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Month: January 2015


Specifically pasture eggs. Real eggs…eggs from chickens living and breathing outside. Eating worms, grubs, dirt and who knows what else. Here’s a great link from a recent article on NPR (still love them after all these years) if you want some more info on what the myriad of egg labels out there mean…read up. Just Read More

How am I doing & Food Pics

I really don’t have to much to report these days. Just doing my thing…quietly, peacefully, humbly and gratefully. The flu jumped up and bit me last week, very happy with my bodies response to it. I slept for 3 days and was basically better after that. No head cold accompanied it, no real phlegm to Read More

Living on One Dollar A Day

  Not sure if you have caught this documentary or know the story about it… Living on One When I see young people truly caring about others, it fills me with tremendous emotion and hope. My oldest daughter is the same age as the young men that made this movie. She’s a good GOOD soul. Read More