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Month: April 2015

Magic Cooking

You know…when you really enjoy what you do..the magic has a chance to come out ­čÖé In all seriousness though, sometimes it is a bit like magic going on in the kitchen. I don’t have a clue what I’m making for dinner some days. I have some good ingredients in the fridge and I love Read More

Drumsticks and Power Greens Smoothie

Pasture chicken is a bit expensive, so as I’ve said it before, buy the drumsticks. And when you buy pasture chicken you can enjoy your crispy tasty skin with it. Simple marinade consisting of : lemon juice, evoo, ┬áfresh garlic, onion, ground ginger, splash of soy sauce and fresh ground pepper. You can add a Read More

Quality Pork

I’m pretty excited, I’m “pork-sharing/pooling” shortly. “Cow-pool” will be a bit later this spring… but until then, took advantage of a sale at a local market on ┬áNiman┬áRanch ground pork. Came out pretty darn tasty on the grill. Below a spin on things. Just composing a bit differently with regular old ingredients. Heat your grill Read More

Vegetable Soup

I love my wife, but I think you all have figured that out by now. When life gets a bit hectic, she reminds me to slow down. When life starts “squeezing you a bit” she’s there to uncoil me from the dynamo. How powerful a little kiss can be! How important an “I love you” Read More

Importance of Veggies

I just LOVE the site Examine don’t you? They really have “grown up” so nicely over the last few years, without a drop in quality. Quite the contrary, the site has only gotten better!! Hat tip to Chris Highcock, as HE made me aware of them in 2012. I use the site very often and Read More

Chicken Drumstick Dinner & How many Veggies?

This was a dinner from last week. Chicken drumsticks slow cooked in the oven with potato and a side salad. Take your good quality chicken drumsticks and marinate them for at least 4-6 hours. Little drizzle of evoo and some spices of your choice is simple and quick. Good quality you ask?? Take a listen on Read More

Grilled Vegetables, Venison Sausage and a Brush Stroke

Made an interesting sauce last night. Tiny little bit of chipotle pepper in adobo,┬ájuice of half a lemon, 1 avocado and a 1/4 cup of water. In the blender whip into a light sauce. I put a spoon of it on a plate and gave it a “brush stroke” Grilled a few veggies, zucchini, red Read More

Green Salad To Go Please

In the early morning, I make my lunch to go for the day. It usually involves some type of left over from dinner the night before. I realized the other day, I should really make it lunch for two, and that way I can put half of it away for my beautiful wifey. Great little Read More