Affordable Grass Fed Beef

Like so;

You will find it at your farmers market or local farm. Tip of the day, go to the stands towards the closing hours of the market. The more expensive cuts are the first to go and usually by the end of the day, the vendors only have the “non-desirable” cuts of beef left. Like stew meat or as above shoulder steak. They will happily cut you a deal. Their objective is to go home with empty coolers. This was a very large package of shoulder steak. Once defrosted (in the fridge), I was even more blown away how CLEAN this beef looked. Look at the beautiful dark red color. The less desirable cuts just need some love. Like a good marinade…as in so;

Follow along; 3 cloves of crushed and chopped garlic, 2 tbsp rice vinegar, 1/4 cup pickled ginger, 3 tbs soy sauce and 1 teasp miso paste dissolved in some water.

Let it do it’s thing in the fridge for 8-24 hours. Be VERY careful when you cook this. This lean type of cut needs very short cooking time after it’s been marinated. Don’t over cook.

Roasted some “purple potatoes” with it. A drizzle of orange infused olive oil, fresh basil and sliced red onion did the trick.

Coming up next, my review of CJ Hunt’s “In Search of the Perfect Human Diet”

Enjoy the Day. Smile a lot and be nice.

Our Philosophy

We have a philosophy together or simple mantra if you will, that we have been repeating for the past year and a half. it goes like this;

 “Would you rather be right? or happy?

Lately my own feelings about paleo/primal/EF  have been echoed by many of my internet friends, (Chris Highcock posted about it just the other day) . Too much bickering, too much I want to be right and listen to me syndrome going on. Too much ego and not enough humility in my opinion. Most of it has been said ad nauseum. Eat real food, not too much and enjoy your life. It’s pretty basic people.

I’ve been actually sad, by the “chafe” Stephan Guyenet has been getting. I’ve been learning from him and reading his blog since 2008. I don’t know of many others that have shared their findings, expertise, education, research and opinions with more humility and no trace of ego than Stephan. Knowledge like this used to come at a price folks. People like Stephan share it freely, without any monetary motivation behind it. I for one, am grateful for it. Don’t always have to fully agree with everything, but that’s ok.

It is not our job to convince people of what we think is “right” all the time. It creates tremendous resistance that affects your own life in ways to are not immediately visible or palpable. What’s right anyway? Who’s to say. Reminds me of the old ZEN story about the farmers son that looses his leg before the war? Know that one?

Next time you get sucked into an argument, try our approach…Would you rather be right? Or Happy?

Enjoy, smile, love people and cook them good food.

Tracking & MyFitnesspal

Jeff and Andy have both recently posted good material in regards to tracking food intake/calories.

Check out myfitnesspal.  I think it’s one, if not the best tools online to track what you’re eating and roughly seeing what it is you need to do, to loose those last stubborn few pounds or get yourself where you would like to be.

I started tracking yesterday. Want to join me?

Just don’t be like me 🙂  Yesterday I was on target all day, some espresso for breakfast and lunch consisted of 1 cup of delicious bone broth, some fresh grilled shrimp, an avocado and bit of spinach and romaine lettuce drizzled with balsamic and olive oil. Pretty good huh?

Coming home I was ready for a yummy dinner so quickly tossed the following in a pan. 1/2 a big white sweet potato/yam, 1 chicken sausage, 7 small shrimps, red pepper, onion, garlic,  bit of fresh red chili pepper, cilantro and a splash of red wine.

Satisfying and total caloric intake around 1400 for the day. Right on target for a sedentary office day. And then…the wheels came off 🙂 With dinner I had some red wine and…I finished the entire bottle over the course of the evening. OOPS! But, I tracked it and over the course of the week a detailed picture will emerge, just like it will for you if you join me.

Lastly I have to share this picture of my youngest daughter I dug up this morning. She was such a little “pip” years ago and sucked her two fingers constantly. Time flies folks….enjoy every moment and FEEL GOOD.

Chicken Salad

The Feel Good Eating way of course.

Fresh local cucumber, avocado, left over chicken, sea weed, cilantro, ponzu sauce, shiracha (hot sauce of your choice), rice vinegar and sesame oil.

Slice and dice one cucumber, 1 avocado, 1 sheet of nori (sea weed), and mince your chicken. Combine in a bowl.

In a small bowl combine, 1 tbsp ponzu sauce (a soy sauce with citrus and available almost everywhere these days), 1 teasp rice vinegar, drop of hot sauce (depends how spicy you like it), 1 teasp sesame oil. Combine well and add to other ingredients and toss gently. Next chop up a handful of fresh cilantro and fold in with the rest.

Refreshing and delicious. A few words about sesame oil. From what I understand, sesame oil is high in omega 6 so I use it sparingly. A little bit goes a long way for that real nice flavor. Make sure you store in your fridge once opened.

My fiancee and I were on the road and saw this cool car. Mint shape 1951 Ford Police car. Siren was on top and a police officer “hat” was lying on the rear in the window.

Speaking about my fiancee…our wedding day is getting close. Our little ceremony on the beach is going to be lovely. I will share a few pictures of course. She’s my best friend, and planning our little wedding has been so easy and delightful. No drama, no stress. I wish this for everybody.

Enjoy every moment…it’s all we have.

Peaceful Water TWEET

I tweeted a small video I uploaded this morning. Take a look; (how do I embed this right into the post? Any help appreciated)

Take some time to just be  “still”  this weekend. Take a walk to a quiet place and just listen. Maybe the family will leave your house for an hour, just be still and listen.

If you have access to some nice hiking/walking trails, find a quiet spot and just be still and listen.

Think only thoughts you want to think this weekend, thoughts that make YOU FEEL GOOD. Toss all the other thoughts away this weekend. Try it.

Be Happy and expect nothing but your dreams.

Slow Cooking

I like the flavor of olive oil, a lot. When I cook with it now, I cook very slow and very low heat.

Here’s something you can make while you’re busy doing other things. I cleaned up the house a bit while this was working it’s magic in the kitchen.

Put a skillet or deep dish skillet on the stove on very low heat. (if you have a 2-10 dial, set it to 3)

Thinly slice some onion, garlic and a potato of your choice. Which one did I use?  Why white sweet potato of course. Spread it out in your pan and sprinkle with some salt and pepper. About 25-35 minutes later, your potato should be soft. Now add 1 cup of spinach. (I used one large potato). Let it sit on top and slowly wilt. After a few minutes stir it together.

The tiny red specs you see are a bit of red pepper I added in the beginning. Not a chili pepper, but a long red pepper with a mild spicy-ness.

Even Though restaurants talk about “slow food and slow cooking”, food like this will not be served in restaurants. It just takes too long. But try this sometime and you will be amazed at the flavors you get….or maybe its just the anticipation of all that good smell in your kitchen, who know 🙂 Slow cooking food on low heat is a winner…try it!

I had a bit of meat with it and cucumber salad.

ENJOY your day.



Follow along and enjoy…

Pre heat your oven to 375. In a flat pyrex dish, (my dishwasher was running so used a little stand by) drizzle some olive oil and add some thin sliced garlic. 2 large cloves.

Next add some thin sliced and peeled white yam/sweet potato. Have I told you yet how much I love white sweet potatoes? Cut up 1 or two fresh plum tomatoes and spread out. Sprinkle with some sea salt. Like so;

Next Get yourself some humanely raised chicken. I recommend thighs or legs, but all I could find in the market was a chicken breast. Not my favorite but hey. Cut up some chicken breast and spread it out over the potato and tomato like so:

Now sprinkle with some sea salt, pepper, paprika and oregano and drizzle with a tiny bit more olive oil like so:

Now put in the oven. when there’s about 10 minutes of cooking time left, add a few asparagus like so;

Just a few minutes of prep time, 25 minutes or so of cooking time, a wonderful smelling kitchen and you have a super simple real food home cooked meal. Stir together like so;

And serve like so;

Add a small dollop of greek yogurt. It pairs so nicely with the chicken garlic and olive oil.

Super easy right? A great-grandma I know and her friend will make this soon, as they love these simple dishes. Right GG?? If you take care of yourself, eat real food, move your body, keep your brain challenged, there’s a good chance you can be just like someone I know in their mid eighties that walks circles around folks ten to 20 years her junior.


Enjoy the day, smile and be nice.

Cascade Ice Review

Over the course of the last two to three years, I’ve had a good amount of companies asking me to write a review and receive for free, a few samples of their product. It’s a pretty smart way of doing business I think. However many companies these days are using Internet analytics and if you get enough daily “hits”, and your site/blog is in the “general vicinity” of their product, they send you a formatted email with a “pitch” and ask you to write a review in return for some product. So when it comes to these requests, I’ve made a simple rule for Feel Good Eating, and it is as follows. If the company/marketing manager takes the time to actually read my blog 🙂 and comes up with something personal and finds a smart way of tying it into their brand/product (showing they actually read it), I will do a review and try their goods. One of my favorite ones was a few years ago from the marketing manager from Oikos Yogurt. She actually challenged me and was so confident in her product that she told me their fat free organic greek yogurt was as tasty as the full fat variety I was eating. I did not want to debate fat free vs. full fat with her, but I did take her up on the challenge and she organized a give away AND, I will say that her fat free yogurt was right on par taste wise with the full fat brand I was eating.

So, a few week ago I got a REALLY nice and personal email with a smart approach from a marketing/product manager at Cascade Ice. (owned by the Unique Beverage company). the reason I decided to do a review was two fold. First, I would like to see more product like this with minimal ingredients in the market place and second, selfishly, perhaps I could give some honest feed back to the company and hopefully get them to switch some of their ingredients I don’t go along with for an even healthier product.

Now let it be said that I usually don’t ever drink soda. When the occasion is right, I might have a glass of real coca cola with ice and some good rum. I do however have 4 children and 2 of those love soda. I don’t buy it for my house, but sometimes they ask for a special treat and I will buy them some “health soda brand” from Whole Foods or something. Of course when they are out and about, they grab their sprite and cokes when they can. So naturally they were stoked when they saw what had landed in our fridge due to the super nice people at Cascade Ice.

This rasberry lemonade is from their line of Cascade Ice Zero Calorie Sparkling Waters. The sparking waters have minimal ingredients, but they do have a small amount of sucralose added. See my feeling about sucralose at the end of the post.  Out of this line I tried little sips of the raspberry lemonade, pineapple blueberry ban, blueberry watermelon, coconut, huckleberry blackberry and the peach mango. I tried a tiny sip of the strawberry chocolate one also. All flavors tasted refreshing and “light” in flavor, not overpowering and not super sweet. The strawberry chocolate was the only one that tasted “foreign” to me, but my daughter loved it and said it was outrageous and the best soda she ever tasted. 🙂 How wonderful the world is at age 11.

The other samples were more to my liking as compared to my kids as these were not really light sodas but more like flavored sparkling waters.

My favorite one;

Very light and refreshing, and I will admit that all I could think about was adding some vodka or tequila to it as a cocktail for a Friday night. This line is called Cascade Ice Organic sparkling Water. The other flavor I tried was the lemon lime and was also light and refreshing.

So I’m guessing some of you are scratching your head and saying, why is yours truly reviewing a soda product.

Let me explain.

This newer beverage company is really trying to make a difference and provide a superior product. They have been around for a few years and their initial product contained sugar plus a host of other ingredients. They have been slowly stripping away at the ingredient list. I’m all about “improvement” and it makes me happy when a company doesn’t rest on it laurels.

 There are two factors that I do not like about the product and that is the use of sucralose and coloring.  Now sucralose  may not penetrate the blood brain barrier as aspartame does, hence entering the brain and creating neurotoxin havoc at the brain center, but they are still a chemically made derivative and some people could have reactions to it.I would love to see the brand embrace stevia as their sweetener of choice.

As to food coloring, since soda is drunk by kids, I wish the U.S would draft some sort of bill against using coloring and dye’s. In Italy for example, any candy marketed to children is not allowed to have color added. simple and easy. The evidence I’ve read is not overwhelming, but there is no question that a good percentage of kids have reactions from it.

Thank you Cascade Ice for giving me the opportunity to review your product. I also brought a few samples to my office and ALL of my co-workers in the office absolutely loved your product. With the exception of one person, no-one had heard of it before and were blown away by how good it was. They went online shortly after to find out where they could get their hands on some.

My Son is Awesome

He’s lean, flexible and strong….especially for his size.

Coming up next, Product review and some of my thoughts on weight loss.

BUSY & Calories

Lack of posts is due to being really busy. Work is fun and intense, but between the job and personal life, I’m running a little short on time and I still have to cook real food and get exercise in as well. I have a lot in the pipeline, including a product review.

Calories in calories out seemed to have gotten debunked over the last few years, YET, I’ve always said calories DO matter. I’ve also said before that most of us just eat too much food. To drill down on this more, most eat to much food that doesn’t do us any good in higher quantities. Stick to real food with appropriate servings of fat and you will keep you calories/food intake in check. 2 strips of bacon two times a week= good. 6 strips in one sitting 3 times a week =bad. 1 tsp of pasture butter with veggies or 1 large yam is ok. 3 tblspoons of butter and some heavy cream for the mashed potatoes you eat in one meal, not ok. Fat is your friend, but be sensible about it.

Grilled beef skewers (4), grilled onion, grilled yellow pepper, half an avocado, arugula and cilantro. Saved 2 of the beef skewers for lunch the following day and a bit of left over onion and pepper. Simple, not too much food for two meals. Perfect for a low activity (sit in office all day) day.

Enjoy the day.