After my “The End” post,  I received no less than 349 emails. Some of the emails, brought me to tears, literally.

Without going into too many details, FeelGoodEating, somehow motivated and inspired many people for a good amount of years. The personal stories and details that people shared with me are simply amazing. I’m not only flabbergasted, but extremely humbled.

There was a main “theme” running through the majority of emails. And the theme was MOTIVATION.

Somehow, readers of the blog, found some motivation through FGE over the years.

After a long Memorial day weekend, some  wonderful and amazing talks with my beautiful wife,  I’ve decided to keep FeelGoodEating going. BUT, with a slight change.

I’m going to simply start serving up a dose of FEELGOOD on a regular basis. Food pictures will be part of the mix still, but not perhaps every post and not a lot of detailed recipe info. There are plenty of really good resources online for that. More like blue-prints on how to construct a good shopping list and meal plan for the week.

The format is about to change. And I think, you will like. I believe I can do better…and I’m going for it.

Over the coming weeks, please share your feedback with me. Comments or emails all work for me, but  I welcome and ask for your input and suggestions.

I think it’s different what I’m about to try and I’m excited about it. I will also take the time over the coming weeks to update the blog. More to follow.

THANK YOU EVERYONE for your emails and comments, it put an even bigger smile on my face than normal.

“See this world as a free world, and see everyone in it as trying—through their individual experiences—to find their way. And even though there are billions of them going about it in a way that is different than perhaps you would choose, there’s no right or wrong way! In other words, wish them all well and send them your good thoughts, then get on with the only thing you have any power about, which is  how YOU FEEL.” A 

Thank you and I look forward to this new chapter for FGE

A little eating out tip. Going against conventional wisdom…. Mexican food places/ TexMex are actually a very good place to eat out, if you are trying to stay on track. While on assignment here in Lousiana, my food options are not great. But, it can be done. Below a typical meal that I order. I just ask for a salad with avocado and 6-10 shrimp. It’s really a nice clean crips meal. I don’t even put dressing on this one. Just some squeezed lemon (juice) combined with fresh mushed up avocado.  They did sprinkle some cheese on there, which they normally don’t do (I did not eat it as it tasted like plastic, not cheese :-)).







Thank YOU & The End


From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

Thank you to anyone that ever took the time to read my attempt at a little blog.

I’m not much of a writer, and I sure never made it easy on any of you reading, to keep up with my incoherent thoughts  patterns and grammar mistakes.

I hope that over the years, you found some useful recipes and thoughts/ideas here.

If even one of those, put a quick smile on someones face and/or  made their day a bit better if only for a second, I’m pleased and grateful.

And for the last time…


Eating Real Food and Life on the Road #1

As I mentioned yesterday, life on the road brings along a few challenges if you have a regular routine of prepping your own food and exercising. With some planning and tricks of the trade, you don’t have to give in to fast food and a treadmill while away from home.

For the exercise part, I’d like to refer you to the experts. One of those experts I think is Steve Maxwell. Take a look through his site and  if you are not familiar, this post, gives you a good feel for his personality and approach. His most recent blog post is quite good. I’ve followed his stuff for years, and he’s the real deal. Opinionated yes, but he backs it up. 

When you’re on the road, breakfast is usually one of your easiest options for the day. Even though I don’t eat breakfast at home very often, I do when I’m on the road. It’s probably the easiest meal of the day to eat relatively clean and it’s available right in your hotel or very likely within walking distance from where you are staying.  3 or 4 hard boiled eggs is a nice easy way to start your day and easy to gather.

Lunch: I try and make this my biggest meal of the day when I’m on the road. This can be tricky, because a big meal mid-day could turn you into a mellow mushroom, rob you of your “zing” for the day and potentially make the remainder of the day a struggle. So be smart about what you eat. I like to go with a massive protein meal accompanied by some chopped/sliced tomato or a salad. The heavy protein meal will not cause that dreaded after lunch brain fog and blah feeling.

I will take some pictures of my cooler and supplies when I pack Sunday. Perhaps there will be a few helpful tips that you can incorporate into your travel.

Sundays I usually have the grill going for a couple of hours and I grill different cuts of meat and veggies. I take a bunch for the road, and I leave the fridge full with grilled goodies for my beautiful wife and the kidlets.

These guys can eat (sorry for the poor picture quality in this post)


The advantage of having a big lunch is that dinner becomes less important and can now consist of small quantities of home made grub. Making the good stuff last all week is key for me. Here’s two sample dinners from the week.

Here’s grilled chicken sausage from home. I simply cut up a few cherry tomatoes and 2 cloves of garlic and warmed it up together in the microwave. I had one slice of sprouted ezekiel bread. YES, bread 🙂 I also cut up some cucumber and half an avocado and tossed it in with the rest.

The other day I did NOT get the big lunch I normally shoot for, so was a little hungrier for dinner.

If you can summon your inner will power at the end of a hard day, you can make a stop at a fast food joint and like me just get a plain baked potato. Don’t go there if you are having cravings, cause just like myself, you might end up with french fries instead of the baked potato 🙂 .

Not sure if you can see in the crappy picture, but besides from chicken sausage, I had some burger in there also.

A baked potato certainly does the trick when you’re hungry.

If you’ve been on the road this week…safe travels home and enjoy your loved ones. Kiss them and hug them like crazy and laugh a lot.

Be Happy.


Some Chef I Am and Life on the Road.


I guess I’m not totally to blame as I don’t really ever use the microwave, but it’s true, eggs like to do the funky cold medina if you stick them in the microwave. As Jim Carey would say: holy hell!

Life on the road requires a little more discipline if you want to keep to your way of eating and exercising. So yes, my little  travel cooler had some yummy eggs in there and wanting a few for breakfast I used the microwave in my hotel room.

I’m glad the warm scrambled egg didn’t hurt my eye as it hurled it slimy self at great velocity right at it. What was cool, was the new look of  my chest hair, covered in what resembled some form of yellow decoration. Yes, some fit males still have hair on their chest…shocker right?.


 The one egg that survived the heating process, tasted like garbage. Strange what the nuker does to eggs.

Life on the road, maybe that will be the topic of the next few posts. Tips and tricks of the trade. Where to eat, food costs, exercise options, how to stay sane despite your hotels walls caving in on you 🙂

Be Happy

Unplug & Nature

Chris Highcock posted this wonderful video

I can tell you that a few years ago (5), I saw a huge change in my attention span. My Crackberry had slowly hijacked my mind and focus. Even though I have become an Apple guy, which offers yet more distractions, I have made a very conscious effort over the last years to take back control.

Every time my beautiful wife and I take a walk through one of our local trails or parks, I realize how incredibly good it feels to just unplug and let nature do its thing to me. The sun, the trees, the animals…they work me real good. Like an internal massage if you will. When life gets a bit crazy, make sure you get outside.

A mint julep in honor of that horse race in May on Saturday.

In case your curious on the menu for the evening….

Cowboy burgers.

Chop some red onion (3 fat slices) and jalapeno (2 slices for normal heat, on your own after that). Add a small handful of cheddar cheese (or your choice/preference). For 12 ounces of meat this is perfect. Two 6 ounce Cowboy burgers on the grill. YUM!

As to unplugging….

I DON’T count music as part of that mix. So yes, the phone does come along for music, but that’s all….. not even the time gets looked at. 🙂

Be Happy, a little naughty and Smile a lot.

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