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Month: October 2011

Indian Food & Cook Books

My beautiful girlfriend (who stole my heart from the very first moment I laid my eyes on her) and I love browsing second hand book shops.There are lots of treasures to be found there and the price is right too. Recently I bought 3 old cooks books. The 3 books cost a total of $9. I like the Read More


I saw this on the beach just a few days ago. Can you believe it???? Thanksgiving is around the corner and before you know it…2011 will be over and done with. Time to make New Year’s resolutions perhaps?? I say this… DO IT! Do it NOW! Live your life, make the changes you dream about, Read More

The Best Meat Tenderizer

That’s quite a claim wouldn’t you say? And it doesn’t require an expensive kitchen gadget. But I’m serious about this one. As I’ve written about before, since we are all probably a bit more savy with our spending right now, I buy grass fed meat’s less expensive cuts. Most of the unpopular cuts are $4.99 Read More

Post Work Out Fuel & Pictures

My oldest daughter is becoming quite the photographer. She takes most of the pictures for her school newspaper and the yearbook. She sent these to me the other day. I believe it was Ann Frank’s father Otto, who said “no one really knows their children, you think you do, but you really don’t.” I think many of Read More

Cheat Day?

I don’t get cheat days…many advocate them. I know Tim Ferris in his 4 Hour Body book does. I think the concept became mainstream since Bill Philips first came out with Body for Life. Remember that one??? As strange as the guy looks today, he has helped A LOT of people. But he was big on cheat Read More

Homemade Salsa Trick

It’s farmers market time again here locally and I couldn’t be happier. Pretty much got a week’s worth of produce for $21. The cilantro looked gorgeous, and the first locally grown jalapenos and tomatoes are out. Here’s a really simple salsa recipe for you with a little trick I learned that brings forth comments like “DANG THIS IS Read More

“Stay Hungry Stay Foolish”

I read the Stanford University commencement speech Mr. Jobs gave in 2005, to my kids last night. Besides from wanting them to have a bit of understanding how this person affected our lives (my sons ITOUCH is permanently attached to his right hand) I thought it would be good to give them a bit of Read More