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Month: November 2009

A Day in the life of Feel Good Eating

I hope all of you made it through thanks giving without too much family irritation and that you didn’t completely abandon your primal eating ways. I stuck to a bowl of butternut squash soup, turkey and a small helping of sweet potatoes with chives. I did have way too much wine 😉 But the selection Read More

Happy Thanks Giving

I want to wish all of you a wonderful and happy Thanks Giving with your family and loved ones.I’m grateful for all of you that take the time to read my blog. Grateful for all the information you share with me and the new things I learn from our interactions. “Both abundance and lack exist Read More

Sauces of a Different Kind

I love sauces. Especially cream sauces. Richard at Free the Animal has some great recipes and directions on how to make some very nice sauces. I keep mine pretty easy. Just add some heavy cream and at times a splash of wine and suddenly your ground lamb or beef tastes magical. No did I mention Read More

Product Review UPDATE

Remember my excitement about the tasty Eden Foods Sauerkraut?Well thanks to my good on line friend Anna, I fired a quick email to the company for some information.You see Anna had left me a comment that (as always) got me thinking. Anna has a knack of doing that. Thank you Anna.I wanted to find out Read More

Chicken thighs and Vibram Five Finger Toes

They only had skinless thighs at my market so this is what I did. Salt and pepper the thighs, cut up fresh ginger and garlic, toasted sesame oil and splash of maple syrup. The maples syrup creates a nice crispy crust. Marinate for a few hours. Wood charcoal on the grill. Direct heat for about Read More

Passionate Fitness

Passionate Fitness Guest Post. For all of you that might not be aware of this site, Mr. Rafi Bar-Lev has put together a wealth of information on living well. You will also find there, great articles written by Mark Sisson and Richard Nikoley. Rafi was a brave and courages army medic in the Israeli army. Read More

Just Copy and Improve

My martial arts teacher used to say; “you need to make the technique yours. Learn the principle, crack the code, ditch the technique and make it yours.” You can only do this by consistent correct (key word, correct) practice. So same really goes for eating right and exercising. There are some very basic principles for Read More

Product Review

You know the drill, but I’ll say it again, no compensation here 😉Although it would be nice. I think Bryce’s comment yesterday sums it up pretty good. We could help companies and their marketing efforts. Justin O, if you’re reading , any chance of hooking up with Bryce and giving it a shot? To everyone Read More

Meat and Running

I know it goes against the “grain” of conventional wisdom and a lot of folks give me slack for it, but I eat a lot of meat. It’s tough bucking everyone’s opinion and input, my advice; don’t argue it😉 “I can’t give you a sure fire formula for success, but I can give you a Read More

A Few Things

Had a great lunch yesterday with a fellow primal/paleo/ef enthusiast. Here in town from the UK to compete in the Iron Man world championship in St. Petersburg Florida.We talked a good while and enjoyed a nice big salad with some locally caught grilled grouper.I had to smile when a patron next to us, got up Read More

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