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Month: February 2013

Explosive or Slow Movements & REAL FOOD

This morning I was enjoying the very nice work out facility here at Silverado Resort  in beautiful Napa California, where I’ve been on assignment. I’ve been thinking about a few things over the last 4 weeks and this morning my mind came back again to explosive or slow movements when I was working out. Looking Read More

Shrimp Burgers

It happens sometimes… Looks good right? UPDATE: Might be a glitch, but for some reason, text is not appearing in the post after I download pictures and update. Anywho, the long and the short of it was that eventhough these guys look pretty awesome, no-one in the family really enjoyed them. I ate mine, as I Read More

What you Find Along Your Travels

This past Sunday, I once again took advantage of my beautiful surroundings and took a nice bike ride into downtown Napa. I’m sure somebody in the blogosphere has written about this place before, but I had never heard of it and literally stumbled upon it. With all the recommendations for restaurants, wineries, food markets etc, nobody had Read More

Food and Wine

Sorry about the lack of posts people, I’ve been a bit busy, including some travel assignments that don’t make me too happy, but sometimes you got to do what you got to do to provide for the family. It’s not all bad….trust me 🙂 I had to do some work in Napa California. Culinary hotspot Read More

Natural Ability

Still have doubts that “natural ability” makes a difference? Check it out… http://www.telegraaf.nl/tv/opmerkelijk/21272741/__Kleine_topscoorder__.html Be Happy Read More

Young Chefs

Unlike many other fun activities things in life….the younger the better in this case. Get your little love bug chefs going on learning how to prepare and handle food. I think age 5 is pretty spot on.   By a fun cutting cutting board/mat and get your little love bug excited about their very own Read More

It’s Not Always that Simple…or Is It? The Basics

Not all of us can afford a fancy gym membership. Not all of us can afford locally sourced grass fed beef/fish/chicken Not all of us can afford extra virgin organic coconut oil Not all of us can afford a membership at a good yoga studio It’s not always so simple is it? Or is it? Read More