Explosive or Slow Movements & REAL FOOD

This morning I was enjoying the very nice work out facility here at Silverado Resort  in beautiful Napa California, where I’ve been on assignment.

I’ve been thinking about a few things over the last 4 weeks and this morning my mind came back again to explosive or slow movements when I was working out.

Looking at it from our beloved evolutionary standpoint, I’m starting to think that explosive movements in the gym are not all that they are cracked up to be. I’m talking for health and longevity……NOT hypertrophy….as I do think it’s an effective way to really tear up your muscles. Again back to the basics of asking yourself, what is it YOU want?

I’m speculating of course but, I just think that natural movement, that involves heavy weight (animals, boulders, trees, tipis) would most likely NOT have been executed explosively.

For many years I pushed up that dang barbell during a bench press trying to be explosive.

So this is what I thought about this morning:

Upper body explosive movement: NO BUENNO

Lower Body explosive movement: BENEFICIAL

When indians had to pull a buffalo out of deep pit/trap, I just don’t think they pulled on those ropes explosively…it was more of a concentrated slow pull and effort. THOUGHTS?

My best friend is 70 years old (yes I’m 45). He’s a life long student of “improvement” and living a happy life.

He’s a very accomplished tennis player and is among the best in the country (top 30) in his age group, even though he started relatively late in life.

We have and continue to talk about so many things…

After finding what was THE RIGHT WAY FOR HIM TO EAT, he saw such good results, that he’s taken himself off all the usual medications for someone his age. He did it slowly, steadily and smartly. The other day he sent me a picture and I just wanted to show you all. At age 70, he might not look as muscular as Art Devany or Clarence Bass, but he would beat their pants at tennis and quick movments/sprints. I’ve played many 2 hour plus intense double matches with him as his partner, and there was no sign of fatique or shortness of breath (over the last 12 years!).


Fresh morning fruit, salmon, and not shown some pistachios.

I’m really leaving paleo behind slowly…I just don’t like all the labels anymore.

Atkins, paleo, primal, low carb, keto, meditteranean, etc etc etc….

I don’t care what you call it, but I’m more and more sure that all that is really needed to feel good and get back to the weight that is right for the individual, is eating foods that have not been commercially mass produced/fabricated. And no, I don’t count fruit and meat in that category even with their heavy manipulation of product. I’m tallking about pringles, coke, frozen dinners and everything that has waaaaayyyyy to many ingredients to be qualified as food. IT’s NOT FOOD 🙂 Compliance of 90% of the time is mandatory and I see it only takes 3 months for most to reap the benefits and literally change your life from the inside out. Other that truly have very mesed up systems could need 9 months to 2 years to see these changes. BUT, with compliance and consistency…you WILL score!

BE HAPPY and smile alot.


Shrimp Burgers

It happens sometimes…

Looks good right?


Might be a glitch, but for some reason, text is not appearing in the post after I download pictures and update.

Anywho, the long and the short of it was that eventhough these guys look pretty awesome, no-one in the family really enjoyed them. I ate mine, as I thought it was ok, but everyone else said “too fishy”. Who knows, maybe the fish flavor intensifies when you make minced shrimp out of shrimp. I basically added a bit of garlic, red onion, drizle of olive oil, jalapeno, parsley, spices and an egg yolk and some potato flakes.

Maybe that’s why I haven’t come across to many Shrimp Burgers at restaurants.


What you Find Along Your Travels

This past Sunday, I once again took advantage of my beautiful surroundings and took a nice bike ride into downtown Napa.

I’m sure somebody in the blogosphere has written about this place before, but I had never heard of it and literally stumbled upon it.

With all the recommendations for restaurants, wineries, food markets etc, nobody had mentioned this place to me. As my grandpa always said “maybe you didn’t ask the RIGHT questions” 🙂

So what am I talking about?

As you know I grew up in Europe. I was raised on cold cuts and salumi. I also lived in Tuscany, Italy growing up for a while. When I tell you that this little artisanal charcuterie is one of the best, if not the best I’ve EVER TASTED, that’s a pretty bold statement. They use locally sourced pasture raised heritage pork and their (it is part of their mission statement) fanatical attention to detail and commitment to using only the finest ingredients is clearly evident in every bite, sample, salumi, pate etc etc. If you find yourself in Napa California or San Francisco, you owe it to your little meat eating self to stop by and purchase a few of their absolutely spectacular items (or the entire store like I wanted to do).


In one word WOW. I just can’t say enough about it. Here’s some Coppa and Cotto that I bought. The Coppa sells out quick they told me. Below coppa thinly sliced.

And an another closer look at the AMAZING Cotto

Of course I couldn’t resist buying some Chicarrones they sell. This they don’t make and is from another company called 4505MEAT. BE very very careful….like crack, it only takes one try, to be an addict for life 🙂

HOLY MOLY PISGSNOUT NOLY was that un-friggin believably good.

My appetite was through the roof from my bike ride on Saturday (about 45 miles) through the hills of Napa.

More to folllow on that.


Food and Wine

Sorry about the lack of posts people, I’ve been a bit busy, including some travel assignments that don’t make me too happy, but sometimes you got to do what you got to do to provide for the family.

It’s not all bad….trust me 🙂

I had to do some work in Napa California. Culinary hotspot and wine country supreme.

will share some stories later today…


Natural Ability

Still have doubts that “natural ability” makes a difference?

Check it out…


Be Happy

Young Chefs

Unlike many other fun activities things in life….the younger the better in this case. Get your little love bug chefs going on learning how to prepare and handle food. I think age 5 is pretty spot on.


By a fun cutting cutting board/mat and get your little love bug excited about their very own first knife. Keep this special just for them to use.

There are several good cheap training knives for  little kids available. The one our little rockstar is using, is from Pampered Chef. It cost 5 bucks. What I like about a non sharp serrated knife, is that it forces them to slice not push down. This way, they get the feel for cutting correctly early. Show them how, when you slice with the right motion, it takes hardly any effort…when they push down and muscle it…it’s hard.

Another angle of his knife.

Life is good 🙂


It’s Not Always that Simple…or Is It? The Basics

Not all of us can afford a fancy gym membership.

Not all of us can afford locally sourced grass fed beef/fish/chicken

Not all of us can afford extra virgin organic coconut oil

Not all of us can afford a membership at a good yoga studio

It’s not always so simple is it?

Or is it?

It’s so hard NOT to get paralysis by analysis from the incredible wealth of QUALITY information online. That’s right QUALITY. Yes of course there is a lot of crap out there, but if you want to, and you’re interested and committed, you can quickly find yourself top notch information. The problem is that 95% of that top notch information doesn’t apply to us at all. Not the super recipe for a chocolate ganache filled butternut squash with roasted local boar and local wild raspberry chutney. (made that up) .

Guess what, neither does a lot of the top notch information in regards to strength and conditioning. It’s simply to in depth for us novices and 99% of the time, over our heads.

So stick to the basics, reap results and refine EXACTLY what your goals are. If then so inclined…GO GET IT!

If you can’t afford a gym membership, you can easily make a simple routine out of push ups, burpees, planks etc etc. Of course you can go for a nice paced long walk too.

Can’t afford a membership to a swanky Yoga studio? Look online, many easy to follow along lessons available for free. Of course you can just take 10 minutes and sit quietly in your house or the yard. Simply focusing on taking some nice relaxing breaths.

Can’t afford the “best fresh natural Alaskan salmon” you just read about online?

Go to Costco or yout local market and by a big cheap hunk of salmon. Yes it’s farm raised…but it sure beats a bag of chips or a some frozen dinner.

Put your salmon on a large enough piece of foil that you can wrap the salmon.Spread a bit of wasabi on the salmon. Slice some onion and put over the top. A sprinkle of salt or sea salt. Drizzle with a shot of sake. Tighten up your little foil package. In the oven at 375 for about 10 minutes. Don’t over cook. You can always put it back in if you undercook it a little. Really easy and simply delicious.


If you stick to the basics, you will be astonished at the results over time. Ironically, it’s the only thing sustainable in the long run.

Be Happy