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Month: September 2010

Fruit Consumption,Portion Control and Running

Fruit… Do we eat too much of it? How much is enough? There has been some good discussion on all the blogs about the consumption of fruit. My take is as follows; IF you are lean, IF you can handle the extra sugar, then I think fruit has some wonderful benefits to offer. I would still Read More

Still Learning…

Sorry for not responding to the comments on the previous posts sooner. I was not aware I had to approve the comments that came in. The other day I was in the store and saw some local “dutch little yellow” potatoes. They looked so good, I HAD to bring them home. I boiled them for Read More

Slow Cooking Spinach

I don’t cook much with extra virgin olive oil. Heat doesn’t get along so well with it’s make up. But I do love it’s flavor. When I do use the evoo for cooking, I just “slow cook” on very low heat. Tomorrow I will show you how I use evoo with some small potatoes. In a Read More