But with wonderful things obviously ūüôā

Be back to posting over the course of the week.

Stay the Course…

Very very few of us don’t know the “course”. The majority of us know the “course”…we know the way. We know what needs to be done, we even know HOW it needs to be done.

So what happens then? We simply loose our way sometimes, and I’m here to tell you…that losing the way sometimes¬†is perfectly fine and OK. Staying the “course” is what we are supposed to do, but part of the “course” takes us on¬†some detours and derailments.

¬†It’s in those turns of the “course” that we can feel our humanity and learn our biggest lessons. Learn the lessons and continue on the “course”. That’s all, don’t sweat it. We are here to learn, experience¬†and improve….how’s that going to happen if we don’t make mistakes?

If you’re like me and drank waaaaayyyyy too much this past week and ate waaaayyyyyy to much food and junk food….simply look back, enjoy your moment of humanity and get back on “course”. It’s ok.

LAUGH and ENJOY your life.

Miracles are only as real as your belief in them….

More pictures to follow and for those of you that have wondered….did they have a “Paleo” Wedding? Keep reading the upcoming posts.

She Said Yes…

It was a magical evening filled with love, family, friends and a glorious sunset.

More to follow…

Tides are a Changing

This tide had literally sucked all the water out of the back bay. It was a gorgeous sunset.

And yours truly is getting married in a few days. Sorry for the lack of posts, been a bit busy.

Tides are a changing.

See you on the other side.

Prozac Chicken?

Yes, sadly it is so. I heard years ago that Benadryl was part of feed as it made the animals less stressed, looks like now prozac has entered the mix also.

Here’s the link and the study.

Only collectively can we hope to force some change. Stop eating that crap. Support your local farms and/or the sellers that have a bit of a conscience and a mission.

Fresh local shrimp, almost remind me of European Gambas

A little rub with some chili oil (olive oil with red chili pepper soaked in it) and fired them up on the grill. Keep it simple when you have really fresh ingredients, let that wonderful natural flavor be the main attraction.


Yes the early bird gets the worm…..but the second mouse gets the cheese. Be smart, think for yourself, not everything is always as it seems. Most importantly, ENJOY your life.