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Month: September 2013

Daily Food Log

That’s what the next few post will be basically. Here’s a simple breakfast. A bit of oatmeal and a few strawberries and blueberries. Small glass of kefir. Vit d3 drops and k2. BE HAPPY Read More

Fried Bacon and Fake Eggs

Before I address the subject of this post (I will keep it short no worries) here was breakfast. Smoked salmon an avocado and fake eggs. Fake eggs?    YES Sir/Mam! Please don’t eat this stuff often. 99% of all buffet/hotel/conventioncenter eggs are basically fake eggs. Like I mentioned I had been on the road a bit, so Read More

A Day in the Life

Time for one of these I thought this morning. I have been on the road again…and as much as it does get to me at times…I follow the advice from a mentor many years ago who always said “whatever you’re doing, its just got to be great” SH. On the road things do get a Read More

No Sugar, No Flour , No Vegetable oil

Reading the information on Richard’s Freetheanimal for the past months, his brother in arms Tatertot Tim left this nuggest in part of his comments just a few days ago. (he’s awesome by the way in responding to comments and clarifying further) “the only vestiges of paleo that remain in my diet are avoidance of sugar, Read More

Poisson Cru

It simply means raw fish. This dish from French Polynesia is stunning in its simplicity! I can give you exact measurments…but you need to make this dish your own. Here are the ingredients needed. 1. Fresh/frozen TUNA (cut into bite size cubes and rinse well under cold water and drain/dry) 2. cucumber 3. tomato 4. Read More