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Month: March 2011

Post Workout Meal

I was super hungry about an hour after my workout this morning. So I made this; Boiled 1 smaller sweet potato (sliced before to speed up cooking time). Next I sliced some spring onion and warmed it in yummy butter and added a chicken spinach and feta sausage. I didn’t brown the onions…just nice and translucent Read More

Farmers Market Meal

After my two youngest kids and I ran a 5K on the beach on Saturday, we hit the farmers market. As a side note, we were the only ones (with the exception of the winner of the race) that ran barefoot out of approx 300 participants. They had a blast, it was their first race and Read More

Dinner, half marathon and muscle up

The other night I had some left over ribeye steak. I diced it up in bite size pieces. Next I warmed up a bit of butter (pasture butter) in a pan and sauted some fresh garlic with it. I then added a heavy splash of white wine and cooked it down a bit. I then added Read More

Paleo? Low Carb?

These are the buzz words at the moment. Is bacon really paleo? Art Devany would never tell anyone that he does “low carb” (don’t know about now that his book is out). So this breakfast below is neither paleo nor low carb is it? 3 strips of bacon (sliced into small pieces), 2 carrots thinly Read More

Chicken Thighs

If you live in the U.S., next time you are at Costco, pick yourself up some organic chicken thighs. I believe the brand is Coleman and it comes in 3 pouches. I don’t do anything to fancy with them, I just let them soak in the fridge in a bit of evoo, garlic powder, onion Read More

Skirt/Flank Steak

There are a few varieties of skirt steak but they all share a common denominator, they all need a good marinade to break down this tougher cut of meat. Here’s a really simple one that really delivers. 15 cloves of garlic fresh parsley about 1/4 cup Kosher salt small onion Orange juice (I also used some Read More


When it comes to eating what does moderation mean for you? Please take a look at Dr. Davis site Heart Scan blog So what constitutes an occasional indulgence? Drinking every weekend?A sandwhich twice a week? It’s hard to tell and it is really an individual thing. I know that for me, I just overall feel Read More