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Month: August 2012

Empty the Fridge Egg Muffins Low Calorie Recipe 2

“Left over” madness consuming your fridge? I faced a fridge the other day that had so many containers of different kinds of veggies/summer season zucchini and various little portions of meat, it made my head spin. Time for “kitchen sink egg muffins”. I shredded two large green zucchini squashes plus a yellow one (I peeled Read More

Low Calorie Recipes # 1

I hope everyone read the weight loss posts from Matt Metzgar and Chris Highcock. There is not much I can add to their advice. But I will try and help you with this 10 part recipe series on how to make deliciously satisfying and satiating paleo/primal/EF/AW meals that come in with a low calorie count Read More

Friends, Weight Loss and Calorie Series

Timing is a wonderful thing… If you have not already, you MUST go over and read the following two posts from what have become over the years my true Internet friends Matt Metzgar and Chris Highcock. The reason I’ve developed so much respect for them over the years is because their HONESTY! Chris has always been on Read More

Calories, Recipes and New Series

After a wonderful meal on Saturday with my bride and her grandmother, I came up with an idea for a series of posts. My feeling about the current state of paleo/primal/ancestral wellness/EF is that even though the basic principles and guidelines are easy to understand  (and discussed add nauseum, why do we like to complicate Read More

Grilled Grass Fed Goodness & Refreshing Salad

Like I mentioned, my new location is a wonderful source for local grass fed beef, poultry and lamb. I put in an order with Burgundy Pasture Beef  (a farm about 45 miles away)  for skirt steak and lamb riblets. I grilled both of them. I gave them both a nice spice rub. The lamb got some Read More