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Month: September 2014

Out to Lunch

Happens to all of us right? ­čÖé Sometimes the day is a bit stressful, we don’t always bring our little lunch pale with us and sometimes the feeling to just get out and eat something naughty just seems to fit the bill for the day. The times I do (going out with co-workers) I always Read More


Heady subject this Inulin stuff. I studied, I read, I learned, I wondered… And slowly it once again came to me that in our efforts to find the next GREAT thing…we lost track of the easy stuff. The basics. I won’t do your homework for you so start reading up. But if you believe you Read More

Make it Your Own and an Avocado a Day

  Reading a post a few days ago from Robb Wolf, I was again reminded that in the end, whether it’s diet, stress, fitness, love, emotion, etc etc ALL of IT, to get the absolute best results, you HAVE to make “it” your OWN. Primal Blue Print? Wonderful and easy to follow framework to get Read More


I used to eat more “elaborate” breakfasts, especially when “breakfast” was eaten around noon or so. But I’ve discovered that my body really likes waking up with some easy to digest high octane fuel within the first 2 hours ┬á. So… I really love this type of smoothie to start the day. And make no Read More

Road Warriors

Pretty cute ones I must admit.     BE HAPPY.…even if you’re stuck in a car for 9 hours. ┬áThese two sure were.   Read More

Yellow Dinner

I always have to think of Chevy Chase and his old movie Funny Farm. I always smile when I think of how he called the second canine in the movie, “Yellow Dog”.┬áThat’s all I could think of as I looked at dinner from last night, so Yellow dinner. Always really loved this little classic below Read More

Is Home Cooked Food the Difference?

Well first a dinner picture I guess: Fresh Shrimp sauteed with some prosciutto. Served over rice and an avocado tomato salad thingie. Some sliced cucumber….because I just love friggin cucumber and can never have enough that’s why :-). Simple right? Bottom line… HOME COOKED FOOD! So yesterday was the start of the fall soccer season. Read More

Crockpot Surprise

You simply have to excuse the really lousy pictures. Last night came up with the following: About 3 pounds of organic pasture chicken (reason I had it… on sale :-). Look for these deals please. I mean 3 bucks for organic pasture raised, that’s dang good. Even though it isn’t really from a small cutsie Read More

Black Rice

My friend told me after I sent him a little picture of my dinner that black rice is supposed to be some type of “super food“. I had not really paid attention to it to be honest with you, actually never even heard of it. Saw it on sale at my local market, so bought Read More