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Month: April 2010

Chinese Food at Home

Why at home? Because you control the ingredients and it’s so much better for you. No need to sacrifice flavor on this dish. Spicy Shrimp thingy below; This is real easy to do, so here it is broken down. About a pound of fresh shrimp (I eat a good amount of shrimp, simply because there Read More

Whey, Pickled Beets and Synchronicity

Home made liquid whey. Or should I say liquid gold? I use it many different ways. If you’re looking to get some more probiotics into your “eating” , this is one of the best ways in my opinion. There are many sites with info, so I won’t repeat it all here. But Ms. Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Read More

Food for the Day

My meals on Sunday.Johhny at The Lean Saloon had a short and sweet, great post  late last week. Give it a look. Two meals for the day; Two eggs fried up in some bacon grease and scallions. Topped with grass fed raw cheddar cheese. 2 strawberries, a few slices of banana, tomato and some celery for crunch Read More

Creative Flavors and Jump rope

Had a GREAT workout this morning. While I was enjoying my morning and my jump rope, I realized I wanted to ask all of you something; Do you jump rope? I don’t know why it doesn’t get talked about all that much anymore. This little piece of equipment has been around for so long, and even with all the fancy Read More

Home Made Meals, Love and Dirt

Last week Dr. Eades had a wonderful post. As always, it was straightforward, full of information and entertaining. I want to add one small word to the article; love. What struck me as I re-read the post was this: “The only way you maintain control is if you do the cooking yourself. Plus, you’ll save a Read More

10K and Indirect Heat Grilling

Woke up nice and early Sunday morning to go run a 10K I had signed up for.I love that early morning “race vibe”. Always a great group of people with tons of energy.The “vibe” did me good as I was tired from not sleeping well the night before.It was a beautiful flat course they had Read More

Grilling and Meals

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the post yesterday. The whole “is grilling safe” issue really got me thinking as I grill a good amount. Here’s what I found interesting when Don said; “First, I put this in evolutionary perspective. Neither prehistoric people nor contemporary hunter-gatherers had equipment for grilling. Paleo people used baking, roasting, Read More


That’s what I called this little concoction. Using the last ingredients in my fridge, before going to the farmers market on Saturday, I made some zucchini hummus and added the last half of a Florida avocado. Hum-Guac. Really simple and super tasty. Great on it’s own or spoon over shrimp, meat, chicken. Did you read the Read More