Important Google Reader

I hope Mr. Godin does not mind me posting his post here. But wanted to share what I believe, to be an important change coming very soon.

Mr. Godin is one of my absolute heroes. I look forward to reading each and everyone of his posts. If you’re not familiar with him….here’s your chance 🙂

Who decides what you’re going to read next?

With the much-heralded demise of Google Reader, millions of people are about to be left at the mercy of a blended, algorithmic mash of incoming news. Instead of picking what they’ll see and when, Google seems to want people to rely on luck as well as the coral-reef like filtering of a social network.


Subscribe for free.

Find your favorite sources, pick a newsreader or rely on good old email, and subscribe. You should be the one who determines what’s showing up in your inbox.

As they say in the dead-tree business: never miss an issue.

FWIW, you should definitely export your feed list from Google Reader today, as it will be gone forever soon. (more details).

Enjoy the weekend, smile a lot, love a lot and BE HAPPY!


Been loving on shrimp lately.

So many options to create yourself something yummy. Lately, regardless of recipe, I LOVE fresh lime juice squeezed on shrimp.


Ingredients You Don’t See

First off, thank you all for your continued patience.

I’ve revamped a few things and the “new and enhanced” site will be up within the next 10 days.

I think that I might post a video later tonight as the first one. Why not?

Ingredients you don’t see...

As in, do you know what ingredients are being used to prepare your food when you eat out?

I’m in the hopsitality business and of course many of the hotels I work with have restaurants. From true 5 star dining, to breakfast and lunch buffets, to a plastic wrapped bran muffin, I SEE A LOT of what goes on behind the scenes.

This is a big reason I don’t eat out  much anymore, not because I know what goes on in commercial kitchens ( I love streetfood and don’t get grossed out by cooks not washing hands), but because of the industrial strength ingredients being used to prepare our food.

I do of course still go out to eat from time to time, but my beautiful wife and I like to only splurge on food that’s truly worth it, made fresh and with difficult to source ingredients that peak our curiosity. Or a really good burger and a beer of course :-).

Cooking Ingredients being used in commercial restaurants have pretty much one goal, maximum flavor at lowest possible cost. Enter center stage…

I was at a food show with the executive chef for a property and this little product just said so much to me.

Want MORE flavor?




This is the type of franken food that plays havoc with our sytems I believe. As my friend who passed away used to say:

“lard pie is not so crazy after all”      (yes lard pie was a staple food for a very very long time)

These types of  “ingredients”, can’t even be found in the grocery store, but they are everywhere in the restaurant business. Caveat Emptor…

Since we are talking hospitality…

One of my favorite hospitality quotes which I share often at the end or start of meetings:

Hospitality is making your guests feel at home…..even though you wish they were”