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Month: December 2010


Fry up two or three pieces of bacon. I cut them with some kitchen sciccors before putting in the pan. When almost done add a bit of sliced scallions. Stir together and let the scallion flavor dance with the bacon. Next add a little bit of diced tomato and chopped fresh spinach. Just a bit of Read More

Sashimi Ideas

If you can get your hands on some frozen ahi tuna, you can really make some amazing sashimi type dishes at home and lot cheaper than going out to a Japanese/sushi restaurant. My local fish store carries frozen ahi tuna and costs about $12 a pound. If you happen to have an asian grocery store nearby, Read More

Okra Time

It’s that time of the year when I can get fresh organic okra at the farmers market. I LOVE fresh okra. Here’s a really simple Indian dish that will have you eating faster then you know is good for you.  The only 2 ingredients that might require a trip to the store are 2 spices Read More

Grilled Veggie Soup

  Stay with me for more videos…..they will get better I promise. 😉 Read More