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Month: July 2013

Emotional Balance

Life sometimes is a bit much isn’t it? What happens? Do we loose perspective? Do we feel that we are about to loose control? Like the actual feeling that you might just go really bat shit once and for all? It can be frightening, even for the smartest of the smart and the toughest of Read More

Traditional Foods

They just work for some reason. Of course they consist mostly of REAL food. Especially when made at home with quality ingredients. But since I’m not yet schooled in the ways of making tamales…. I bought these at the farmers market. (impressive ingredient list) SO good! If anyone has a tamale recipe to share, I Read More

Summer Time, and the Living is Easy..

Summer time, summer food, summer love, summer living. I don’t think the sense of “summer” is a feeling you ever lose (if you have, go find it FAST). Remember when you were 12 years old and the summer meant 3 months of the most wonderful time of your little life? My beautiful wife and I Read More