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Month: February 2014

Retrograde Resistant Starch and Portion Control

Retrograde resistant starch… cold, re-heated rice is top choice for me. I do jazz it up and make it super tasty, portion control is key. So this was my dinner. (I did have an additional drumstick not shown on the plate.) Preheat oven to 375. For the drumsticks, fry a cut up piece of bacon Read More

Dinner for Two & Meditation

My beautiful wife and I call this a “loving plate”. A bit late for dinner after getting stuck in kid bed time routines, made a quick ‘loving plate”. Some chopsticks and we just share… a bit like you would do perhaps when going out to eat. We enjoy using chopsticks at home for these type Read More

Tamales & Resistant Starch

Can someone please share how to make good Masa for Tamales? I really want to make Tamales at home and I have this weird perception that there is this magic about making masa at home. I’m probably wrong. I watched a few demo videos on how to soak and roll the corn husks around a Read More

Calories and Portion Control

Take a quick look at this article  that Richard from Free the Animal posted. As I went to the fridge for some breakfast yesterday, I thought again about calories and portion control. So here was breakfast: Portion control? Or is this just more in line with what personal portions sizes are supposed to look like when Read More

Potato Starch Crepes

In all these years I’ve never really made or created “healthy versions” of baked goods and such. The proliferation of  paleo brownies etc, never made much sense to me. But since these days I have a lot of Potato Starch around, I tried something. The quality of my iphone pics has really taken a nose Read More