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Month: January 2014

Two Dinners

  Just two quick dinner pics. Here’s some “yakitori” chicken skewers and skirt steak with the same marinade as the chicken. Topped with a bit of avocado sauce. Avocado “sauce” is super easy to make in case you’re curious. Toss an avocado into the food processor. Pulse until smooth. Now slowly add a bit of Read More

Ms. Annie Faye & One Less Loyal Reader

I’ve mentioned it before, but our littlest guy is so lucky that his great grandma is still alive. And not just “alive” but thriving!!! She has quite a busy schedule. Bridge, walking, water aerobics,  ipad time, reading time,writing time, cooking, shopping, etc etc  and of course don’t forget the Texas Rangers to support. Unfortunately, her Read More

My Paleo

Paleo… What it was, what it has become and what will come of it. Personally, I don’t give a crap. For the “paleo ride” has taught me much Since 2006.  I feel that I’ve learned more than most and less than others. I read and read and read and friggin read. I experimented, I tried, Read More

Give Away Winner and 2014

Well that was simple…and eye opening. 🙂 Matt, thank you for your kind words. As the only comment (outside my family friend George) for the give away, it was a quick drawing. Matt, please email me your contact details and our olive oil will be on it’s way to you. (myvd@yahoo) Wishing everyone an absolutely Read More