Dinner, Mercola & NYC Pictures

Well here was dinner the other night. I made some dinner for my future brother in law, and I and was was really hungry from a day of not eating and wanted something filling and satisfying. So I splurged and bought a piece of tenderloin. Full disclosure, you know what?? It’s not worth the price. Anyway, I seared it brown on all sides in a bit of butter and than stuck the pan in the oven for about 15 minutes at 350 degrees. Meanwhile I boiled some sweet potatoes and when they were done I mashed them up with a bit of butter, cheddar cheese and a splash of red wine. The last few minutes of the steak in the oven, I also added a splash of red wine. Simple, quick and very satisfying.

I’ve said before that the little Iphone device takes some pretty cool pictures. A cheap photo “app” is called hipstomatic. And you can do things like below, simply without any complicated efforts.

Pretty neat right? This was the view from Top of the Rock in NYC. I have a lot of pictures, but wasn’t sure if you would want to see some more pics of me and my fiance in NYC at Xmas time. Hit me up in the comments please.

Dr. Mercola has had a strong presence on the web for years, he was really one of the first from what I remember with his videos and product sales. At times a bit extreme and over-zealous, but his heart is in the right place and he keeps fighting the good fight. His latest post is another reminder for us all.

Enjoy the Day

Life’s To Be Enjoyed # 2

I said it was a special day.

Enjoy your life…you only go around once…make it count.

Is there anything more special than Xmas time in New York City?

Thank you everyone for your support over the years. I wanted to share…

I have a black hat on and the love of my life has a white hat and scarf…keep watching.

Meatballs, Sunset and Worry

Fried up some meatballs, but only to brown the outside, then put them on the grill.

2 pounds of meat. 1 pound ground grassfed beef and 1 pound of sausage patties. Potato flakes, 2 eggs,a little bit of shredded cheese, garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, salt and pepper.

I’m still amazed at times how decent a picture you can take with an iphone 4 (I heard the iphone 4s takes even better pictures). It really amazes me sometimes. Kind of like a kid in awe of something. This was a sunset just the other night;


“worrying,  is using your imagination to create something you don’t want”

My mom worries a lot! So does my dad…..the proof is really in the pudding isn’t it? I can tell you that their worry has never served them in any way, shape or form. Just wasted imagination pointed in the direction of fear. Let your worries go. Live your life and focus on how you would like to feel. How you “feel” is the most immediate useful feedback you have to direct your life.

Smile and be nice….

Tough Mudder Race and Meat & Lime Juice

This past Saturday I did the much hyped Tough Mudder Race. It’s being marketed as “possibly the toughest event on the planet”. Well, like with many heavily marketed items in our world…don’t believe the hype. Don’t get me wrong, it was a really really fun day and I’m sure some people got hurt and others couldn’t complete it, but by no means is it very tough. The toughest part is probably the running of almost 12 miles on un-even terrain. I will say that my race was in Tampa Florida. I know some are on actual ski slopes. This would be a lot harder for the running part. So almost 12 miles and 26 obstacles to over come. After approximately the first mile and a small steeple chase type obstacle, the only in my opinion the most challenging obstacle appeared. They call it the “chernobyl jacuzzi”.  Basically a large industrial dumpsters filled with ice and water. My guess is that the water temp was around 35 degrees fahrenheit. The adrenaline was pumping enough that I  jumped in without any hesitation. The length of it was probably 8-10 yards. Mid way you had to submerge completely and go under a plank of wood that was laid across the middle of the dumpster. Once I came up from being under the freezing cold water, I felt my body physically completely panic. Not my mind, but my body. My body seemed to SCREAM to me “get me out of here NOW”. This feeling somehow kicked my body into over drive and I almost lept straight out of the dumpster like I  was in a Jet Li movie. it was an interesting experience. It left me with an understanding that hypothermia is very very real. Besides from that first obstacle, we ran and dragged through mud… A LOT. Jumped of a 20 foot wall into a pond, crawled through mud under barb wire, crawled through tunnels and large pipes, climbed monkey bars with ice cold water beneath us, carried logs through the water and mud, climbed hay bale mountains, jumped over hail bales, Scaled 10 and 12 foot walls, sprinted up steep muddy hills and ran up a large slippery “half pipe” . I will proudly yet humbly say that at 44 years of age NONE of the obstacles presented a problem at all and  I enjoyed doing them. You can see all of the obstacles on the Tough Mudder website. The final obstacle was crazy and fun, it’s called electro shock therapy and basically you run through the mud through a bunch of hanging wires (while they spray you with water for extra kick) of which some carry an electrical charge. For all of you that are worried, it’s really not that bad. If you have ever tested your dog’s electrical dog collar for an invisible fence type set up, it gives you a good idea of what to expect. Stay focused, pump your legs and don’t pay the zaps any mind. If you do…it will take your legs out, you will fall in the mud and getting up slowly among the wires is going to suck 🙂 A cold beer awaits all finishers at the finish line. Let me tell you…it tasted pretty freakin awesome.

I do recommend the race, you will tremendously enjoy your self and it is I guess a bit like a ‘bucket list item”. It’s a great couples race I think and I can’t wait to do it together with my loved one. You will share laughs, a few cries and kisses along the way. I was almost not going to do it I will tell you. But I figured it would be something different.Also, I did not specifically train for this event. I’ve been going to the gym 2-3 times a week, playing tennis, some body exercises and long walks, all part of my regular routine.

Back to food…

A long time ago, a very good friend, an older lady from Trinidad and Tobago, showed me the following method for breaking down tough cuts of meat. She told me that the good cuts were never even for sale on her island. The available ones would go to the hotels for the tourists, and the restaurants. Even wealthy people had a hard time acquiring the ‘good/expensive cuts”. So this is what they did. I’ve hear similar info from a friend I have here who grew up in Haiti.

Cut up your meat into chunks, squeeze the juice of one lime (about 1 lime per pound of meat) cover and put in the fridge for 2-3 days.

The lime juice will turn your meat into melt in your mouth softness. You can prep it any way you like, but I think stew will give you the absolute best result.

Smile and Be Nice.