Thank you Dr. Kurt Harris, Brands & Chicken Wings

I simply feel indebted to him.  I learn so much from his writings and comments. I’m grateful for the knowledge he shares so freely. I’m sure most of you read his site and eagerly await his posts, but if you don’t….make sure you go there

I wish I had a good local source for pastured chicken. The closest thing to somewhat non-feed lot chickens are a few brands like Bell & Evans, Murray’s and Coleman. But I’m not even really sure of the true quality of those. It’s tough to connect the dots sometimes with corporations swooping in, buying up succesful start up brands and cleverly masking their ownership.  

Did you know that Tom’s of Maine is now owned by Colgate Palmolive? They bought it for 100 million. Or what about that “wholesome” brand known as Burt’s Bees? Clorox bought that for the paltry sum of 925 million. It’s tough to tell these days isn’t it? The majority of the “healthy chips, snacks and crackers” that line the aisles of Whole Foods come from the big boys like Kraft Foods and their brethren. Who do you think is profiting the most from the “Organic, gluten free, natural” feeding frenzy? Ok, enough of a rant…let’s eat.

I do love me some chicken wings.

Simple to make and oh so delicious. In a large skillet quickly brown the wings on both sides in a bit of fat (butter, bacon fat, lard, ghee, whatever you like) Now warm a half a stick of butter and add your choice of hot sauce to it. Taste and add to desired “spicy-ness”. Preheat your broiler and toss the wings with the sauce in a large bowl.Put the wings on a cookie sheet and stick them under the broiler.  About 10-15 minutes on each side depending on your broiler. Watch it though, so you don’t burn them. After you flip them you can add a bit more sauce. Keep a few tablespoons for the end to drizzle over them when you take them out of the oven. If you make extra butter/hot sauce…you could make some sweet potato fries and put those in the oven as well. Now that’s a yummy meal…

Have a great weekend everyone, and hit me up with a few comments and let me know how you have been making out with eating REAL FOOD.

Fusion Sashimi

Does this look good to you?

You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to make and you’re eating restaurant food at home with better ingredients and also much better for the old wallet!

How’s everyone doing with their real food eating efforts??

Sushi and Being Watched

It really is not all that hard.

Make yourself some sushi rice, get some nori and roll away.

I bought a little slab of frozen ahi tuna. I used that, to make some spicy tuna and fried up some shrimp as the main stuffing for the roll. Then added a “dash” of cream cheese and a bit of masago (roe) and scallion. There are plenty of you tube videos to look at on how to roll sushi. A bamboo mat is very cheap and available pretty much everywhere. I do cover my rolling mat in saran wrap, it makes for easy clean up. Let your imagination run wild here. It all works. You can kind of just imitate the sushi rolls you like to eat when you go out to a restaurant. Experiment and have fun.

Do you ever have that feeling of being watched?

I was out in my lanai (an enclosed screen structure, popular in Florida houses) early morning and getting kids toys out of the pool and cleaning up the general area, and I could feel someone watching me…I looked around a few times, but saw nothing and went about my business. But that “feeling” kept creeping up…

Then I looked up,

This little guy or girl was calmly watching me from her new vantage point on the top of the pool cage (lanai).

Next up…a video! It’s been a while hasn’t it?

Enjoy the day.

Gluten Free Crepes

I didn’t want to call it “paleo crepes” cause what the frik is that anyway??

It’s just a gluten free crepe made with tapioca flour, of which I’m still convinced is totally harmless.

According to Paul from the Perfect Health Diet, Tapioaco it’s fine, (and I really like Paul and his wife’s writings), but according to others Tapioca flour DOES cause a pretty significant insulin spike per. Dr. Davis, author of Wheat Belly

Anywho, if you are in the mood for a treat, throw together some butter, tapioca flour, a bit of sugar and a bit of milk.

Can’t give you measurements, as I just “winged it” as they say.

Want some homade sushi?? Show you tomorrow.

Mark Sisson B.A.S Challenge…

Mark, I challenge you’re BIG ASS SALAD 🙂

When was the last time you had one of Mr. Sisson’s recommended BIG ASS SALADS? 

Easy to make, this was dinner for 3 kids and 2 adults.

Romaine, spinach, tomato, onion, cucumber, 4 eggs, 6 strips of bacon, 1 pound of broiled shrimp, head of broccoli (par boiled) and some of grandma’s dressing.

Mark Sisson is truly a class act. I remember well when he was about to publish the “Primal Blue Print”. He sent me a signed copy with a personal and thoughtful inscription. It’s the little things in life that truly make a difference…and a BIG ASS salad of course also 🙂

Make it a good week everyone!

Ancestral Food and my thoughts on Taubes and Guynet

Paleo, primal, Evolutionary Fitness, low carb, hunter gatherer model, WE NEED A NEW DESCRIPTION.  A new word that ties it all together. Ancestral Health, is a very very good encompassing description, but does Ancestral food have the same cache and is it all encompassing enough?

Please read Matt Metzgar’s lates post. (I’m sure most of you read the same blogs I do, but just in case. And if you never been to Matt’s site, enjoy. Lot’s of golden nuggets there)

What does this optimal eating formula need to be called that we are all so interested in? What really causes weight gain? What really exemplifies optimal eating? What about all the conflicting arguments and “science”?

As Matt so simply states;  “In a nutshell, obesity/overweight is caused by consumption of processed foods.  Historically, whenever processed food enters a culture, obesity follows”

I would also like to add to if I may, that most “modern day diseases” also are caused by our reliance and over consumption of processed foods.

I know I preach to the choir mostly…I mean who else really reads my blog, but it is as simple as eating real food, and out of those foods, carefully experimenting on yourself to find out what optimal means for you. But if you stick to REAL natural food, I think you will get the results you are after. 

In regards to Gary Taubes and Stephan Guynet latest writings. I will give you my thoughts on the subject and I want to say something that I don’t think many in our rapidly expanding community have said yet. Amidst all the opinion and critique about their “dis-agreeance”, I would like to say THANK YOU. Iowe a lot to Mr. Taubes and Mr. Guynet. I read and re-read GCBC. It explained a lot of complex ideas and thoughts that expanded my thinking and made me ask more questions. I’ve read Mr. Guynet’s blog for years and re-read many an article and again it explained a lot of complex thoughts and ideas  and furthered my own investigative curiosity. Out of all the reading over the years, I truly am in debt to these two gentlemen the most I think. So that there is a disagreement between the two of them about what is in my mind “minutiae” that don’t relate much to the day to day answer of all of our efforts to eat better, doesn’t concern me to much nor does it get me heated or make me choose sides. It’s simply the very natural and healthy exchange of personal conclusions.

My point??? (I know, my ADD and lousy education is showing through, try and keep it concise Marc 🙂 ) My point is that neither one of these uber smart guys ,really dis-agree on the basics. The basics are, EAT REAL FOOD and don’t eat too much all the time. DON’T eat processed foods.  To take that one step further; when you really get down to it,Cordain doesn’t disagree either, nor does Sissonor DeVany, or Dr Harris or Dr. Eades. Do they all have their own opinion about the hows and whys of some very complex biological issues? Absolutely, but the very basic premise, is the same for all of them. After a few years of trying to ignore the basic “facts”, even amazing low carber advocate Jimmy Moore has now adopted a “insert all encompassing real food diet name here” way of eating. He’s finally off the “processed” stuff that we all know doesn’t resemble actual food. Years ago Chris Highcock and I tried to put together a daily menu for Jimmy (Chris, almost 4 or 5 years ago?) but gave up a bit frustrated because he was still drinking diet soda and eating  “Atkins bars”.

This is my blog’s “raison d’etre” if you will. To share how easy it is to eat real food, how tasty it can be and how good it will make you feel. I hope that in that regard, some of you or new readers continue to find ideas and inspiration…and ultimately…one day…perhaps serve you in a tiny restaurant that serves REAL FOOD.

LET’S COOK 🙂  How about some Brazillian soul food?

Pão de queijo (cheese bread) AND Tira de Asado (beef short ribs, boneless). Recently my gorgeous girlfriend told me I need to make my recipes more “clear”, so I will try and do that and start giving some  detailed ingredient lists and directions.

Here she is on the beach in Corsica, but I digress…, focus, focus, post and recipes, ok I’m back 🙂 

Let’s start with the Brazilian staple of my favorite cheesy bread poofs. (gluten free)

1/3 cup water, 1/3 cup milk, stick of butter (half a cup), teaspoon of sea salt, 1 cup tapioca flour, 2 eggs, 2/3 cup of grated cheese.

Bring the water, butter, milk and salt to a boil. Once boiling remove from heat and Immediately, stir in tapioca flour. Mix well and let the “dough” stand for 15 minutes. Shred 2/3 of a cup of cheese and whisk 2 eggs. After the 15-20 minutes, add the eggs and cheese to the dough and mix well. It will look a little like cottage cheese (I said a little, don’t start getting all exact now :-))  Preheat your oven to 375 and on a cookie tray drop about a spoon ful off dough. I make them into little balls in my hand, the dough is very sticky so have a wet towel or paper towel handy. You work the dough a little easier when your hands are wet. In the oven for about 20 minutes.  Several nice variations that you can include. Add 1 large clove of chopped garlic in with the first step. Or add cilantro and chives. Or parsley and chives. I have never added basil, but my guess is that it will be tasty also. Basil and garlic perhaps?

Try not to eat them all right there..they need to cool for about 10 minutes, but they also taste terrific hot out of the oven. The middle of the “puff” should feel soft and almost go0ey.

Heat up your grill. Hopefully your meat has been sitting at room temperature for about an hour, but if not, start doing it from now on. It makes such a difference when you are grilling meat. I salted my boneless beef short ribs and before cooking drizzled them with a bit of garlic olive oil. When you take the meat out of the fridge an hour before cooking, grab a garlic clove, smash it and put in a little dish and drizzle with 2 table spoons of olive oil. Before putting the meat on the grill, remove the garlic clove from the oil and drizzle the oil over the meat. Less is more here folks. Just need a tiny drizzle on each piece of meat.  2-3 drops perhaps and rub it gently over the meat. Tira de Asado is one of the most regular “grill meats” used in Brazil and Argentina. The flavor is so deliciously STEAK like, that it is becoming my all time favorite. The cut is not always easy to find. I know Costco carries it sometimes (conventional meat…don’t eat it to often as it does technically not really fit the whole eat real food M.O) but you can order it online grassfed and special order it at Whole Foods also. It’s a nice cheap cut and it competes on flavor with the most expensive cuts like rib eye and porter house steaks.

Nice hot grill wil do you right, don’t over cook them. Medium is the perfect temp.  

Some very basic real food can of course be turned into something special if you want to kick it up a notch with a little foo-foo presentation.

Thinly slice the meat. Cut a few thin slices off the cheese puff, lay the steak on there and top with a piece of outsidecrust of the bread. A bit of parsley or cilantro to decorate and 3 small dollops of “picka peppa hot sauce”


 “Give so much time to the improvement of yourself, that you have no time to criticise others”

Enjoy your labor day weekend everyone and hit me up with some comments in regards to a  “new name”.

Be nice and smile a lot today.