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Month: August 2013


If you’ve never seen this word before, I can tell you that it is the reason why when you eat at most Chinese ┬árestaurants, your chicken, beef and pork is so tender and buttery soft. Like Velvet..   Velveting is a very simple Chines cooking technique that will blow you away. You will feel like Read More

Food and Simple Recipe Ideas

Just a few pictures with limited instructions. Be creative, try some things and you might just end up with something uniquely your own. Like below for example. Asian chicken salad on a corn tortilla. I was absolutely STARVING for food after I did a “Don Wildman Circuit Workout”. It took me about an hour and Read More

Comfort Food

We all have our own version I guess. Growing up in Amsterdam, my comfort food is from one of the original Dutch colonies namely Indonesia. When I was younger, Indonesian food was everywhere, local, home made and cheap. I ate it often. I guess that’s how it became a comfort food for me. Whenever my Read More

Fitness, What Does That Mean?

For me, like I’ve always told my kids, fitness is about keeping your body “ready” to PLAY at all times. If over time, your body composition adapts and you are lucky enough to look good nekid from your own “keeping fit routines”, good for you, but it shouldn’t be your actual goal. ┬áConsider it a Read More

Recipe Ideas and Asian Supermarket

Do you shop at your local Asian market? There is a huge one near where we live and I have to tell you, it might not be organic, but the produce section is outrageous and 1/3 of the cost cheaper than anywhere else. I found California strawberries for 99 cents a package. The cheapest I Read More