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Month: May 2013


After my “The End” post,  I received no less than 349 emails. Some of the emails, brought me to tears, literally. Without going into too many details, FeelGoodEating, somehow motivated and inspired many people for a good amount of years. The personal stories and details that people shared with me are simply amazing. I’m not Read More

Thank YOU & The End

  From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! Thank you to anyone that ever took the time to read my attempt at a little blog. I’m not much of a writer, and I sure never made it easy on any of you reading, to keep up with my incoherent thoughts  patterns and grammar mistakes. I hope that Read More

Eating Real Food and Life on the Road #1

As I mentioned yesterday, life on the road brings along a few challenges if you have a regular routine of prepping your own food and exercising. With some planning and tricks of the trade, you don’t have to give in to fast food and a treadmill while away from home. For the exercise part, I’d like Read More

Some Chef I Am and Life on the Road.

Well…. I guess I’m not totally to blame as I don’t really ever use the microwave, but it’s true, eggs like to do the funky cold medina if you stick them in the microwave. As Jim Carey would say: holy hell! Life on the road requires a little more discipline if you want to keep to Read More

Unplug & Nature

Chris Highcock posted this wonderful video I can tell you that a few years ago (5), I saw a huge change in my attention span. My Crackberry had slowly hijacked my mind and focus. Even though I have become an Apple guy, which offers yet more distractions, I have made a very conscious effort over Read More