Post Workout Meal

I was super hungry about an hour after my workout this morning. So I made this;

Boiled 1 smaller sweet potato (sliced before to speed up cooking time). Next I sliced some spring onion and warmed it in yummy butter and added a chicken spinach and feta sausage. I didn’t brown the onions…just nice and translucent and buttery……yummy again. I cut up 4 slices of “Copa” (cured pork shoulder butt) and added that to the final mixture in my bowl. Talk about a well deserved after workout treat! And a lot better than Muscle milk or something simliar.

SMILE a lot today please…you never know where a simple smile might lead. And…if it doesn’t lead anyhwere…that’s ok too, it will do your body good.

Farmers Market Meal

After my two youngest kids and I ran a 5K on the beach on Saturday, we hit the farmers market. As a side note, we were the only ones (with the exception of the winner of the race) that ran barefoot out of approx 300 participants. They had a blast, it was their first race and they enjoyed themselves tremendously. I was a very proud papa bear 😉

Farmers market booty. Local fresh shrimp, local sweet potato, local spring onions, local cubanelle peppers. So dinner last night was like this;

In a deep dish pan heat up some coconut oil. I fried the onion a bit of garlic, and pepper and removed with  slotted spoon. I shredded the sweet potato and fried that up next. Use the slotted spoon again to scoop out the fried sweet potato shavings. I cleaned the fresh shrimp and sliced into bite sized pieces. I added the shrimp to the hot oil and stirred it around a bit, I added chili sauce, lemon juice and a splash of white wine. Be careful ading the wine, if there’s a lot of oil in the pan…it could flare up. I added the sweet potato and onion pepper mix back in and tossed it all together in the pan. Really really wonderful dish and surprisingly light in spite of the coconut oil and sweet potato.

I also bought something interesting at the farmers market;

I I couldn’t quite get the lighting right for these pics. Do you know what this is?

It’s called CERIMAN. A type of bread fruit. It tastes like a combo of banana and pineapple. It made me realise again that cultivated fruit is indeed much much sweeter than wild fruit. If you get your hands on one of these be careful with getting the fruit part out. I found out the hard way. The “shell” has a type of protective “needle” that is very hard to see or feel….until it pierces your tongue the way it did mine.   The fruit is ripe and ready to eat when the outer skin flakes off, it cracks open and seperates itself from the fruit.

Have a wonderful day!!

Dinner, half marathon and muscle up

The other night I had some left over ribeye steak. I diced it up in bite size pieces. Next I warmed up a bit of butter (pasture butter) in a pan and sauted some fresh garlic with it. I then added a heavy splash of white wine and cooked it down a bit. I then added a bit of home made left over salsa. Remove from the pan and add another pat of butter, brown and warm up your steak (not to long because you dont want the meat to get tough), now add the garlic white wine salsa sauce and cook together for a minute or so. Different, but absolutely delicious!!

I have not been running at all. The last time I ran was January 30th for a local 5k race. 2 weeks before that I ran a half marathon. I’ve written about it before, but I’m convinced that running ALL the time (4-6 times a week) just breaks your body down to much. But, as I’ve said in the past, if you’re in decent shape, and you enjoy the competition and comraderie of running races, it’s a realy nice way to do some running. Ok, maybe that’s just my opinion, but I can tell you that it works for me. So this past Sunday I decided to run another half marathon here locally. About 30 minutes south of me is Marco Island. A sleepy little island with a wonderful vibe. A great place to run while the sun is rising. The race was wonderful in the beginnning. The first 5 miles were a delight and a breeze. When I came close to mile marker 7, I was mentallly convinced I was about to see mile marker 8. WhenI saw 7, my mind played a serious trick on me and I got really upset and frustrated. But….what could I do but accept right? I turned up my music and implored myself to just forget about it and focus on some music and the scenery. I got into a bit of a zone and ran. At mile 10 there was a long straight away that had an imposing bridge in the distance. I was convinced the turn was somewhere before the bridge, as I saw no runners on the bridge. As I got closer, I almost choked on a simple breath as I realized that there were indeed runners on the bridge. Up a steep bridge… a turn around at the bottom and back up again, I’m telling you it was like some cruel joke. At mile 3 cool….at mile 10.5…totally uncool and plain unpleasant. Mentally, this was toughest race I’ve ever ran (I haven’t run all that many, and I guess lucky so far) after the bridge debacle, the last mile was pure torture. I just didnt want to take another step and dreamt of my couch. Today Monday, I’m not sore, except for my calves a tiny bit, but…my body is still tired. Maybe I over did it a bit over the weekend as I played in a tennis tournament on Saturday, but that’s a story for another post.

HELP. Why am I not progressing on my muscle ups??? I can do 1. Any advice? Thoughts? Keith??

I’ve written about it before. I can bust out 15-18 dead hang pull ups in a row no problem. But the elusive muscle up is still taunting me….all comments REALLY appreciated.

Paleo? Low Carb?

These are the buzz words at the moment.

Is bacon really paleo?

Art Devany would never tell anyone that he does “low carb” (don’t know about now that his book is out).

So this breakfast below is neither paleo nor low carb is it?

3 strips of bacon (sliced into small pieces), 2 carrots thinly sliced and 1 egg.

BUT…it’s real food. It might not be paleo or low carb, but it’s real food meals like above, that let me feel my best.

No need to over complicate things. Variety, color and texture of REAL FOOD will help you keep it simple and it will keep you on track.

Are you paleo? Or low carb?

Please take a look at Keith’s latest post and video clip on Theory to Practice. Keith continues to teach me new things with every post. And were going on 4 years! Thank you Keith!! The video clip is amazing!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Chicken Thighs

If you live in the U.S., next time you are at Costco, pick yourself up some organic chicken thighs. I believe the brand is Coleman and it comes in 3 pouches.

I don’t do anything to fancy with them, I just let them soak in the fridge in a bit of evoo, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper and a splash of white wine and lemon juice.

I grill a good amount of it, and keep it for the next 3-4 days (if it lasts that long). Nice to have on hand as a quick snack, or slice and toss with some fresh spinach for a nice little salad.

Of course you can make these under the broiler too, or in a nice cast iron skillet.

Perseverance; don’t get down…no materr what comes your way! Sometimes we are blown back a bit by news we didnt expect to get…don’t get caught up in it. See past it, accept it and move on.

“Don’t be discouraged.  It’s often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock.”


Skirt/Flank Steak

There are a few varieties of skirt steak but they all share a common denominator, they all need a good marinade to break down this tougher cut of meat.

Here’s a really simple one that really delivers.

15 cloves of garlic

fresh parsley about 1/4 cup

Kosher salt

small onion

Orange juice

(I also used some left over pineapple chunks, which really aids in the breakdown of the tough cut 0f meat)

Roll it up and put in a ziplock or a glass container, splash some orange juice on it and let it sit in the fridge for 24 hours. (Turn a few times while it’s marinating)

Fire up your grill nice and hot and on high heat cook both sides. Don’t over cook it, which is easy to do as it has been “cooking” in the fridge in the marinade. A piece this size probably only needs about 3-4 minutes on each side. Let it rest for ten minutes before you slice it.

Ofcourse you could make a nice little chimichurra sauce to go with it. Grab your blender and mix up fresh parsley, basil, garlic, olive oil and salt.

Here’s a link to get some more information about skirt/flank steak.

Smile a lot today….


When it comes to eating what does moderation mean for you?

Please take a look at Dr. Davis site Heart Scan blog

So what constitutes an occasional indulgence? Drinking every weekend?A sandwhich twice a week? It’s hard to tell and it is really an individual thing.

I know that for me, I just overall feel better when I stick to paleo/prinmal/ef food choices. Another trick I use is when I cheat, I try and use the best and purest ingredients and accompany my cheats with real food.

So what’s better on a Saturday night than to have a little party with your significant other. This is what the love of my life and I enjoyed together;

Good quality tequila, home made guacamole, home made salsa and some really good corn chips. Delicious!

Most important…don’t feel guilty about that occasional cheat. We are here to live and enjoy ourselves a bit right?

Sadly, for a lot of people, their systems are so out of whack to even the occasional cheat really has some “not feeling so hot” consequences. If this applies to you…is the cheat worth it? I can tell you it’s not for me. I had a piece of birthday cake (very rich) a few months ago at a birthday celebration. I can honestly tell you that one pice of cake had my poor tummy in knots for 2 full days. So the next time I find myself in that situation ,I will pass on that piece of cake.

The corn chips and tequila on the other hand gave me no problems, So I might just do that again 😉

Enjoy the day!