Two Dinners


Just two quick dinner pics.

Here’s some “yakitori” chicken skewers and skirt steak with the same marinade as the chicken. Topped with a bit of avocado sauce.

Avocado “sauce” is super easy to make in case you’re curious. Toss an avocado into the food processor. Pulse until smooth. Now slowly add a bit of cold chicken stock until you’re “sauce” gets to your desired consistency. Simple and DELICIOUS!

Here’s a recent staple item, simply because the pastured chicken legs/drumsticks have been on sale lately, coming in around $3.50 a pound. Super cheap for pastured chicken.

This chicken recipe is super easy.

4-6 chicken drum sticks

2 slices of bacon

6-8 cloves of garlic

1 small onion

4-6 bella mushrooms sliced

1 cup chicken broth/stock

2 teasp butter

Handful of chooped cilantro or parsley

Salt, pepper and a pinch of chili powder… per your taste.

In an oven proof skillet (I use my cast iron pan) fry up your two slices of bacon. When almost done add the chopped garlic, combine well, let the garlic get fragrant, don’t burn it. Remove with slotted spoon. Add 1 teasp of butter and fry your chicken legs in the hot pan (you can salt and pepper before or add s&P to the dish). Skin side down first. When browned/crisped on both side, remove from pan and saute your chopped onion and mushrroms. When translucent lay your chicken legs on top (skin side up), pour in your cup of stock and top with bacon, garlic and cilantro parsley. In the oven she goes for 35-45 minutes at 375. Baste twice or so while cooking. Diner is ready. I sliced up some potato and put that in a bit of tin foil with spices and a drizzle of olive oil. When potatoes are done, turn on your broiler and open the foil package and let it “crisp” under the broiler for a few minutes.  Shred some parmean or cheese on top when done. Just a little is all that’s needed.



Ms. Annie Faye & One Less Loyal Reader

I’ve mentioned it before, but our littlest guy is so lucky that his great grandma is still alive. And not just “alive” but thriving!!! She has quite a busy schedule. Bridge, walking, water aerobics,  ipad time, reading time,writing time, cooking, shopping, etc etc  and of course don’t forget the Texas Rangers to support.

Unfortunately, her younger best friend “Faye” just passed away unexpectedly at age 83. This left Grandma with a “situation”. Her best friend Faye had a daughter who has just turned 4.



Yup, Grandma was very concerned what would become of Faye’s daughter Annie…

So she looked deep into the eyes of the sweetest grand daughter in the world….who also happens to be the sweetest wife in the world and sweetest mommy in the world….who of course  said “yes, Annie can live with us”

She’s a funny one.

I was going to say “don’t worry Faye”, but I guess worry doesn’t exist in heaven or whatever one believes in after our physical bodies expire….so Faye, we will just say, “we will love her to pieces and even cook her home made real doggie food , we love you”.




My Paleo


What it was, what it has become and what will come of it.

Personally, I don’t give a crap. For the “paleo ride” has taught me much Since 2006.  I feel that I’ve learned more than most and less than others. I read and read and read and friggin read. I experimented, I tried, I failed, I thrived, I got frustrated, I switched, I tried again and the list goes on.

What I’ve come to understand over these last 8 years is what Art Devany wrote in his Evolutionary Fitness essay I first read in 2006,  “Homo sapiens is an omnivore; your diet must contain an ample variety of fresh plant foods and lots of amino acids and essential lipids”

This one little sentence had always stood out to me and the more that time has gone on since my intro and experiments with the paleo/EF/primal diet (way of eating..not “diet”), this little sentence always stayed with me.

As the “movement” started growing rapidly around 2008, meat pizza’s and bacon gorge fests became the order of the day. Variety had taken a back seat.  “lots of amino acids” was now simply interpreted as eat as much meat as you can. Funny thing how our excitement can out maneuever and trump moderation and common sense sometimes.

As my approach to eating has evolved a bit, I thought I’d share and give you a bit of an overview of what I eat. It’s all very individual of course as you have to find your own sweetspot. Here we go:

1. Veggies and Tubers.

Our staples in the house are kale, spinach, red leaf or romaine lettuce, carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, onions, garlic, ginger, lemon grass when available, red bliss potatoes, yukon gold potato, purple potato, fingerling potatoes,  green and red cabbage,  scallions, young onions, jalapenos, chilli peppers and cilantro. That’s about it. Squash and pumpkins around fall when they are everywhere other than that not too much. Variety is key. we might not have broccoli for 2 weeks, sometimes for 4 days we eat kale with every meal than not for a week. Make sense?

2. Fruits.

Again the staples;  avocados (on average I eat a half an avocado every day, and take a 4-5 day break once a month), tomatoes, blackberries, strawberries and bananas (bananas used for smoothies and frozen)

3. Legumes.

garbanzos, black beans and peanuts in the form of peanut butter or roasted. Please don’t buy that crap available in cans. Soak your beans overnight. (home made hummus with sprouted garbanzos is nothing like store bought stuff)

4. Meat, Poultry, Seafood and I guess Eggs I will put here in this category but will list again with dairy.

Shrimp both fresh and frozen. I do stay away from frozen farm raised shrimp from the far east, grassfed meat mostly (if I can’t afford, I don’t buy it, so sometimes go without red meat for a week, variety again as the following week I might eat red meat 6 days in a row.) Organic or pasture chicken. Pasture chix is silly expensive but every now and then I find some deals especially for chix drumsticks. Tilapia, yup farmed raised… but just make sure it’s from the U.S. Fresh salmon (not farm raised and whenever it’s on sale), wild salmon from a can. I really like this one brand called  Bear  & Wolf. They sell it at costco sometimes, which is where I get it. Lastly, thanks to my father in law and some of his friends, we eat a lot of fresh wild deer and wild boar/pig.  Organic or pasture eggs. Staple item. Again keep variety. I sometimes go a good 7  days without having an egg and the next week perhaps 14 for the week.

5. Grains

Staples in the house are rice (basmati) , corn tortillas, and masa for the tamales. A slice of gluten free bread here and there. UM potato starch, tapioca flour, gluten free flower.

6. Dairy

Some organic kefir a staple but just here and there and small portions. Some sour cream for cooking purposes. Variety of hard cheeses mostly. We handle dairy kind off like herbs if you will. Just a nice addition but the quantity is negligible. Eggs, see above, essential I believe as long as you tolerate.   Organic or pasture Butter, a staple but intake has decreased dramatically. Probably 1 “stick” (8 tblspoons) over the course of 7 days for 2-3 people.


Water, coffee, herbal teas and red wine  (try infusing your water with some cucumber sometimes, it’s awesome. Or some watermelon in the summer)


Coconut oil, olive oil and sesame oil.

Herbs and Condiments:

Let me start by saying mayonaise (remember the old dose is the poison here). Yup it’s a staple in the house. Store bought and home made sometimes. Love me some rice with a tiny bit of mayo and a squirt of shiracha. Fresh herbs; basil ,mint, thyme, oregano mostly as the grow in my garden. Sea salt, iodized sea salt, turmeric, coriander, paprika, curry and the list goes on.

So below was diner the other night, sorry about the crappy phone pic: tilapia with avocado, rice and some berries.

That’s all for now. Helpful?





Give Away Winner and 2014

Well that was simple…and eye opening. 🙂

Matt, thank you for your kind words. As the only comment (outside my family friend George) for the give away, it was a quick drawing.

Matt, please email me your contact details and our olive oil will be on it’s way to you. (myvd@yahoo)

Wishing everyone an absolutely amazing and unprecedented happiness filled 2014.