It doesn’t always look gourmet, but it sure tastes good.

In a skillet heat some coconut oil. Peel a small sweet potato/yam and use your peeler to create some thin strips of it. Heat the strips in the oil, next slice a little bit of onion and add that to it. When the yam is close to done, add some ground beef, ground pork, or any meat of your choice. I added some pork sausage that I got at Whole Foods (removed from the casing).

I love this type of quick meal when I’m hungry after a workout. It’s just really satisfying. The fat from the coconut oil, a little bit of starch and plenty of protein.


Please take a moment to look at  Johnny’s approach is simple and direct. I really like his style. Excellent blog and posts are a quick read, packed with motivational and straightforward advice.

Have a great week everyone.

Family Meals

My gorgeous girlfriend has some amazing parents. I used to think that they thought my way of eating was pretty strange. But over time, it’s become clear that not only are they intrigued, I think they might have been reading a bit on their own 🙂  Whenever I come over, you can count on dad grilling (I have a lot to learn, he’s a magician with that grill,(no gas, wood shavings for smoke, open and closed lid with vent, pecan shells for smoke and the list goes on) up some delicious fare! Don’t even get me started on the mouthwatering venison sausage. I can learn a lot from the “ole grill master”. The latest meal was what you see above, delicious piece of grilled/smoked NY strip steak, spinach salad with bacon, and a delicious little pepper creation. Half an orange pepper lined with a few slices of jalapeno pepper, filled with a rolled up piece of ham with some feta and swiss cheese inside. Grilled and smoked. Want to venture a guess how delicious that little treat was?? I think I will duplicate that for my kids this weekend, without the jalapeno for the little ones that do not appreciate a bit of heat. My son is the only one that loves the heat. It’s because he inhaled a ball of “wasabi” when he was 1 years old sitting in a high chair keeping me company during dinner at a sushi restaurant. But that’s a story for another time. When you go over to eat at your families houses, do they make primal/paleo/ef fare for you??

It’s been hard to sit in my office all day. Spring fever is in the air and the weather is just incredible at the moment. Will go out and do some stand up paddle boarding this weekend.

Enjoy the time with your loved ones this weekend….

Steak & Salad


I just love this type of simple and quick meal. Here we go:

In butter heat some sliced onion and garlic, but do not brown. While they are turning translucent, cut your meat into bite size pieces (I used some tenderloin/filet as it was on sale at the supermarket). Add a pinch of kosher salt and pepper and add to your pan. Cook until almost done and a splash of red wine. Let the alcohol evaporate. Now add a splash of heavy cream (1 tablespoon) and let it thicken into a bit of a sauce as you stir everything together.

Red oak leaf lettuce with red pepper salad. Dressing of evoo and a bit of dijon mustard (just mix 2 tblspoons of oil with 1/2 teaspoon mustard). Voila!

Keep it real today…smile a lot and be nice.

Slow and Steady

Found myself at the front of the pack for a local 10K race (I’m on the far left in the red shirt). After a quick mile just under a 7 minute pace, I was confronted with the simple fact that I’m just not a real runner 🙂 Phew that was hard. I slowed it down and settled into a nice pace with some music. As long as you don’t start to fast, a 10K is a really nice distance to run. I was nice and loose after 3 miles and genuinely looking forward to the next 3.

At the very end of the race, my competitive spirit got the best of me and as some particpants launched into a final sprint, I did my best to stick with them. I had a really good kick and actually beat the 2 guys and 3 ladies that were pushing it hard.

It was fun until right after I crossed the finish line…because before the volunteers were able to cut the timing chip of my shoe, I took two steps over to a grassy area and threw up twice. That was a first for me. Not sure why that happens, but I’ve read that it is the due to perhaps the stomach being “under tension” for 50 minutes and then the instant relaxation when you stop. The muscles are not ready for it and can’t hold the contents of the stomach in place. I’m not sure….any thoughts? It didn’t feel like I really over exerted myself. Even though I ran a very fast pace for me that first mile, my time was 52 minutes. Going slow and steady I ran a 10k in 54 minutes, so no need to go all that fast from the get go.

Kind off like the switch to a Feel Good Eating lifestyle. Take it slow, be patient and enjoy the “run’. My sister is slowly making the switch…and I emphasize constantly to take it slow, don’t beat yourself up and to pay attention. Slwo and steady and everything will fall into place.

Wasn’t it Gandhi who said “there’s more to life than increasing it’s speed”

Make it a great week and be nice.

Feel Good Eating

I’m happy that on a very simplistic level, my approach to paleo/primal/ef has never been so dogmatic. True paleo has never really made sense to me. As much as Dr. Cordain’s first book opened my eyes years ago, I never followed the recommendations exactly as it just felt too restrictive for me. When I shortly after came upon Art Devany, I was happy to see plenty of bacon on his breakfast plate 🙂

Dr. Kurt Harris is (as always) writing down some superb info on his site. The latest posts have really put my “gut feelings” in perspective for me. Please go take a look if you are not a regular reader or if you have never checked it out, PLEASE find your way there and be prepared to learn and grow.

I still think the name of my own blog is appropriate, as the switch to a REAL FOOD way of eating, will have you feeling better than you have in years. As Robb Wolf says “I’m not trying to sell you anything, give it a try for 30 days and come back to me and see how you feel”.

After a hard (weights) workout Saturday morning, I came home, cleaned up a bit and then made a big breakfast.

2 small japanese sweet potatoes (no clue if they are japanese, but that is what the little stand at the farmers market called them) and venison sausage.

I sliced the sweet potato for quicker cooking time. Boiled them until soft. In a small pan on very low heat I warmed bit of evoo and added a bit of “spring garlic” (got it at the farmers market. It looks like onion and the garlic bulb has not formed yet. It’s a wonderful flavor, kind off like garlic light 😉 ) to it. Basically infusing the evoo with delicious flavor.

I grilled the sausage. When the potatoes where done I mashed them with the evoo/spring garlic and added a bit of chopped cilantro. I drizzled a tiny bit more evoo onto it at the end. Normally I really love butter on potatoes, but I was out of butter (I know the horror!). Super tasty, and a good post workout “fill the belly” type meal. 

Going to run a 10K this morning. Last time running was 2 weeks ago when I ran a 5k on the beach with my kids.

Enjoy the day everyone!!

Intermittent Fasting Question

Calling ALL experts…

Brad Pilon, Robb Wolf  , Richard Nikoley, Mark Sisson, Don Matesz, Kurt Harris, and the list goes on….

If I did not put your name up there, I apologise. It doesn’t mean I don’t think you’re not an expert 🙂

Don Matesz just put up another fantastic post about IF, and I left him a comment with my question that has been consuming for the past week. Here she goes;

Is there an optimal food to break your fast with? Does it matter?

In all my reading over the years from the above list of people, I don’t think that question has ever been addressed. Is it an individual thing? Physiologically does it matter if you eat a piece of steak first? Or a raw piece of fish or a blueberry??

Really excited to get everyone’s thoughts on this one and I appreciate your feedback very much!

Would some salmon eggs and yogurt fit the bill?

That sure is tasty “break-fast” for me.

Have a great day everyone.

What do You Want?

Every time my girlfriend and I are on the water here, we swoon when we see this house.

There’s just something about the swaying palm trees and the whole set up of this house that feels good. It’s not hard at all to wish that you had a house like this, or imagine what it would be like to live there.

And then….doubts and old thought patterns take hold. “I could never afford that…I don’t deserve a house like that…..what have I accomplished in life to be even able to buy a house like that… parents never had a house like that….etc etc etc”

You know what? What if you didn’t let those thoughts in? What IF, you kept focused and sure of what you want and what you dream about and what you desire with out any other thoughts clouding that dream…what would happen then?

I’m more and more sure, no 100% convinced that we create EXACTLY what we think about. So the question of “what is it we want” becomes very very important.

Do you know what you REALLY want?? I do, and I’m going after it!

What do you want?

Ok…back to food.

No picture but this was dinner last night;

A few boiled shrimp (about 8 medium shrimp) sliced in thin pieces, half an avocado and a small thinly sliced  kirby cucumber. A bit of sea salt and evoo, toss gently and enjoy.


“Thoughts themselves are an energy….it is VITAL to realize that you need to work on not holding on to the ones that will weaken you”

Simple enough right?? Yet…most of us hold on to our old patterns of thinking. You know how you change it? One thought at a time. Catch yourself, be aware, realize what’s happening and CHANGE your thought. The same simple advice goes for making the switch to paleo eating. How do you change? ONE meal at a time. There will for sure be slip ups, slide backs and mistakes and that is just fine. Don’t beat yourself up about it. But if you pay attention…slowly you will gain momentum and your thoughts (and your decisions) will get more aligned with what you want for and in your life.  Try it sometime…

Sorry for the poor quality of the picture… here’s a spinach and feta chicken sausage and a half an avocado filled with cream cheese, scallion and smoked salmon.

For all of you that have NOT read Rob Wolf’s “Paleo Solution” or for all of you that need good information to get loved ones and friends introduced to Paleo, this is a wonderful wonderful way to start, so pick yourself (or your sister as in my case) up a copy.

I start a new job tomorrow,  so my posts might be a bit limited over the next few weeks, but I will try and upload some pictures from my last meals as well as some wonderful beach and water shots from the past weekend.

Make it a wonderful week!!!!!!