IF Meal

After some tennis in the morning 0n an empty stomach, I did not get a chance to eat until dinner time. Well, I could have eaten around 1 or 2, but I did not want to indulge in any of the food that others were eating at that time. I decided just to wait for a big meal later in the day.

A visit to a local butcher shop, sent me on my way with 2 kobe beef burgers. One cheddar bacon and one jalapeno cheddar kind. I also picked up home made bratwurst and 2 sausages that had a bit of basil and provolone cheese in them.

I cut up yellow squash, zucchini, sweet onion, garlic, yellow pepper and some bok choy. Drizzled the veggies with some white truffle oil and sprinkled them with sea salt and fresh herbs, Chives, oregano, parsley and cilantro. I then transferred them to my handy dandy grill basket and put it on the grill. I mixed together a bit of Fage greek yogurt and thinner yogurt and added a bit of garlic, scallion and cucumber (and a dash of sea salt) to make a little tzatziki sauce for the grilled veggies. I saved the larger part of the leaf of the bok choy and coated it with a bit of evoo. I then quickly grilled those. (the burgers and sausages are laying on top of them). They are kind of like kale chips but more of a grilled version I guess. It’s really tasty.

For you newer readers, you probably have not seen this grill basket before, haven’t used it in a while, but it’s so easy and quick and helps give your veggies that reallly yummy grilled flavor.

And lastly, a nice plate of food 😉

I had 3 of them.

It was a meal worth waiting for all day. One interesting side note; I have not eaten “bell peppers” (yellow, orange, red or green) in a while. For some reason I had a strange pain in the jonts of my fingers for the rest of the evening…not sure if that signals a nightshade sensitivity, but there was for sure some reaction after my meal. Interesting.

Leftovers Champion

I consider myself a candidate. Tossing a few things together that are left over in the fridge is almost becoming my trademark hahaha.

Like I said in the previous post, I’m so busy with work right now that I simply don’t run errands as often as I normally do. That means with al the extra traffic in town and addtional people, Whole Foods and a Vegetable co-op just don’t see me as much this time of year.

I had some spanish ham, salami and a bit of sausage left over.

In a bit of butter, saute your sliced up cold cuts and the sausage. After a few minutes (watch the heat) I added sone sliced fresh sring onion. When the “meat” was close to done I added a splash of heavy cream and cut up broccoli. All tossed together a bit. Really yummy and satisfying from all the fat.

 Not counting calories or worrying about how much I’m eating or should be eating, this is what I ate yesterday. Tuna salad over a bit of lettuce and tomato drizzled liberally with evoo around noon. The meal above around 7:30 pm.  Might have been on the small side portion wise for the day…but plenty filling and satisfying.

Make it a great day!!!

Food Porn

2 weeks! 2 weeks since my last post. Amazing how fast time flies when you’re having fun. Well let me switch out the fun part and suffice it to say that I’ve been very busy. It’s that time of year for me, its a little nuts workwise. For myself I notice that during these hectic times, my food choices actually become even more important for my ability to cope with a very busy life. I used to think more wine or spirits where the answer…but I’ve switched my M.O. 😉

Feeling guilty not posting for so long…here are some pictures I wanted to share;

This one is super simple; a few slices of bacon cut up and warmed in the pan. Add small head of sliced green cabbage. mix well. Add some sliced onion and one sausage of your choice. I used a spicy buffalo/pork sausage. Mix all together and when the onions are getting a bit soft add 6 ounces of beer. Let the alcohol evaporate and then turn down heat and simmer until done. Freakishly delicious.

This was dinner last night. A piece of cod loin ($2.99 for about 5-6 ounces) and 3 large shrimp covered with 1 large tablespoon of coconut oil, thin sliced red onion, orange pepper, fresh cilantro, garlic chilli sauce, lime juice, tamari and a tiny bit of honey. (half a teaspoon or less). Put in some parchment paper close it up and put on the fire for 15 minutes or so. I put it on the grill, oven works the same.

Steaming and hot…..and delicious


A little cucumber, spinach and onion salad to take away some of the heat of the fish and shrimp dish.

That’s all for now. I will reply to the comments from the previous post today also. My apologies for slacking there.

Have a wonderful day!

Feel Good Eating Lamb Burgers

Here’s something different; lamb burgers with roasted red pepper and feta.

Do you go to Whole Foods or a similar market? Here’s part of your shopping list for the week. Ground lamb, feta (I like real feta made with goats milk) some kalamata olives from the olive bar and some roasted red pepper from the olive bar also (if you buy small portions, this is very affordable). Buy enough of the ground lamb and you have two meals for the week. One recipe/dish can be like the  previous post and the other one will be the lamb burgers. The feta we will use for a chicken dish in the oven on Thursday, (post and recipe to follow) with the addition of the olives.

So heres a real easy one and you don’t necessarily need a grill. You can use your foodprocessor or hand held blender for the following prep work, or just a strong hand and a mixing bowl. Mix about 1/3 of a cup of roasted red pepper with 2 tbspoons extra virgin olive oil. Add 2 tbspoons of feta and mix well. (for 1.5 pound of meat use double the measurment). Chop up some fresh onion.

Mix together well, but try not to “kneed” the meat to long. Doing so will make it tough. Makes two nice burgers.

Now I put them on the grill, but you can just as easily make this in a skillet or under the broiler. The roasted red pepper, feta and evoo keep the patty nice and moist and imparts tremendous flavor. The cheese cuts into the flavor of the lamb and softens it a bit, not masking it though. You can slice the burger or serve whole. I put mine over a nice little cucumber, daikon, sprout and scallion salad with a bit of yogurt dressing. Easy yogurt dressing; mix 1tbs of evoo with 1 tbs yogurt. Stir until thoroughly combined, now add 2 tbs of water and stir. Dash of salt and pepper and some garlic powder.

YES, I ate both patties 😉    I liked the way it looked sliced a little better….


 Not totally paleo, but only REAL FOOD ingredients.

Shopping list for today or tomorrow. 1 pound of chicken thighs, 1 medium spicy sausage (pork or chicken) 1 lemon. 1 bunch of asparagus.

I cook with butter, bacon fat (cook in the grease of 1 strip of bacon) and coconut oil. I’m going to assume you have those staples in the house, if not, add to your shopping list.

So what did you eat yesterday?