Holy Guacamole!

My good friend has a beautiful avocado tree in his front yard. Thanks to his generosity, I get a steady supply of beautiful organic “Florida Avocados” from September till around February/March. If you have never had them, the are greener and 2 to 3 times the size of a California avocado also know as a Hass avocado/ the hass variety has more fat and a deeper flavor. But the Florida ones pack all the nutritious goodness like the hass ones. They are perfect for making guacamole, especially from a cost perspective. Also great as spreads. Mash in a bowl with some spices and spread over chicken or fish.

Going in to the weekend and lots of kids and loved ones, thought I’d get prepped up this morning.

I had 2 big guys that were ready to use. When you buy these they will be hard. Let them ripen for a few days on your kitchen counter. When softer to the touch, they are ready. Do NOT refrigerate them before they have softened, or they will never ripen.

Chop some garlic, onion, scallion, fresh cilantro and a chili pepper. I get these little devils form my asian grocer who grows them him self. I don’t know what kind they are, but they are FIRE. Paring knife shows scale. Anyone want to take a guess what they could be??? Would love to know. I just call them chili peppers.

Mush it all together in a bowl and add some salt to taste and fresh lime juice.

And guacamole for a small platoon:

Have a great weekend, if you have kids…cuddle them a lot, if you have a loved one…kiss them a lot.

Enjoy and be happy. In life, we have a choice. choose to be happy ALWAYS. How do you do that you ask?? Simple, when you have a thought, run it past your happy meter. If the thought makes you happy…you’re on target and your feeling happy…if the thought does NOT make you happy and instead gives you anxiety, worry, fear, dread…change it and think a thought that makes you happy instead. More to follow on this. Because it’s not possible just to go from a thought that makes you worry to a thought that makes you happy….but there is a “way” to do it.