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Month: April 2011


It doesn’t always look gourmet, but it sure tastes good. In a skillet heat some coconut oil. Peel a small sweet potato/yam and use your peeler to create some thin strips of it. Heat the strips in the oil, next slice a little bit of onion and add that to it. When the yam is Read More

Family Meals

My gorgeous girlfriend has some amazing parents. I used to think that they thought my way of eating was pretty strange. But over time, it’s become clear that not only are they intrigued, I think they might have been reading a bit on their own 🙂  Whenever I come over, you can count on dad Read More

Steak & Salad

  I just love this type of simple and quick meal. Here we go: In butter heat some sliced onion and garlic, but do not brown. While they are turning translucent, cut your meat into bite size pieces (I used some tenderloin/filet as it was on sale at the supermarket). Add a pinch of kosher Read More

Slow and Steady

Found myself at the front of the pack for a local 10K race (I’m on the far left in the red shirt). After a quick mile just under a 7 minute pace, I was confronted with the simple fact that I’m just not a real runner 🙂 Phew that was hard. I slowed it down Read More

Feel Good Eating

I’m happy that on a very simplistic level, my approach to paleo/primal/ef has never been so dogmatic. True paleo has never really made sense to me. As much as Dr. Cordain’s first book opened my eyes years ago, I never followed the recommendations exactly as it just felt too restrictive for me. When I shortly Read More

Intermittent Fasting Question

Calling ALL experts… Brad Pilon, Robb Wolf  , Richard Nikoley, Mark Sisson, Don Matesz, Kurt Harris, and the list goes on…. If I did not put your name up there, I apologise. It doesn’t mean I don’t think you’re not an expert 🙂 Don Matesz just put up another fantastic post about IF, and I left Read More

What do You Want?

Every time my girlfriend and I are on the water here, we swoon when we see this house. There’s just something about the swaying palm trees and the whole set up of this house that feels good. It’s not hard at all to wish that you had a house like this, or imagine what it Read More


“Thoughts themselves are an energy….it is VITAL to realize that you need to work on not holding on to the ones that will weaken you” Simple enough right?? Yet…most of us hold on to our old patterns of thinking. You know how you change it? One thought at a time. Catch yourself, be aware, realize what’s happening Read More