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Month: August 2014


That’s me, one lucky man…. My beautiful bride turned 35 today. We have a sign right by our entrance into our house from the garage that reads “DREAMS DO COME TRUE”. To be married to your best friend in the whole world, to share love and gratitude every day, to enhance each other’s growth, to Read More

Rant and Grass Fed Beef Cooking Tip for Kids

I don’t even know where to start…I have a lot to say…or at least I think I do 🙂 What is happening people????? Why oh why, can’t so many more see the forest for the trees? This past week I have been in awe. In awe of all the people I saw out and about Read More

Competitive Analysis

This little fella just makes me smile:   HOW easy is it really is to eat mostly home cooked food and save yourself some serious money in the process….as that seems more important to many than taking care of their health. Common/similar breakfast for many at a cost of approx $9.00 (Starbucks drink plus sandwhich) Read More

More Smaller Meal Stuff And Quality Filling Ingredients

Sorry, no clue what to call this post…but wanted to continue with some “smaller meal info” as my visitor traffic on the site has exploded since the start of these posts. So thank you 🙂 and hopefully I can provide some more information or share something that’s useful. So here another one then: How do Read More


Sometimes I think with all the information overload on and about protocols, diets, check lists, shopping lists, super charged ingredients, grass fed, nutritional adivce, fasting, etc etc ad nauseum, we loose sight of the basic simplicity of it all. If this “being healthy ” deal is important to us, all we need to do is Read More