Broccoli Good for You?

Seems to be ok for ME.

I’ve been eating boatloads of broccoli lately. I’ve been on the road and for some reason, a staple where they feed me is steamed broccoli.

Again one of those n=1 deals.

Broccoli agrees with ME. Guess what? I like a good salad a heck of a lot more…but salad just doesn’t like me all that much. I can eat a small quantity of salad, but whenever I eat a big salad, the results aren’t optimal.

So here’s a quick sample plate:

 Broccoli, a bit of steak with sauce, small scoop of bean salad and 2 tomato slices. Good lunch.

Pay attention to what works well for you, than take advantage of it. I’ve noticed I need 4-6 days of rest after I exercise hard for 3 weeks or so. Might not be true for others, but it’s what works for me. Rest doesn not mean not being active and mobile, but i’m taking a quick break from pushing or pulling heavy weight. One legged wall sits still tax me pretty good during that “break” from exercise.

Be Happy



Seasons Come, Seasons go

I lived in a tropical place for to long maybe. I forgot how wonderful it is to see that change of seasons.

Now I’m ecstatic to be done with some of the “KRAZY KRAZY” Texas summer heat.

Fall is coming…

Time for lots of hikes and exploring and looking for tracks with our little guy. He loves walking. Soon it will look like the picture below:

The snakes will be gone, (mostly) and hiking is wonderful in the crisp cool air. Camping season is almost here, just love this time of year.

I’ve been rather busy with work the last weeks. Sorry about the lack of posts. Not to much to report. Been sticking to routines that make for a nice and peacefull and…  HAPPY life. Good wholesome, food daily, just not to much. A good beer or glass of wine, just not too much, exercise..just not to little, meditation/reading daily, walking daily. focused on doing a good job at work, love and cherish my beautiful and amazing wife daily…you know,  the boring basic stuff 🙂



Rest & Recovery Rant

The research is simply solid over the last few years. Your rest time…meaning sleep, is a major part of the equation of your well being.

But I would like to talk for a minute about “recovery”. Please understand that these are MY speculations. Speculations that have  sprung forth from MY own experience.

Recovery is overated. The term “Over training” has been to “commercialized” in my opnion.

Where does it come from, this worry about overtraining? I believe , like most weight training dogma, it came from the early days of “body building” .  Follow along if you will; back in the day, when people were being introduced to the likes of Arnold and his band of merry men,  they shared the information freely on how to get huge (with the exception of steroid info of course) in the muscle magazines of the time. How to get boulder shoulders, how to blow up your chest etc etc. These routines carried with them unbelievable workloads for individual body parts. I remember when I first hit the weights 11 years ago, I would do 4 or 5 different shoulder exercises, 3-4 sets on each for 8-12 reps. So when you worked your chest on a monday…it would be sore to the touch till Thursday. If you didn’t break your routine up correctly, overtraining or a tear somewhere would be waiting around the corner.  This was the “way” back then.  Massacre your body part for growth, do it too often and you will not last. Not surprising that not too many lasted huh?

I’ve now come to believe that as we, as a whole, have significantly increased our understanding in SO many things over the last 10 years, don’t take my word for it,  (More pedagogic change in 10 years than last 1000 years: Donald Clark at TEDxGlasgow) that when it comes to “fitness”, recovery has become an excuse to do less.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, very VERY few of us have the urge,  DRIVE  to push ourselves to the edge of pain,discomort and beyond. Valiantly we gave it a try 20-30 years ago, but many ended up  injured and admitting the error of their ways years down the line.

In the realm of fitness the same thing applies. The majority of us do not push our limits, yes all you crossfitters out there, the majority of you don’t, sorry. This is why you have gotten in darn good shape doing your workouts 5-6 times a week.

For the majority of us, recovery is BS. We simply NEED to move our bodies 6 days a week.

Do this week in and week out and you will reap tremendous benefits.

There are many that will argue my point here, but I believe, physiologically, that there is much to gain from exercise almost each and every day of our lives. From an evolutionary view point, we walked to get water and carried “stuff” (water containers for one) each and every day didn’t we? Our ancestors worked the fields each and every day didn’t they?

Most of us sit on our buttocks for 6-8 hours….EACH & EVERY DAY, mostly followed by some couch time in the evening after a meal.

Don’t you worry your little self about overtraining…. get your butt moving, EACH & EVERY DAY!

And if you are tired…take yourself a little nap, like so:

Rant over.

Enjoy the weekend and…






Enjoy the Weekend and Carbohydrate Frequency

What’s missing in this picture?

I tell you what’s missing…some good carbs. 🙂

Most of us have come full circle and realize that something is just off when we eat nothing but protein, good fat and veggies only. (I said most :-))

The key for me, is to eat the “good carbs” as people like to say, just simply not every day. What’s missing from the above plate are the already gobbled up yummy oven french fries.

Rice, potatoes, yams etc etc, work for me beautifully, but the frequency is what ties it all together for ME. What’s your mileage?

Enjoy the weekend…

 Do what makes you happy…that way, you’ll BE HAPPY



On an early morning walk, after admiring this gorgeous spanish moss covered tree I heard the following through my headphones:


It’s a wonderful feeling when a simple phrase/thought has the power to affect you deeply.

Spend some time thinking about that today if you like.


Staying Happy & Changing Your Perspective

I end my posts always with BE HAPPY.  In the end, isn’t that all we really want?

But how do we stay happy with the constant onslaught of negativity that seems to surrounds us everywhere we turn.

I’m going to just talk about little old me, and let you know that I talk to myself daily. I talk to myself in a positive way.

When I hear from everyone around me how bad the economy really is, how you just can’t make money anymore, how jobs are hard to come by, how we have no savings etc etc etc ad nauseum. I simply stop and I change that dialogue internally. I HAVE TO!!!! Do you know why? Because I’m in the same boat as most. My career is non existent at the moment. I’m scraping by with temporary assignments, my savings are a large amount of zeros… etc etc etc.

The worst part for me…I’m away from home a lot. So it’s sadly all to easy to give in to the endless sea of negativity out there…especially when you’re in it knee deep.

But I’m discovering, there is a way out. Of course I’ve read up on it in a million different forms. From Tony Robbins, to The Secret, Louise Hay, Napoleon Hill and the list goes on. The trick to applying it when the going gets tough for you is simple. LIVE IT. TRULY LIVE IT.

I feel that most of the world just thinks now “how bad everything is”. An entire globe focused on the “bad-ness” of it all. That’s not a good thing, agreed?

Let’s look at this example; the U.S.A  has roughly 313 million people. If you think about it, that’s over 900 million meals a day. Somebody has to grow that food, somebody has to package it, someone has to manufacture the packages, someone has to drive to the store (or on a bicycle) to go get it. The bicycle wears out eventually, as does the car, so we need to buy an new one, maybe not tomorrow but eventually. And all these wonderful cycles continue and continue. Now that to me, is a lot more positive than the doom and gloom media and governments feed us on a daily basis.

In English we use the expression “there’s always two sides of the coin”. An expression with very deep meanings. In my humble opinion best explained through some of the teaching of certain sects of esoteric Buddhism. The concept of the Kongokai & Taizokai. It teaches the cohesivesness of the universe and that there is an outside view and an inside view. Observed one can come to FEEL and EMBODY that both views are one and the same.

I wanted to share some of these thoughts today in the hope that it helps somebody out there who might be having a difficult time. If I can do it…I’m pretty sure the majority can.

Spend time really appreciating what you have and make time for yourself and do things that make YOU happy. I really love walking for example. So for the past weeks I start my day with a nice walk, bright and early. It sets the tone for the day. when you start your day right, it really carries over into the other things you do for the day.

I’m sorry for my ramble here, but i think that when we do these seemingly little things, life really IS wonderful. A kiss, a smile, a walk, a touch, a compliment , a sunset, a sunrise, a good book, holding hands, etc etc, these are the very fabric of a wonderful existence. I encourage you to comment on this post as I would love to know how you make sesne of it all. This little blog has never tried to sell you anything…I’ve never asked for anything and yet over 750 people check in almost daily. This tells me something. I don’t know what yet exactly, so let me know.

This morning I started the day with a nice walk and a good and positive message through a podcast I stumbled on. And than, I walked right into this:

 I’ve been walking the area where I am for 2 weeks, and this was within a half a mile from where I’m stationed. Didn’t see another person there nor any footprints. I wonder how many local people even know about it. I’ve posted before about finding the little natural treasures right in your own backyard. My friend Chris Highcock is a bit fortunate to have THIS in his backyard, but I’m 100% sure that if he didn’t, he would find whatever was in his backyard and take advantage of it.

The wildlife was amazing this morning and the cardinals, rabbits and squirls seemed as happy as I was…or did they share their happiness with me?

What are you doing to stay happy?

I’m already looking forward to kissing my wife, how bout you?





Fresh Food

It’s tougher and tougher to find. Simple as that.

A lot (if not most) of farmers markets now sell commercial food also. Yes that means blueberries from Chili.

Learn about what’s in “season” for your area and buy that. So if you’re in New York, and it’s December, blueberries are not in season. There’s not a lot out there in regards to quality information or studies, but just like circadian rhythms, there is an “energy” to fresh food, and it’s part of YOU and it affects you.

I was in a super market yesterday in a (as far a I could ascertain) middle class neighborhood. It actually makes me sad when I see people’s shopping carts (certainly NOT judging, just observing). Hubby and wife and their 2-3 year old getting food for their home. The problem is…there is nothing that resembles food in my opinion in their cart. Jelly, bread, cereal, orange juice, cookies, 2 boxes of pasta, 2 cans of I don’t know and a big bottle of tylenol. It literally blows me away that the majority folks really don’t buy into the fact that certain foods really don’t help you…worse, hurt you.

The more I feel this, the more I think about what I could do to help spread the message. It seems like such a simple solution for so many things that are physically and mentally going wrong for so many people. Of course it’s not a cure-all, let’s be real, but I’m utterly convinced that what we put in our bodies is part of the very  foundation for  a happy and enjoyable existence. Food is information for our little cells and genes.

 “48 Hours” or a “Natural Geographic butterfly Documentary”? The latter somehow is better received by the very make-up of YOU.


 Look at this awesome eating spot nestled in the dunes along the Atlantic Ocean.

I did find some fresh fresh food here, namely local fresh shrimp…and they were delicious. A nice cold beer with it made it just perfect.

Make good choices for yourself. YOU know better than anyone what the right choices are for YOU.