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Month: April 2014

Best Laid Plains = Tamales?

The weather has been sooo nice lately. The calm breeze at night makes for perfect evening outside weather. As such, we thought we take the little man camping overnight on a Saturday afternoon. The campsites at this park right by our house, sit up on a bluff and overlook the lake. It’s very peaceful and Read More


  Really easy way to make some delicious wings at home. Soft boil your wings for about 5 minutes. Drain and dry. Now in a bowl combine some coconut oil and hot sauce. Coat the wings with the oil and hot sauce and than sprinkle a few pinches of panko or bread crumbs on there… Read More

Keeping it Real

With your portion sizes that is.  I’m guilty myself, our ability to make delicious tasty foods, sure make it tough sometimes  NOT to eat too much.  Easy way to keep it real, is to use plates that are normal size. Much easier to gauge appropriate portions that way.  Picture = 1000 words so below. What Read More