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Food, Friends & Flora/Fauna

March 17, 2014

Tasty and special food is and always has been part of life and enjoyment in our family. I have said it before, but more and more I’m so disappointed when I go out to eat.   Price point for the good stuff has just gotten too high in my opinion. Which is perhaps a topic for another post. How to be frugal and still enjoy the finer things in life.

So for us, when it’s time for some special treats on a Saturday night for example, we like to go to the special stores/markets and just buy some really yummy treats. Splurge  on a good bottle of red wine, quality aged cheese, duck pate, olives, salumi. For a 1/4 of the price you will have as good if not better than what you would get at a restaurant and more of it. My beautiful wife and I had this just the other Saturday.


I had a BIG wooden tray, so the olives not showing. 3 delicious different varieties.


Relationships… it does a body good. It’s been written about plenty, and I for one tend to agree. Quality relationships are a key factor for your overall well being. Love your family. With all their quirks and craziness. Love your friends, don’t judge, LISTEN and be present. Share your love.

Was good to be with our friends.

It’s a special spot on the rocks we always walk to when we are there.

Lastly, let nature grab a hold of you every now and then. For ME, the finest art can be found right outside, not in museums. But hey, that’s me 🙂

This little guy below is called “Bird of Paradise”

I don’t know if you can see it well in the picture, but what I love about these, is that when you walk by, it actually seems like a bird is hiding in the plant.


Enjoy the day and BE HAPPY 



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