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Month: October 2014

Outside and Home Made Chipotle Lunch

Sitting inside all day for work is simply no bueno. So get outside and breathe some of that fresh air. Especially if you work in a big building. I often bring my own “Chipotle” ┬álunch made at home, sit outside and enjoy the fresh air. Many days I will kick back a bit after eating Read More

Sky, Stewp & Wine

When I drive home from work, one of my “look forward to” moments is coming over the hill close to my neighborhood. We live at one of the 3 highest points of elevation in the area. I’m always curious what the sky has in store for me. Yesterday it was this: Connection to , appreciation Read More

Stewp, Korean Food and more Inulin

I had never really heard the word STEWP until my beautiful wifey said it to me yesterday. Learned something new. Anywho, I made this little concoction: Home made chicken stock as the base (plenty of quality store varieties available, don’t hesitate to use. I would pick low-sodium myself), 2 spoons full of kimchee cucumber (cabbage Read More

Food, Sugar & Dr BG

Lazy post today… Take a look at some meals: Some quickly seared tuna with some type of salad. I keep the rice portions on the smaller side. This was some uncle bens quick boil stuff. It’s parboiled so from what I’ve read and looked into, the RS3 is there. Take another look at great discussions Read More

Pay Attention, Must DO!

Sorry for the lack of posts. I have been a bit busy and was travelling for business last week. (more to follow on that) Hit me up in the comments if you have questions on below please. Some of my friends (hi Rob) and my wife (hi honey) know that I’ve been obsessing over this Read More