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Month: May 2012

14 Days of Feel Good Living Day 3

I hope everyone is making some fun plans for the weekend. You need that “play” time, so make plans and enjoy yourself. If you are bit older like some of my readers (Hi GG and Faye), enjoy that game of bridge, keep the mind going and take a nice walk. I want to let you know Read More

14 Days of Feel Good Living Day 2

I hope everyone  g0t a good night sleep. I’m starting to change my view point on the importance of sleep a bit, especially from an evolutionary stand point, but feel very very strongly about the importance of darkness. Give it some thought. Matt Metzgar, recently posted about it too, and I’m in full agreement. A Read More

NOT Whole 30, but 14 Days of Feel Good Living

If perhaps you need a little extra motivation, or you want to simply get reminded to stick to your guns on Feel Good Eating, Feel Good Exercise and Feel Good Living, tune in and stay with me for the next 14 days. FeelGoodEating, will be your “Feel Good Living”partner.  Very simply, I will share my days with Read More

Happy Memorial Day

I know I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating often. Thanks to so many brave very young men, I’m here today. I used to to think, that what many young soldiers saw in World war 2, would not occur anymore. Sadly, it occurs daily so many years later. Having never served, I salute you Read More

Simple Paleo Dinner and My Wife

Simple paleo dinner packed with flavor and goodness. 8 Organic boneless skinless chicken thighs. 2 tblspoons balsamic glaze, 2 tblspoons olive oil. (I used a chipotle infused one, you can add a bit of hot sauce for the same effect). Let them marinate for a few hours. 3 orange slices drizzled with a bit of Read More


Many years ago I was introduced to natto in a really good sushi restaurant. I fell in love with it’s taste right away. I believe it’s a love it or hate it kind of thing….even for native Japanese. I had one Japanese gentlemen sit next to me once who said… you’re alright if you eat Read More


Have you ever eaten tongue? Delicious, easy to prepare and extremely affordable. Where I grew up you could buy two kinds. Pickled or pickled and smoked. I have only seen smoked here, but have not really looked for it either, so not sure if just pickled is available here. So easy to make, ready? One Read More

Gratitude & Fresh Fish

Did you know the word gratitude first came into use around 1500 a.d? I find that oddly fascinating. (I geek out on these types of thought processes, sorry). Do you know why? Because “GRATITUDE” is the cornerstone and one, if not the major component of all major religions. Gratitude is also part of the “secret” teachings of these Read More

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Do you know where that expression comes from? Years ago in Las Vegas, a “chicken dinner” was less than 2 bucks. So when a $2 bet was paid out, the dealers would sometimes say “winner winner chicken diner” . I never knew that but always liked the expression and interpreted it as something cheap and Read More