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Month: May 2015

Grilled Stuffed Chicken Breast

As I’m not all that crazy about chicken breasts…I got a little creative and naughty with this one. Full disclosure, I over-cooked them a tiny bit which pissed me off a little 🙂 But the flavor was excellent, and also made for a good addition to lunch to go the next day. I took two Read More

No Excuses and a Pretty Awesome Football Coach

Not when it’s this simple…   Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Cut up 2 heads of broccoli. Not just the florets now (tidbit alert, the dark little leaves are the most nutritious, then stems then flower)…slice the stems in to nice thin slices too. Dump into a large bowl. For two heads of broccoli (large Read More

Lunch to go

Around 1:00 pm the other day: This is pretty straightforward. Lunch to go with some nutrition powerhouse players. Tasty and filling, won’t keep you craving food either. Starting with organic red quinoa left over from the other night (even thought I don’t care for Mercola and his sales operation, he does provide some good info Read More

Little Paleo Meal

Keep adding those veggies… Like even in this little  “paleo” dinner.   Those yummy little “slider” looking patties under the avocado ALSO have tons of veggie in them. I mixed some grassfed ground beef with shredded zucchini, onion, garlic and jalapeno. Topped with avocado, the salad had a lemon juice , extra virgin olive oil Read More

Soup for Breakfast

I really like soup for breakfast these days. Provides great energy to start the day with. Check out this little concoction: I know, I know, pretty lame picture. Not exactly a thriller, but hey, I’m on my way out the door, it’s 7 am and trying to document this type of stuff for y’all. But Read More

Awesome Chicken Wings

Have to pound my chest a little… I have dialed in the most amazing chicken wing recipe. TRULY. Oven baked wings have never been all that great for me in the past until NOW. Ready, let’s do this:  (unlike my other crappy directions, this is a precise recipe) 1.5 pound of chicken wings (I buy Read More

Chicken Bone Broth

Easy breezy… You know how I often buy the cheap cuts? The forgotten ones? Pasture raised drumsticks always a great buy.  I save all those yummy chomped on drumstick bones of course. (in the freezer) Grab your crockpot, toss all your chicken bones in there. Add one celery stalk, 1 normal size carrot and 1/4 Read More