Emotional Balance

Life sometimes is a bit much isn’t it?

What happens? Do we loose perspective? Do we feel that we are about to loose control? Like the actual feeling that you might just go really bat shit once and for all? It can be frightening, even for the smartest of the smart and the toughest of the tough.

Do we let our emotions build and build over time without addressing them? My guess is a big YES. I suspect this one is huge, but others might disagree. Day in day out, going through emotions that don’t help you in the least bit and slowly, steadily, but surely you become the emotion.

My teacher often told me that you MUST FEEL your emotions. Truly feel them…the trick is not to become them  (he also said thats what makes a true martial artist, is someone that is so in balance with his own emotions that they can easily feel others emotions, and as such always be ahead of them).

When you allow yourself to truly feel your emotions, they become less all encompassing. Let me “splain”: When you regularly practice feeling your emotions and giving them attention, you slowly over time become aware that they are simply but one of your emotions. All those wacky little emotions we have can happily coexist together if we let them. The problems come when we push all else to the side to become just that one emotion. The anger can consume you, or the jealousy or the rage or the sadness. Make sense?

For all you Remo Williams fans. Shun the old sinaju master said it best. “Fear is just a feeling. You feel hot. You feel hungry. You feel angry. You feel afraid. Fear can never kill you. ”

Your feelings can’t kill you if you just feel them…but they actually can if you become them. (pubmed: 1,2)

Here are afew ways I’ve found to stack the odds in your favor to make the job a heck of a lot easier:

1. Limit caffeine. No need to quit if you’re a regular drinker, but stick to one morning cup. That’s it. Coffee is comfort “food” for mot of us, so many folks tend to drink more when stressed, trust me you don’t need extra when you’re emotional life is on the heavy side.

2. eliminate or minimize alcohol consumption. no explanation necessary here and I’ve tried the alternative and it don’t work.

3. Exercise. At YOUR level and a level that makes you feel good. Don’t go nuts with this. You don’t need the extra stress hormones.

4.Sleep routine, might be the most important of all but synergistically works to capacity with the above 3. Get into a ROUTINE. 9:30 lights out in bed and read under low light…so that it’s a little straining. Yes you read that right.

5. Read FeelGood Eating   LOL, for recipe ideas so that you can eat real food. In all Seriousness, make sure you eat right. Comfort food lurking everywhere. Cooking is very calming if you let it, get to it and take care of yourself.

Like yummy avocados:

My friend George just steps out in his yard for his. (click on his name if you’re into tennis)

As to my own emotional balance….I’m a bit fortunate:


Fortunate because when you’re in love, life is just a little simpler and easier.


Be Happy

Traditional Foods

They just work for some reason. Of course they consist mostly of REAL food.

Especially when made at home with quality ingredients.

But since I’m not yet schooled in the ways of making tamales…. I bought these at the farmers market. (impressive ingredient list)

SO good!

If anyone has a tamale recipe to share, I would be most grateful.



Summer Time, and the Living is Easy..

Summer time, summer food, summer love, summer living.

I don’t think the sense of “summer” is a feeling you ever lose (if you have, go find it FAST). Remember when you were 12 years old and the summer meant 3 months of the most wonderful time of your little life?

My beautiful wife and I are living the summer feeling whenever possible. When we have time together and time with the kids we get outside! Early morning long walks are a great way to start the day and beat the heat, followed by some swim and more sun time in the pool. We don’t have our own pool, but our little community does have one. I think we use it more than most. As much as soy milk, fat free fruity yogurt and cheerios are still considered staples of healthy living by the majority, so is the  the perception that the sun is bad for you. While kids are enjoying themselves in the pool, I mostly see parents sitting in the shade….with sun screen on.

Be sensible of course (we should know, my gorgeous red head wife is fair skinned and full of freckles, and I too am full of freckles.) but sun exposure is crucial for our well being. ESPECIALLY summer sun. It’s part of our  systems “seasonality”.

In regards to this seasonality, almost like a very simple “lost” message in the obssesive quest for  optimal diets, weightloss and sick pack abs, is seasonal food. We’ve all read it many times, eat food that is in season. And NO, grapes from Chili in November don’t count.

Eating in accordance with the seasons gives your system the much needed variety and “fractal- physiology” deal Mr. Art Devany writes about so often as it relates to food. (same same for exercise and lving)

Summer Time….get in the mood with the Great Ella Fitzgerald.

YouTube Preview Image

Love me some summer fresh local tomatoes. And since my basil bush in the backyard is thriving…got to have some classic mozarella, tomato, basil and olive oil.

A bit of fresh chicken salad is also on the table.
What is your summer staple food?? And yes, Sangria totally counts.
Screaming Jay Hawkins was really one of a kind, but if you have never seen Jeff Beck and Joss Stone together… you MUST have a listen.
Summer puts a spell on me for sure!
YouTube Preview Image