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Month: November 2014

Family & Food plus an easy Salmon Recipe

Fist things first… What a wonderful Thanksgiving day it was yesterday. Family and Food…does it get any better? Make no mistake about it…not only did yours truly eat way too much… I also drank way too much. The snacks that were on the breakfast bar at my mother in-law’s house were tempting me starting at Read More

Simple Meals & Green Onion, Garlic

Not much to add to this. Here was dinner the other night. Some left over potatoes reheated (RS) with a few pieces of chorizo. Glass of red wine from Chile Green onion and fresh garlic are one of the keys to feeding your gut buggies. I love the taste of green onion (scallion) in my Read More

Salmon & Avocado Mash

Some half decent fresh farmed salmon is all we mostly get served everywhere we eat. Trust me when I tell you that 95% of all sushi restaurants serve it. Unless you spend the really big bucks, most salmon you get served is all farmed. After looking at much research, I’m with the attitude that on Read More

Cauliflower Mash & Salad

I came home on the late side from work last night and my wifey had some dinner ready for us: Holy crappers was this good!!! Cauliflower mash (a bit of buttermilk,  a bit of yogurt and raw cheddar made this the healthiest naughtiest tasting dish I’ve had in a long while. Salad had but a Read More

Sunday Cooking Day

Sunday is the day we usually cook up a storm to stock the fridge for the week. With busy schedules  it really helps to have some ready to go grab and go items and allows for easy prep for making lunches or putting together a quality dinner without planning. Sunday is also the day I Read More