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Month: May 2010

Happy Memorial Day and a 5K

A day that means a lot to my family and I. Without our courages young American soldiers and their heroic act of storming the beaches in Normandy…there is a good chance I would not be sitting here blogging today. My gratitude is forever yours. Thank you. Quick 5K this morning. Felt good to get a run Read More

Cod Loin Filet

You don’t need a whole bunch of ingredients to make an extrememly tasty dish. Cod loin filet sprinkled with some red pepper flakes, seas salt, toasted sesame oil, soy sauce and some garlic chili sauce.(for the portion of fish you see, only use 1 tbsp soy and sesame oil. 1 teaspoon chili sauce). On some Read More

I still get crap for not eating crap…..and…..some fishy advice

Sad but true. People actually give me a hard time for not eating the “crap” they eat, and like to let me know all about the “crap” I eat. Yesterday I did a little shopping at Whole Foods and ran into a personal trainer I know from the gym I go to.As he saw the contents Read More

Out of season…

It’s starting to get hot here, sadly this means much of my local produce is gone gone gone. No more avocados from my friends tree, no more kirbies (small cucumbers), no more scallions so delicious you could eat them as a meal.  The last of the last for now, local Florida avocado with a kirby Read More

It’s been a while and Fitness challenge.

Did you miss me? 😉 It’s been about two weeks since my last post. I just have not had a lot to share. Work has been surprisingly busy for this time of the year, (not complaining at all, it’s a good thing) and the days seem to have been flowing into each other without much Read More