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Month: March 2012

Affordable Grass Fed Beef

Like so; You will find it at your farmers market or local farm. Tip of the day, go to the stands towards the closing hours of the market. The more expensive cuts are the first to go and usually by the end of the day, the vendors only have the “non-desirable” cuts of beef left. Read More

Our Philosophy

We have a philosophy together or simple mantra if you will, that we have been repeating for the past year and a half. it goes like this;  “Would you rather be right? or happy? Lately my own feelings about paleo/primal/EF  have been echoed by many of my internet friends, (Chris Highcock posted about it just the other day) . Too Read More

Tracking & MyFitnesspal

Jeff and Andy have both recently posted good material in regards to tracking food intake/calories. Check out myfitnesspal.  I think it’s one, if not the best tools online to track what you’re eating and roughly seeing what it is you need to do, to loose those last stubborn few pounds or get yourself where you Read More

Chicken Salad

The Feel Good Eating way of course. Fresh local cucumber, avocado, left over chicken, sea weed, cilantro, ponzu sauce, shiracha (hot sauce of your choice), rice vinegar and sesame oil. Slice and dice one cucumber, 1 avocado, 1 sheet of nori (sea weed), and mince your chicken. Combine in a bowl. In a small bowl Read More

Peaceful Water TWEET

I tweeted a small video I uploaded this morning. Take a look; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uy83sbNktI&feature=youtube_gdata_player (how do I embed this right into the post? Any help appreciated) Take some time to just be  “still”  this weekend. Take a walk to a quiet place and just listen. Maybe the family will leave your house for an hour, just Read More

Slow Cooking

I like the flavor of olive oil, a lot. When I cook with it now, I cook very slow and very low heat. Here’s something you can make while you’re busy doing other things. I cleaned up the house a bit while this was working it’s magic in the kitchen. Put a skillet or deep Read More


As in KEEP IT SIMPLE SUNSHINE 🙂 Follow along and enjoy… Pre heat your oven to 375. In a flat pyrex dish, (my dishwasher was running so used a little stand by) drizzle some olive oil and add some thin sliced garlic. 2 large cloves. Next add some thin sliced and peeled white yam/sweet potato. Read More

Cascade Ice Review

Over the course of the last two to three years, I’ve had a good amount of companies asking me to write a review and receive for free, a few samples of their product. It’s a pretty smart way of doing business I think. However many companies these days are using Internet analytics and if you get enough daily “hits”, Read More

My Son is Awesome

He’s lean, flexible and strong….especially for his size. Coming up next, Product review and some of my thoughts on weight loss. Read More

BUSY & Calories

Lack of posts is due to being really busy. Work is fun and intense, but between the job and personal life, I’m running a little short on time and I still have to cook real food and get exercise in as well. I have a lot in the pipeline, including a product review. Calories in Read More