Simplicity and One Step at a Time

The art of keeping things simple.

Even at the highest levels, the person handling a complicated task (usually) breaks it down to single manageable simple step. That’s how it’s done, by the fore most experts in any given field.

Want expert? We all know Keith Norris right? (those of you that don’t click the link please)

Keith plays in the upper sphere of physical culture/strength and conditioning. If you ever look at the videos he shares, you will see him “working it” one simple step at a time.

Good guy, Primal expert and innovator Mark Sisson does a fantastic job breaking complicated matters into simple to understand one step at time explantions.

Robb Wolf I believe did a fantastic job with his first book. He took the one step at a time approach and explained in simple detail what the “paleo framework” was all about, plus simple to understand physiology to back up his statments.

Of course we can nitpick all three experts on their given topics of expertise.  The “science” is simply to all encompassing to try and contain it all in a nice package, one size fits all. It simply doesn’t exist and therefore, there will always be a market for “the next best thing”.

But I like simplicity and one step at a time approaches (I said I like! I didn’t say I’m always the best at doing it)

What can we learn from these three experts? Simple, their basics 🙂

THEIR one step at a time protocols. Look at Keith (talks the talk and WALKS the walk)

Hard work plus a love for S&C  is what got Keith there. It’s not simple to keep those workouts going week in week out for years with intensity. Look how he simply uses his white board and follows his work out for the day. Simple nes’t pas? How many of you out there that have been lifitng/exercising for years still keep a note book? Point taken right?

Mark Sisson:  are some of his viewpoints from a few years ago changing? Of course they are! Confusing? Yes some of it is. But don’t get caught up whether he thinks Resistant Starch (RS) is real or that you happen to think that chia seeds are not paleo. Take from it all his simplicity. His one step at a time approach. YUP, his BIG ASS SALAD is a good place to start. 3 to 4 times a week make yourself a huge BIG ASS SALAD with nothing but the freshest veggies and yummy fats and meat/chix/fish/etc. Nothing complicated, simple. But the succes is in the consistent effort over time. How many of you out there eats one of those salads 3 to 4 times a week? Be honest now. See?

Mr. Robb Wolf, how he helped me in my understanding of so many “complicated” physiological and biological matters.

His straight forward engaging explantions are shining examples of this “simplicity” I’m talking about. As with Mr. Mark Sisson, obviously Mr. Wolf’s ideas and concepts are continously evolving. Again don’t worry about too much about methylation and epigenetics, but focus on what you can take away NOW. Instead of beer and wine, have you tried on a regualr basis drinking just one NorCal margerita? After all these years, have you incorporated one of his simple 30 day meal plans? When was the last time you truly cleaned out your pantry? And lastly how many of us really shut down tv and electronics a full hour before bed???? I promise you, that if you have trouble sleeping or are trying to get better sleep, this SIMPLE measure will make a remarkable difference in your life. Nothing complicated, nothing esoteric, just to be washed, rinsed and repeated…..forever.

So here a one step at a time simple dinner. Slice  cooked chicken (mine was grilled and chilled) and heat in a bit of chicken stock and sliced onion. Boil some white rice. Broil/grill/saute a few asparagus with salt. Simple.


I think of my beautiful wife all the time.

Keeping things simple and uncomplicated is part of her highly intelligent make-up.

Talking about make up…

She inspires me. She’s an expert at breaking things down to their simplest form.

To me, it reflects in her beauty.

It’s a beautiful universe, enjoy and……BE HAPPY.

Life & Worry

In my little shed in the back yard, one smart mommy sparrow built herself a nice little protected nest in the bag of some of my bbq tools:

It’s nice to see life/nature so real in front of your own eyes. It does a person good…

So instead of a more exposed nest, the mommy sparrow figured she would negate some of the risk of having a nest. Perhaps a bit more out of the way of the neighborhood cats and other threats.

I’m pretty sure though the mommy bird didn’t worry about it as she went about building her little nest.  No! Worry is something WE like to do and keep ourselves unecessarily busy with.

Like that little sparrow, all we can do is negate the risks of daily life to the best of our ability and then…. LET GO and LIVE!

Enjoy your life…let worry fly right out of your window and tell it not to come back.

Be Happy