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Month: February 2010

Post workout eats, Hunter Gatherers and Satiety.

I was thinking about these things this morning after my work out. When hunter gatherers finish a succesful hunt, when do they eat? They eat a little bit right away…then wait to get back to camp to really chow down. (after the kill, they might together share the heart or something as a little snack Read More

Easy Chicken Recipe Video

Maybe after seeing this video you can  help me come up with a name for this recipe 😉 Go easy on me…this is my first one. They can only get better from here 😉   I don’t really know how to edit it all yet, so you have to watch in stages. Total cooking and prep Read More


Well the time has come. I know I’ve promised it for a while, but I’ve finally taken the plunge.You know how it’s often said that you must do things in life that scare you a bit? Well this scared me a lot.It’s strange to put yourself out there like this. And…..you know when you hear Read More

Friends, food and wine.

My good friend Steve came to visit me this weekend. After some tennis, a quick stroll through the farmers market,whole foods and total wine, we got all the supplies we wanted and enjoyed a wonderful day together. For lunch we had some delicious fresh local shrimp. Sauteed some onion,yellow and green pepper. Removed it from Read More

Just a thought

I have so many friends and co-workers that are really trying to eat “healthy”.So what happens, they go to Whole Foods or other health food stores and they buy products like these; http://www.backtonaturefoods.com/ You see how amazing they are at marketing?? Wholesome stuff right??As nice a picture as they paint, the reality is, THIS IS NOT FOOD.If you want Read More


Many cultures have a version of this, but the Japanese are the masters of  “subtle”. Especially when it comes to food. Real good yakitori gets it’s flavor from perfectly grilled chicken over charcoal, and the “sauce” is an accompaniment. This is a nice little project for weekend cooking. The prep takes a little longer, but Read More

Natto, Salmon Eggs & Reminder

So sorry to even put up this horrible picture, but it is serving as a reminder and motivation to go out during my lunch period and finally pick up a battery for my camera. It boggles my mind that I just can’t remember when I’m out and about. Anywho, I realize this might not be Read More

Grilled Chicken Thighs and Running

I own a very simple simple grill, but I can tell you flat out that the food I grill, tastes so much better then most of the food I get to eat at cook outs/bbq’s at friends and family houses. The difference? Gas vs. wood charcoal. I think I’m the only one that doesn’t have a Read More