While in Holland, we ate some “local” strawberries. The Dutch are the masters of growing in-doors.

I’ve never quite tasted a strawberry like this. Besides from how perfect it looked (click on the picture), it tasted PERFECT. Fruit like this does not grow out in the wild, so how much of it becomes to much to eat on a regular basis?

I had a Georgia peach this weekend that I bought at the supermarket, and it was very very sweet also. I think it’s still better to eat a super sweet peach or strawberry, than candy or a candy bar.

Obesity and Activity Levels

A MUST read,  Stephan’s latest post is just plain incredible. Read it slowly and let it sink in. On another note…it seems like the Ancestral Health Symposium has re-invigorated him to post quality quality stuff lately. The kind of posts with “meat” that he used to post years ago when he first started blogging. I for one am very grateful to have people like Stephan sharing his insights so freely. I learn A LOT from him. One of his sentences from the post is “the human body is designed to to engage in physical activity”.

As I was flipping through my pictures from my recent trip to Europe, this one caught my eye with Stephan’s post fresh on my mind;

My daughter on the right and her cousin on the left, getting on bicycles early morning for a ride through town.

What struck me about this picture was the circumstances around it. This picture was taken at 8 am. We had just arrived at 6 am that morning from the U.S.

Kids naturally engage their bodies. They don’t worry about being tired, they don’t think of fun activities as “exercise”.  If you can get them away from the TV, or the PC or game console, they move their bodies….ALL DAY LONG.

Sadly as we age, we move less and less. Even more sadly, KIDS are moving less and less also because of the above mentioned static activities. As Stephan writes, our bodies are designed for activity.

When was the last time you talk a walk as a family before or after dinner? 

 I’m starting it with my kids…will you join me?

Speciality Markets?

Back to old world markets one more time…what used to be “normal”, can now only be acquired at speciality markets. This makes me sad.

Can you imagine the chicken soup/stock that gets made with these?? Full of gelatinous goodness?

Even at a decent butcher, I think it is hard to find chicken feet in the U.S.

What about fresh rabit? If you are not hunting yourself…where do you find this? Possibly at very high end gourmet speciality shops…and then it will cost you an arm and a leg for what is in essence very basic food.

I’ve made friends with one of the butchers at Whole Foods. He saves me bones from the grassfed products they carry. I learned form him that most of the time, they actually throw them away 🙁 

Where do you buy most of your meat these days?  There is no “cow-pooling” where I live.

Protein and Portion Control

as much as I LOVE steak, and I could easily devour this by myself;

A REAL Bistecca Fiorentina…I’m starting to form my opinions on how much meat we really need to eat in one sitting.

The above Tuscan Porterhouse was served like that, to be shared among 4 adults. What are your thoughts? 4 oz enough as a serving size? Do we really need to eat 10 oz at a clip? The meat tasted wonderful.

A delicious appetizer before that was some “lardo”. Cured pork fat. This is the stuff of dreams I tell you :-). Read up on it…might be neat if you are not familiar with it.

And below a picture of the Locks of Love at the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. Lovers write their name on a lock. Lock it and throw the key into the river.

Florence…a very special city.

Good News

You eat right. You get your exercise. You doa good job in your chosen profession. You love your kids, your family your spouse. Congratulations!! You’re doing it!! This is GOOD NEWS. Focus on it. Feel it.

That will serve you a lot better than focusing on all the “bad news”. Pick up the paper, turn on the tv, read the web and it’s all BAD NEWS right now.

Focus on all the GOOD NEWS in your life. The good things…make a real effort for a week and see how it affects you. I think you will be amazed. Oh, and to make it easy on yourself…turn off that tv for a week while you’re at it. (this excludes netflix and hulu and such)


My son really really liked the Colloseum in Rome.

The famous Fountains of Trevi in Rome.

Cousins together in Rome and loving every minute.

Next up…Florence, Italy.

Enjoy the day

Travel & Food

Like I posted previously, I took a most wonderful trip with my family back home and visited Spain, Italy and Corsica.

My sister who lives in Amsterdam, was home base for us while we were in Holland. Her husband loves to eat and cook and drink :-), so he and I can talk for hours and spend timing discussing food and cooking over some good red wine.

He wanted to grill lobster one night, so we did.

After a quick boil (just 4 minutes) we sliced them in half and we slathered them with some home made garlic and basil butter. LOTS of garlic. Grilling them gives it a really nice flavor, but be careful not to boil them to long or they will get tough from the heat on the grill.

I made a big stir fry of veggies with a “provencale” taste to it. This is easy to make. Gather fresh zucchini, squash, eggplant, tomato, garlic, and some medium spiced pepper. Saute in butter with a bit of white wine and a few dashes of herb provencale.

Being back in Europe I realised that old fashioned markets used to be an integral part of daily life. Here’s my girlfriend at a fish monger stand at a market in Amsterdam.

My kids really loved the markets they got to see in Spain. I was blown away once again with the enormous selection of super fresh seafood.

Fresher eel than above is hard to find.


the town of Valencia Spain, is the birthplace of Paella. It was everywhere and it was delcious. They make many different kinds, and not just with seafood. They also like to make it with chicken and rabbit. My son tried the rabbit , just so he could tell his friends that he ate it.

Here the sun is coming up on the island of Corsica.

More to come. Enjoy the day and eat real food.

Stew & Paleo?

Paleo smaleo?

Leptin? Food reward theory? Low Carb? Insulin sensitivity? macro/micronutrient composition? Total fat intake?….

I can go on with buzz words for a while, but FOR ME…it’s all pretty simple. EAT REAL FOOD. Do that and I promise you that you will be well on your way to feeling good and looking good. Don’t get caught with paralysis by analysis. Read all the blogs because you enjoy it, but ultimately you will have to simply figure it out for yourself. You won’t read THE post, or THE study that’s going to give you the magic solution. EAT REAL FOOD.

Simple Stew

I’ve been buying the cheapest cuts of grassfed beef I can find and make stew. It’s economical and the meat gets to be fall apart tender from the stew anyway. In butter, warm garlic and onion, add your diced meat and brown. Remove meat from pan and add chopped carrots, celery and potato. stir around and don’t worry if it browns and sticks a bit. After a minute or two, add some red wine. Stir well. Add in the meat and stir. Now add a cup or more of beef broth. (chicken stock/broth will work fine too) Bring to a boil, turn down heat and cover. Let it simmer for an hour or two. If you can wait that long.

Serve over a 1/3 of a cup of basmati rice if you like.

Ancestral Health Symposium and Update

Just a quick post and update so you know I’m still hanging around…

I was invited by the organizers of the event to cook for the private party before the symposium, I was honored but had to humbly decline as I’m in Europe celebrating with my parents and all of my family a special occasion. My amazing parents have been married 50 years.

We took a small trip to Spain, Italy and Corsica.
More details to follow about that.

I ate A LOT of food and drank a lot of wine over the last 8 days. Including delicious fresh bread, pizza’s and sandwiches. I’m amazed at HOW different Europe really is as compared to the US. I will post some thoughts and observations….

To everyone that attended the symposium, I’m already appreciative of any posts and insights and I look forward to reading all about the information shared and presented.

For now a few pictures..

It just doesn’t get much better than this. Loved ones…freshly caught local seafood…wood burning oven on the beach spitting out wafer thin pizza’s,…local Rose and white wine…sweeping views of the Mediterranean. Followed by a nap in the sun. This is on the island of Corsica. The birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Well it does get better…kissing your loved one, in the middle of an old plaza in Florence. I spent some of my earliest years living just outside of Florence and spent a lot of time there. It felt like coming home…

Hope everyone is doing well.

More to follow…