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Month: January 2013

Blended Families

No food today… Remember how much fun you created  when you were a kid???   Our youngest is having so much fun with his new knife and honing his little chef skills 🙂   My beautiful wife and I really dislike the commonly used words “step-mother” and “step-father”. These “labels” are out dated and no Read More

Holy Sushi

I understand the power of online reviews and how it can quickly destroy a business, so I won’t name the place where we ate but HOLY SUSHI SHIT! We went for a little sushi fix the other day. A new place we spotted close to where we live. We ordered and among other things, we Read More

Vitamin K2-M4, Collagen Hydrolysate, Magnesium and a Primal Snack

Woke up the other day to a white cover. My daughter who had not seen snow for a long long time, was as excited as my beautiful wife when she arose in the morning.   Thought I’d share some of my recently started self experimentation, with a few supplements and the re-introduction of Vit K2. Read More


Why does it feel so good to most of us to just stare at a fire? Why does it smell so good to most of us? Why do most of us like playing with it? Building it? My guess, from an evolutionary standpoint, it was “kinda” important, so something resonates inside of us deeply with Read More