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Month: December 2013

Give Away for the Holidays

It’s that time of year right? Sharing is caring? So this is potentially coming your way if you leave me a comment and share some link/tweet (etc) love. Any which way YOU like is fine. (I have no idea how many of you are still reading regularly, so hit me up in the comments.)   Read More

Simplicity with a Tablespoon of Resistant Starch

The frequency of my posts are almost at the point of sad. But instead of more posts, I will get some little cooking videos going. I’ve been sticking to the basics. Home cooked meals, lots of walking when I have the chance and for the past 3 weeks no real “exercise”, as I’m resting a Read More

Real Food Dinner for Two, Step by Step

Look good? Guess what, nothing fancy at all. Carrot, broccoli, potato and onion mash, with chicken in/and mushroom(soup) sauce. Buy yourself some Mushroom soup for your pantry/cubbard. This brand is pretty good. ┬áIt’s great to have around, as its an easy and versatile base for all types of sauce. So this is how I made Read More