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Month: February 2011

IF Meal

After some tennis in the morning 0n an empty stomach, I did not get a chance to eat until dinner time. Well, I could have eaten around 1 or 2, but I did not want to indulge in any of the food that others were eating at that time. I decided just to wait for Read More

Leftovers Champion

I consider myself a candidate. Tossing a few things together that are left over in the fridge is almost becoming my trademark hahaha. Like I said in the previous post, I’m so busy with work right now that I simply don’t run errands as often as I normally do. That means with al the extra Read More

Food Porn

2 weeks! 2 weeks since my last post. Amazing how fast time flies when you’re having fun. Well let me switch out the fun part and suffice it to say that I’ve been very busy. It’s that time of year for me, its a little nuts workwise. For myself I notice that during these hectic times, Read More

Feel Good Eating Lamb Burgers

Here’s something different; lamb burgers with roasted red pepper and feta. Do you go to Whole Foods or a similar market? Here’s part of your shopping list for the week. Ground lamb, feta (I like real feta made with goats milk) some kalamata olives from the olive bar and some roasted red pepper from the olive Read More