Blended Families

No food today…

Remember how much fun you created  when you were a kid???


Our youngest is having so much fun with his new knife and honing his little chef skills 🙂


My beautiful wife and I really dislike the commonly used words “step-mother” and “step-father”.

These “labels” are out dated and no longer useful in our opinion. We have been actively thinking about a completely new “name” for it.

Whats the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word step mother or step father? Wicked step mother right? Abusive step- father perhaps? On most of the reality TV contestant shows, there’s  often a poignant choreographed moment where the contestant says something along the lines of ” my step father walked me down the aisle, it was special. He’s like a dad to me”. And than of course cue the melodramtic music to enhance the awe of ” wow, it wasn’t a bad step father but a good one….yay…. One for the good guys”

So, as we are a blended family, we have decided to buck the trend and have come up with our way of answering the question when someone asks  my wife or I,  “ are you the step “mother/father”?

I answer with ,  “no that’s my son, I’m just not his dad. 🙂

If you have experience in this area, please share, we would love to hear from you.


Holy Sushi

I understand the power of online reviews and how it can quickly destroy a business, so I won’t name the place where we ate but HOLY SUSHI SHIT!

We went for a little sushi fix the other day. A new place we spotted close to where we live. We ordered and among other things, we also asked for a spicy salmon roll which we did not see on the menu. The server told us, “no problem, coming right up”.

This was the very first time in over 38 years of eating sushi that I saw this:

YUP, that’s KETCHUP alright. 🙂

Win some loose some when it comes to trying restaurants…. the laughter together makes up for it. My wifey and I laughed our little asses off.

Curious how it tasted? It tasted like #%@!%&!!!!!!!!!




Vitamin K2-M4, Collagen Hydrolysate, Magnesium and a Primal Snack

Woke up the other day to a white cover. My daughter who had not seen snow for a long long time, was as excited as my beautiful wife when she arose in the morning.


Thought I’d share some of my recently started self experimentation, with a few supplements and the re-introduction of Vit K2.

I’m sure most of you have read and heard of Vitamin K2, but I needed an additional primer on the different forms of K2 and their attributes. Years ago I took K2, and I noticed a difference in regards to plaque build up on my teeth as was reported.  It’s real promise is for bone health. Here’s a small physiology lesson:

“Bone is living tissue that is in a constant state of renewal. The maintenance of bone first requires old bone to be dissolved by cells called “osteoclasts.” When the activity of osteoclasts is too high, large holes develop that weaken the bone and lead to osteoporosis. Vitamin K2 is a key to turning off excess osteoclast activity and bone degradation.

The holes left by osteoclasts are prepared for remodeling by osteoblast cells. The osteoblasts secrete a protein called osteocalcin, which when activated (or carboxylated) enables new calcium to be laid down into the bone. The calcium-binding properties of osteocalcin require vitamin K, whereas the synthesis of osteocalcin itself requires vitamin D3.

Vitamin K thus provides two critical benefits to the bone. It first protects against excess bone degradation (resorption) by turning off excess osteoclast activity. It then supports the critical role of new bone formation by enabling osteocalcin to pull calcium from the blood and layer it on to the bone.

From this brief description, it is clear that maintenance of healthy bone density requires adequate levels of calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin K. Without vitamin D, there will be no osteocalcin for vitamin K to work on. Without vitamin K, the osteocalcin that is produced will be inactive. And of course without calcium (and other minerals), there will be no minerals for the activated osteocalcin to attract to the bone for structural density.”

After much reading (many available free studies on pubmed) I’m more and more convinced that Vit K2/M4 is a crucial supplement, ESPECIALLY after age 35. I love eating Natto (full of k2/m7) but I can’t afford to eat it everyday. The good stuff is expensive. If you live in the U.S. the absolute best I found is this one. Most commercial natto I’ve found is shit, and the majority uses cheap gmo soybeans.

There are many studies also on Vit K2/m4’s heart protective qualities. I have a feeling we will be hearing more and more about it over the coming years. Especially as there seems to be a slow but steady shift of many people again working towards a goal…. NOT PROFIT at all costs. Debate it freely, but it is happening all over the world……slowly.

I’m not going to spoon feed all this to you, I did my home work…you do you yours, and experiment  see if it warrants an action step for you. Google away….if you haven’t given a lot of attention to Vit K2, I believe you will find some compelling information.

The brand I take is Thorne. I believe it’s some of the best out there. Of course you could splurge on grass fed butter oil….but it’s a bit cost prohibitive.

Let’s keep going with bone health for a minute.

I’ve been taking this

What the heck is that right??? (for most of you anyway)

Collagen Hydrolysate per “WMCW” :(Wonderful Mostly Correct Wikipedia)

Again plenty of googling to be done, do your homework and draw your own conclusions as they relate to YOU.

If you decide to take this, my advice is to find and pay for the best available. Grass fed, kosher and bovine only. IMPORTANT


Ahhhh, why are we not seeing a constant stream of information about this CRUCIAL mineral????

Well for one, most supplements out there give you the shits, that certainly doesn’t motivate people to keep taking it. Milk of magnesium is a laxative. So this poor little mineral fellow has a serious reputation to over come also for many that don’t know anything about it.

Again, homework time. Magnesium is I will say again CRUCIAL to your overall well being.

A very easy and super affordable way to start self experimenting with upping your magnesium levels…

Thats right…back to the basics, grandma was right! In the old days epsom salt baths were recommended for almost anything that ailed you.

This is so perfect for our hectic lives. A little YOU time. Start by drawing yourself a nice hot bath 3 times a week. 2 cups of epsom and 1 cup baking soda. Soak for at least 30 minutes. Enjoy the sweat. Also a perfect couple activity if your tub is large enough. Nice to to be together, quietly , intimately enjoying a soak. Give it a try, see how you feel.

(Update, from my beautiful wife. soaking must be minimum of 12 minutes. So if you are short on time a 15 minute soak 3 times a week will bring results)

Next post I will share with you the best mineral supplement on the market in my opinion. Magnesium..IT’S GOOD FOR YOU.

Why am I doing this? Remember I broke my leg? Fibula and Tibia. I’m doing my part in giving this little engine that could ,all the tools it could need to work optimally. I’m also not getting any younger and bone and joint health is so important for a happy,  flexible, pliable, strong, well balanced old age existence. Interesting observation about my leg break. When it happens and the weeks after, it’s hard to stay positive and imagine that you will ever be the same again. Fast forward 5 months, and someones needs to bring it up or remind you for you to even remember. Important life lesson to hold onto….

If I’m not lifting heavy, I try to keep my portions smaller, but of course still wants something tasty. A “snack” is what I crave I believe.


This is gluten free if that matters to you. Simple tapioca rolls with sesame seeds. I filled them with a bit of venison dried sausage.

That’s all for today. Keep your head up, slow down a little, take a deep breath, smile and BE HAPPY.




Why does it feel so good to most of us to just stare at a fire? Why does it smell so good to most of us? Why do most of us like playing with it? Building it?

My guess, from an evolutionary standpoint, it was “kinda” important, so something resonates inside of us deeply with fire.

I sat around Friday AND Saturday night with my wife and my brother in law, and we drank wine and beer and just stared at and played with the fire for hours during wonderful conversations.

There’s something about it….when was the last time you made a fire?

Went on a nice short hike to explore some new trails to us, that surround a lake here. It’s part of a large reservoir. It was very dry in many spots. But cool non the less.

Life’s pretty neat huh?

These shrimp were much better cold than hot.

Be Happy