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Ankle Musings & Questions

  Maybe sometimes little  set backs, like this broken bone thing,really have the potential to be growing experiences or perhaps putting many things in perspective, maybe it just a big mind fuck, who knows. But I will tell you, that you don't ever think about injuries like this ( at…

Ankle Update

Yup, it's broken. Went for some X-rays and I broke my fibula and tibia. Playing tennis something like this can happen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFyxSaYqwtY Anybody have any experience with surgery like that? Expecting perhaps a screw in my fibula. Onward and upward. BE HAPPY

Laid up and Grateful

Don't be grossed out by my gnarly foot. It has a bunch of cream on there to relieve pain and swelling. I rolled, sprained or fractured my ankle last night playing tennis. I'm not sure if I heard a "pop" or a "snap" when it happened, it was drowned out…