet different 🙂     Told you it was different:   Sorry for the truly crappy pictures, but wanted to quickly share lunch. Started with an organic roll from Rudi’s Bakery. Quick note on bread.. I eat it, not all the time. Biggest change for me is that I hardly ever eat “crap-flour”. If I’m Read More

Breakfast-Different-Feel Good

Some mornings I’m simply hungrier than others. I let my cravings mostly dictate what I eat as my first meal. I’m guess I’m lucky in a way that I never crave pancakes or french toast (then again, you do loose your taste for that type of stuff over time when you never eat it). So Read More

Real Food & Mile runs

First a bit of food. It’s really all about eating real food. That’s where the sweet spot lies. You can fine tune for yourself from there but first get your body changed up by eating REAL (home made) FOOD 95% of the time. Do this for 6 months and watch what type of results you’ll Read More

Let’s Get in Better Shape- Feel Good Eating Style

Hi Everyone, So now for something completely different, I’m going to do a “Get in Better Shape” series…with a twist. This will be a “Get in Better Shape” series done together with my amazing son! He’s truly a stellar kid. He might be very handsome like his grandpa- but it is his huge heart that Read More

The End is Just the Beginning

So here you go for a few good laughs…. Curious why I love the water so much?? As you can see that love affair started early. My dad and I anno 1973-74. As you know from a few posts back, my dad was not doing well. I just returned back from Amsterdam again, this time Read More