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Month: October 2013

Broccoli Good for You?

Seems to be ok for ME. I’ve been eating boatloads of broccoli lately. I’ve been on the road and for some reason, a staple where they feed me is steamed broccoli. Again one of those n=1 deals. Broccoli agrees with ME. Guess what? I like a good salad a heck of a lot more…but salad Read More

Seasons Come, Seasons go

I lived in a tropical place for to long maybe. I forgot how wonderful it is to see that change of seasons. Now I’m ecstatic to be done with some of the “KRAZY KRAZY” Texas summer heat. Fall is coming… Time for lots of hikes and exploring and looking for tracks with our little guy. Read More

Rest & Recovery Rant

The research is simply solid over the last few years. Your rest time…meaning sleep, is a major part of the equation of your well being. But I would like to talk for a minute about “recovery”. Please understand that these are MY speculations. Speculations that have  sprung forth from MY own experience. Recovery is overated. The Read More

Enjoy the Weekend and Carbohydrate Frequency

What’s missing in this picture? I tell you what’s missing…some good carbs. 🙂 Most of us have come full circle and realize that something is just off when we eat nothing but protein, good fat and veggies only. (I said most :-)) The key for me, is to eat the “good carbs” as people like to Read More


On an early morning walk, after admiring this gorgeous spanish moss covered tree I heard the following through my headphones: “WE DON’T GET WHAT WE WANT…WE GET WHAT WE ARE” It’s a wonderful feeling when a simple phrase/thought has the power to affect you deeply. Spend some time thinking about that today if you like. BE Read More

Staying Happy & Changing Your Perspective

I end my posts always with BE HAPPY.  In the end, isn’t that all we really want? But how do we stay happy with the constant onslaught of negativity that seems to surrounds us everywhere we turn. I’m going to just talk about little old me, and let you know that I talk to myself Read More

Fresh Food

It’s tougher and tougher to find. Simple as that. A lot (if not most) of farmers markets now sell commercial food also. Yes that means blueberries from Chili. Learn about what’s in “season” for your area and buy that. So if you’re in New York, and it’s December, blueberries are not in season. There’s not Read More