Channeling Gordon Ramsey

I watched another  (if you are not making eggs his way…make sure you watch that video) great little cooking demo by Mr. Gordon Ramsey, ( less than 3 minutes long).Pay close attention as the “recipe” is a nice blue print for all sorts of experimentation. I actually made his recipe not with halibut but with chicken the other day and it was superb. SUPERB…..that even sounded a little Ramsey-esque.

So really. Use a base of fresh herbs or spices and mix with yogurt.

This a cilantro, mint and garlic yogurt marinade:

In a food processor combine large handful of cilantro, small handful of fresh mint. One garlic clove, salt to taste and 1-2 table sopons of fresh lemon juice.


Simple mixture of fresh cilantro (coriander), mint, 1 clove of garlic and 1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Now add yogurt:

Now some chicken thighs. Sprinkle them with some curry powder: (or your spices of choice)

Now cover them with your yogurt marinade in a containeerr or zip lock bag and in the fridge for 4 hours or longer.

You don’t need a grill to make these, you can easily use a cast iron pan or skillet. Watch the heat, and let them cook slowly in your pan. About 15 minutes each side.

Good stuff, simple to prepare and huge on flavor.

Be Happy and Enjoy the Day


A gift my beautiful wife gave me this past Valentines day:

I have been using these flavored salts with much success. They are all flavored with a different spicy pepper, from jalapeno to ghost pepper. They are huge on taste in a very simple way. Delicious sprinkled on some avocado, tomato or potato. Of course excellent on grilled and roasted meats too.


You can make your own flavored salts very easily, take a look:

You can really “spice” up your food nicely with this little cooking “hack”.

Be Happy, smile a lot and think good thoughts.


Cheap Free Range Organic Chicken Legs

Yes, cheap. More and more, I’m seeing packaged free range organic chicken legs. My speculation is that for the more well heeled crowd able to afford the very expensive free range organic chicken, the dark meat/legs are not as popular a cut as the tasteless breast. (there’s plenty of organic chicken around now, but organic and free range not so much.)

Also many people still seem to believe that the white meat is the “healthy” part of the chicken. 🙁

Anywho, keep your eyes peeled for it in the markets, it’s priced way below normal prices for this product. The state of “commercial” chicken is beyond sad and I rarely eat it. Because pasture chicken is so expensive, I don’t eat all that much chicken anymore.

This was pretty straightforward:

Smoked honey spiced chicken legs and cabbage, sweet onion, potato and bacon mash.

Take a breath, smile, slow down…Be Happy.



Frittata, The Ultimate Left Over Solution

It could be I think.Frittata seems to be one of these dishes you make a few times and than you forget about it for a while. Well, that seems the way it works for me anyway.

Had some left over roasted veggies (zucchini, carrots) and shredded pork feelgoodeating style. (recipe needed? Hit me up in the comments)

Cast iron pan works so nicely for this, maybe it just looks nice in that black pan who knows, but grab a pan that  can handle the oven.

You will need:

8 eggs (beaten)

1 pat of butter or fat of your choice

1/4 cup red onion

1/4 cup diced tomato

3 small slices of spicy pepper (chopped)

1/2- 1 cup of left over meat (chicken, turkey, meat, shredded pork, ham etc etc)

1/2 cup veggies (spinach, left over veggies, broccoli, squash etc etc)

1/4 cup crumbled goat cheese

Let’s prep:

Pre heat oven to 350

Warm up butter in your pan and saute onion and pepper. Watch the heat, when getting translucent add your veggies.

Saute together for a minute or 2. Now add your meat and combine well for about a minute. Now add your 8 eggs (beaten).

Mix together well and sprinkle your tomato on top. Next crumble your goat cheese evenly over the top. Not too much cheese.

In the oven for about 20-30 minutes. It’s done when the top starts to brown a bit.

(NO salt & pepper or spices needed for this one, you’ll see)

I sprinkled chopped fresh chives on top. Filling tasty and easy.

Fresh out of the oven:


Make it a great day and BE HAPPY!



Salmon Recipe for Dummies & Music

The only reason I put the above title up, is to hopefully convince some people that making salmon (fish) at home is not only easy, but also won’t leave your entire house smelling like a fish restaurant.

Here’s a recipe for two:

2 salmon steak or salmon filets. About 6-8 ounces a piece.

2 red onion slices (about 1/2 inch thick) chopped

3 slices of chopped jalapeno pepper. Use any spicy pepper of your choice, keep the amount you use fairly small, as you you want some heat, but not an overpowering all consuming spicy heat.

2 teaspoons ketjap manis (sweet soy sauce. you can make some by adding a bit of brown sugar or sweetner of choice to regular soy sauce)

Spices: mix together a bit of salt, pinch of sugar, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, mustard seed/powder and cover both sides of salmon

1 teaspoon unsalted butter

Fresh cilantro, chopped. 2 large pinches worth.


In a large skillet melt your butter and add the red onion and jalapeno. Stir and get the onions a bit translucent but not brown. Push your onions and  pepper to the side and turn down your head to medium. Place your salmon filets in the center of the pan. Now drizzle each filet/steak with a teaspoon of ketjap manis. Let the salmon cook until your see the “pink” on the top edge of the filet disappear. The amount of “original pink”  will move upward on the filet looked at from the side. (make sense?)

Now flip your salmon carefully and let cook for another 3-4 minutes or so. You want pink in the middle but not raw. Go by texture vs. color. Overcooked fish is a quick way to turn off future seafood enthusiasts.

Plate your filets and turn up the heat on your pan. Now add a tiny splash (1 table spoon) of water to your pan and swirl your remaining pan juice with onion and pepper around a little. (about 1 minute). Now gently spoon that over your salmon.

Here you go:

Easy right? I think I would have made it through a round of Top Chef or similar program with this one. The flavor of simple ingredients prepared correctly brings tremendous results. Try this one, you will really like it.

My beautiful wife and I really enjoy music. It’s a big part of our lives. We love learning about and of course listening to new and upcoming artists.

Thought I’d share this name with you today. Mr. Michael Kiwanuka. We’ve been listening to him for a few months now, but saw him live the other day as he opened up for the band Alabama Shakes (they have been fast tracking to super popular band status over the last 6 months. If you don’t know them, check it out).  Only 20 years young, Mr. Kiwanuka sounds like a mix between Van Morrison and Otis Redding with a blend of so much more mixed in. Way beyond his years in talent I believe. Listen to the magical song “Home Again




Food & Wine part 1

Before I even begin sharing some wonderful food and amazing wine…

Let me quote Mr. Richard Nikoley from Free the Animal and one of his GREAT recent posts. He’s been on fire for the past month.

We have to eat food, good or bad. We don’t have to do any drugs or other socially acceptable stimulants or depressants whatsoever. Go ahead and dump your coffee and wine…and all the hand waving about the “health benefits” are utter BULLSHIT! If you like it, have it, and if you don’t, you’re not compromising anything.”

My wife and I like our wine, so we do. Especially being in Napa, California at the moment, there are so many opportunities to eat fantastic and localy sourced food and drink phenomenal wines. As we say in Dutch ” like angels peeing on your tongue”. Yes that a true literally translated experession.

I will let the pictures speak to you:

The Hog Island Oyster Company treats you RIGHT. Located in the Oxbow market in Napa.