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Month: June 2012

Green Smoothies

Lately I’ve been really REALLY enjoying all different kinds of green smoothies. It’s just a super way to get a solid fill of veggies for the day as well as a good delivery system for various supplements if you take them. Do you take any supplements? Any interest in some of the supplements I think Read More

Bacon Wrapped, Jalapeño, Cream Cheese Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

All the credit for this one goes to my father in law. He grills this little concoction to perfection! This is so delicious and falls in line with satisfying small portions. A few slices (3 and look at the size of them in the picture, about 4 ounces max) of bacon wrapped, jalapeño, cream cheese Read More

Small Portions # 2

A fairly recent post by Matt Metzgar has really gotten me thinking about satiety, portion sizes and over eating. Matt and I had a little back and forth about it as you can see in the comments. I’m convinced that you can and should eat highly palatable food. It’s the flip side of the food Read More

Satisfying, Small Portions

That’s what I try and go for these days. When “real food” is tasty and satisfying, it’s easier in my opinion to listen to your own satiety signals. It will take some time to re-interpret the signals, but stick to eating “real food” for a while and it will come to you. Stephan at Whole Read More

Grateful, A Story

There once was a very very happy newly wed couple that went on a little honeymoon. They found a beautiful island that had views like so: As they love walking together, they discovered deserted beaches like so: As nature lovers they took it all in, with lots of natural beauty like so: And honeymoons/vacations are Read More

A Story

A story with some pictures coming up shortly……. Worth waiting for, trust me. Hope everyone is doing great! Smile…..and be grateful. Read More

14 Days of Feel Good Living. Day 12,13 & 14

Sorry for the condensed last update on the 14 Days of Feel Good Living series. Things have been a tad busy as I’m getting ready for a little adventure. Between packing and all the details involved, I just haven’t sat down to post. I have been taking pictures here and there. So let’s start with Read More

14 Days of Feel Good Living Day 11

First I have to share this picture with you. What an unbelievable sunset and not a bad shot for an iphone: Feel Good Living: there are people in everybodies lives that just don’t need your attention or energy. I believe Wayne Dyer once called people like this “petty tyrants”. It happens over time, you keep “dealing Read More

14 Days of Feel Good Living Day 10

This is one of my favorite versions of this song. If you’re not familiar with “Playing for Change” please take a looksie. I think you will enjoy what you find. Change is part of life, we can flow with the current and use the current to make swimming  and floating easier…or we can struggle against Read More

14 Days of Feel Good Living Day 9

I don’t have the link up yet, but please please please, if you don’t already or forget about it sometimes, make sure you read J. Stanton’s Gnolls.org It has become one if not my favorite site and I always look forward to the next post. Feel Good Exercise: My walk last night didn’t happen as I Read More

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