Retrograde Resistant Starch and Portion Control

Retrograde resistant starch… cold, re-heated rice is top choice for me.

I do jazz it up and make it super tasty, portion control is key.

So this was my dinner. (I did have an additional drumstick not shown on the plate.)

Preheat oven to 375. For the drumsticks, fry a cut up piece of bacon in a cast iron skillet. Slice one onion. Salt & pepper the drumsticks or any herbs/spices you like. I did coat the drumstick with some gluten free flour… it just holds in their moisture and gives that nice crust. When bacon is done remove from pan. Cook your drumsticks for a few minutes on both sides. Remove them from the pan and toss in all your onion. Now chop up roughly 6-8 garlic cloves (for 6 drumsticks). When onion is getting aromatic (NOT BROWNED) arrange your chicken drumsticks in the pan.  Top with bacon and garlic and a pinch of fresh parsley or cilantro. Gently pour in 3/4 of a lager beer. In the oven she goes for 25-35 minutes.

When the chix was done, I got my left over cold sticky rice out of the fridge, removed the chicken from the pan and added the rice to the warm sauce of the pan and mixed it thoroughly.

Simple, easy, QUICK, delicious and chock full of good stuff. The organic  pasture chicken legs FYI came in at under $3. for 1.3 pounds. Great for a little broth/soup from the left over bones.




Dinner for Two & Meditation

My beautiful wife and I call this a “loving plate”.

A bit late for dinner after getting stuck in kid bed time routines, made a quick ‘loving plate”.

Some chopsticks and we just share… a bit like you would do perhaps when going out to eat.

We enjoy using chopsticks at home for these type of dishes.

Missing a good amount of ingredients at home to make a restaurant style “Ahi Tuna Tower“, I just tossed together some tuna, sticky rice, avocado, scallions, mayo, shiracha, and sprinkle of tamari.

I looked at my site analytics this week and saw that I get approx. 250 hits a day. So I have 2 questions for all of you…

1. Do you meditate?

2. Do you think meditation is beneficial?

Looking forward to your answers.



Tamales & Resistant Starch

Can someone please share how to make good Masa for Tamales?

I really want to make Tamales at home and I have this weird perception that there is this magic about making masa at home. I’m probably wrong.

I watched a few demo videos on how to soak and roll the corn husks around a stuffed piece of dough. That seems pretty straight forward.

So for now, I’m relegated to buying my fav Tamales from a small place about 20 minutes from the house. Their ingredients are clean and the tamales relatively small.

Basically their “Dough” is made with masa harina, chicken broth, lard, cumin, chili powder, onion powder and salt.  To ME, the final product ratios look pretty good. carb, fat and protein. Depending how much avocado you add to your serving, you bring the ratio’s very close to 1/3, 1/3 and 1/3.

Decent amount of RS in masa actually. Retrograde also a factor due to cooling of flour I’m sure.

In any event, how we feel after eating is always a strong indicator for us. Chicken tamales with avocado sauce. (just mash avocado with a bit of chicken broth until desired consistency). I did take out my trusty cast iron skillet and “grilled” some de-seeded and rinsed jalapenos, onion and a couple of small non spicy peppers. Yum yum for sure.

Are you figuring out yet why I want to make this at home so bad??

Want to join my beautiful bride and I this week for a week of “Feeling Good”?

Let me know in the comments and this week will post 3 times a day with meals, exercise and mindfulness info. If you like of course…



Calories and Portion Control

Take a quick look at this article  that Richard from Free the Animal posted.

As I went to the fridge for some breakfast yesterday, I thought again about calories and portion control.

So here was breakfast:

Portion control? Or is this just more in line with what personal portions sizes are supposed to look like when you eat  nutrient dense foods? I don’t have the answer …sorry.

But what I can tell you is how I feel after eating this size breakfast vs a cup of yogurt loaded with fruits and nuts. Like you would get in a restaurant or hotel, and how you see it presented on tv/commercials.

I happen to think that this IS part of the puzzle where we’ve gone wrong in our approach. The article clearly links the availibility of newer processed food, to obesity. But I also think that the availibility of quality foods has contributed to an excess in calorie consumption. As an example, most good quality organic full fat plain yogurt comes in a quart size containers. Suggested serving size is one cup.  I can share with you that in my experience, every traditional culture I’ve been exposed to that has yogurt as part of their breakfast, serving size is more like 1 to 2 tablespoons. In Turkey and the Middle East, breakfast many times has scallions/green onions accompanied with a bit of yogurt to dip them in.

So my breakfast was 6 almonds, 4 blackberrys and 2 tablespoons of organic full fat yogurt. Total calorie count is approx 200 (according to Protein and Carbs about equal and a bit higher on the fat count than the previous two. Very close to 1/3 of each. Nice mix for me.

Eat good food that pleases you AND agrees with you. Simple n’est pas?

Be Happy.





Potato Starch Crepes

In all these years I’ve never really made or created “healthy versions” of baked goods and such. The proliferation of  paleo brownies etc, never made much sense to me.

But since these days I have a lot of Potato Starch around, I tried something.

The quality of my iphone pics has really taken a nose dive. Perhaps dust over time really infiltrates the camera. I’ve resisted the free upgrade for a while now…but it might be time. (sorry for the lame pics)

So, this is a crepe made with potato starch.  (water and egg, and that’s it for the ingredients.)


I was in the mood for something “sweet” so made a crepe and then French Street style, put a pat of melted chocolate  on it and folded it in a triangle shape. DECADENT! Trust me.

I’m very curious if and when you cool these crepes in the fridge/freezer if the retro grade RS comes back into it or not. Either way, not looking for the health benefits on this one, just a tasty treat (flour just makes me feel like shit, even with the occasional bite) .

As such, of course I tried a “savory” bite the next morning.

Great also with a bit of egg bfast concoction deal on there.

So here we go, the basics.

3 tbl spoons Potato Starch

1 egg

1 cup of water.

Play around with the measurements. You really can’t screw this up. Honestly.

Mix all ingredients very well and no PS lumpies please. Get yourself a non stick skillet and turn heat to high. (need non stick for this) Get the pan hot and put a 1/4 cup of your batter in the skillet and “swirl” in a circle to spread evenly. This way you will get a nice thin crepe. This will cook quickly. After a minute get your spatula underneath it and turn that bad boy over. Another minute or so and it’s done.

Options; you swap the water for milk or do half water half milk. See what you prefer. Also you can add a tblspoon of coconut oil or melted butter to the batter. They get a bit greasier this way but again utterly decadent. The taste and texture is hard to describe, but I promise you….


Just a little something for you to try. I forwarded the recipe to Richard N. from Free The Animal,  a few months ago and he too was simply blown away by the taste. Let me know what you think.