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Month: March 2010

Must Marinate & Secret

Looks pretty good right? The reality is that skirt steak/flank steak needs a marinade and some time in the fridge to break down the tough fibers. I went to the market after work, and was craving skirt steak. So made this, without it having marinated in the fridge for a day. As flavorful as it was Read More

Simple and Decadent

Ok, this is one of those Feel Good Eating dishes that just doesn’t get an easier. You need no cooking skills for this, trust me. Just the ability to cut with a knife and to identify some real food in the supermarket. 😉Simple to make and the taste is decadent.So next time you are at a Read More

5K,Dinner and link love

PHEW!! That’s what I have to say about Saturday mornings early 5K race on the beach.It was a beautiful morning and the start of the race at 7:30 coincided perfectly with the sun coming up.Due to the high tide, the “hard sand” close to the water was minimal. With ipod shuffle prepped, I took off really fast. I had every Read More

Breakfast and another back yard friend

Cut up some bacon and in a pan fry it to the consistency/crispy-ness you like. Next, add some thin sliced yellow squash and a few scallions. Mix well and serve over some lettuce. Delicious breakfast. I feel lucky and privilidged that animal friends like this come and visit, and that I get to enjoy seeing them. Read More

Try a Little Tenderness

I LOVE music, so of course when I wanted to share with you a little tip for “tenderizing” tougher cuts of meat…Otis Redding sang it so good, but I’ve always been really taken by the The Commitments rendition.If you love music, and have not seen the movie, please plan yourself a nice weekend night with Read More

Stuffed peppers and Post Work out Snack

I’ve never been crazy about stuffed peppers or stuffed cabbage, but after reading a recipe post on Mark’s Daily Apple I decided to give them a whirl. I did not make it with pork (tough to find quality pork here locally) but with grass fed ground beef instead. My local small peppers are much darker in Read More


Do you at times worry about your choice and execution of eating paleo/ef/primal?Do you get confused about the information overload at times? There are some extrememly in-depth blogs out there that you likely read right? Do they help you or do they add to your confusion?In talking with someone over the weekend about “diet”, I realised that Read More

Don’t Fear the Fat

I hope that if you made the primal/paleo/EF switch recently, you are now the proud new owner of Mark Sisson’s book the Primal Blue Print (I believe it made it to number 2 on Amazon yesterday)The book is a perfect starting point and will help you get going without becoming confused about all the details. The only Read More

Marks Sisson and the Primal Blue Print

I did a post back in June of 2009. Mark Sisson sent me a copy of his book, with a very sincere personal note inside. This is the kind of guy that he his; real, sincere and truly looking to make a difference.If you have not read the book, I highly reccomend it! But I Read More


Here’s a real simple salad, but full of flavor and good for you goodness. Smoked coho salmon over a bed of local organic arugula. Greek yogurt dressing. Just mix together a table spoon of greek yogurt, about 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil and mix together well. Now add water to get it to dressing Read More

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