Daily Food Log

That’s what the next few post will be basically.

Here’s a simple breakfast.

A bit of oatmeal and a few strawberries and blueberries. Small glass of kefir. Vit d3 drops and k2.


Fried Bacon and Fake Eggs

Before I address the subject of this post (I will keep it short no worries) here was breakfast.

Smoked salmon an avocado and fake eggs.

Fake eggs?    YES Sir/Mam!

Please don’t eat this stuff often. 99% of all buffet/hotel/conventioncenter eggs are basically fake eggs. Like I mentioned I had been on the road a bit, so had to make do with what was avalaible.  I was hungry and opted for some fake eggs along with my avocado and smoked salmon. When I  say fake eggs, this is what the majority of large scale (and most small scale due to food costs/profits) serve. These are egg liquid cartons with as much as 6-15 addtional ingredients. Not a big deal every once in a while. Honestly. But….sadly, if you eat out a lot, this is what your eating day in day out. Caveat emptor.

So lety’s go to the next “industry” secret, fried bacon. Not too long ago most of the paleo community had this love affair with bacon. I get it…I love it too, but I never understood why people upped their intake so much. Ice cream is yummy too. No need to eat a pint every night though.

Bacon quickly became a go to food when you’re not at home …cuz it’s paleo/primal right? Not so fast.

99% of all bacon you eat outside your home is not cooked in a little pan. Nope… it’s deep fried. That’s right deep fried. (some fast food establishments have some strange pre-cooked bacon, which they heat in the microwave, I don’t have any insight as to what pre-cooked means here) 

Fried in the same deep fryer with rancid oil that makes french fries taste oh so delicious.  I give in to some yummy fries from time to time…but like bacon outside of the house, limit your intake. It’s probably a good thing.



A Day in the Life

Time for one of these I thought this morning.

I have been on the road again…and as much as it does get to me at times…I follow the advice from a mentor many years ago who always said “whatever you’re doing, its just got to be great” SH.

On the road things do get a little trickier when it comes to sourcing the regular foods you like to eat  (I miss my garlic and onions A LOT!). 

Stay smart and you simply just feel better. So here was breakfast:

Half a banana, 4 brazil nuts, small glass of kefir. Supplements Vit K  and D3.  (not a lot of food, I will be ready to eat come lunchtime in case you’re curious)

No magnesium this morning. I’ve found that my body (and my gorgeous wife’s by the way) absorbs the magnesium best through water… as in a bath. I’ve hinted at it in previous posts, but never got any comments or emails about it. I have a feeling that over the coming year (s), we will be hearing MUCH more about this. A 30 -40 minute soak in an epsom salt bath does something! Anecdotal perhaps…but technically, isn’t every study? 🙂   Matt Metzgar, if you are reading along, anything you’d like to add/insight?

BE HAPPY… and smile a lot today.


No Sugar, No Flour , No Vegetable oil

Reading the information on Richard’s Freetheanimal for the past months, his brother in arms Tatertot Tim left this nuggest in part of his comments just a few days ago. (he’s awesome by the way in responding to comments and clarifying further)

the only vestiges of paleo that remain in my diet are avoidance of sugar, flour, and vegetable oil”

This is basically what it has all become for me too. Which circles back wonderfully to what I’ve been saying for so long.. eat REAL FOOD!

I will admit that I was a bit blind in the beginning, going  against my own  common sense. Legumes/beans are such a staple of ancient cultures, that it never really sat right with me that they were villified. Talking about villified…

I used to love really young bananas. almost still a bit green. (hate ripe ones) I ate them weekly. But thanks to Mr. Art Devany, I stopped doing that. He was one of the few resources back in 2005-2006 when I got started and I hung onto his every word. He was and is against them. (read more about resistant starch on FreeTheAnimal)

So how has your eating plan evolved over the last few years? Have you found YOUR sweetspot?

So keep it simple and straightforward…..natural. Sometines smooth and sometimes rough. Natural…like nature.




Poisson Cru

It simply means raw fish.

This dish from French Polynesia is stunning in its simplicity!

I can give you exact measurments…but you need to make this dish your own.

Here are the ingredients needed.

1. Fresh/frozen TUNA (cut into bite size cubes and rinse well under cold water and drain/dry)

2. cucumber

3. tomato

4. green/red/yellow/orange pepper (optional, I did not use…didn’t have any)

5. onion

6. fresh lime juice

7. Coconut milk

8. Salt & pepper to taste

Do a google search if you need a starting point for ratios. I’d say, EXPERIMENT 🙂

It’s easy to overpour the coconut milk….that’s your only area to watch. Otherwise have at it!

Like so… I added a few spicy sprouts for texture.


I cant begin to tell you how good this is if you never had it.

Struggeling a bit with getting the most out of your work outs? Or simply not seeing the results you hoped for?

It has to be hard. If you feel like your on that darn plateau you can’t seem to bust through, make it hard on yourself again. They way it used to be when you first decided to throw some weights around. Remember how sore you used to get. How much effort it took to lift that dumbell? Find that level of hardness for yourself and that platteau will crumble.

I’m not selling you anything….not even my opnion.

I’m simply sharing what I’ve found for myself.

Make it a great, have fun and…