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Month: September 2009

Butter, Breakfast and Fitness Update

I don’t do a lot of product reviews, but sometimes I discover something I haven’t tried before and it would only be right to share 😉 By now you all know that I LOVE butter, well this one caught my eye the other day. Cultured butter from the Vermont Cheese company. Growing up in Europe Read More

Video and Crock Pot Beef Shank

Here is a little video for your enjoyment.The sound of the engine is somewhat loud, I will keep that in mind for next time. Try this for simple and delicious. Feel Good Eating Beef Shank Crock Pot Recipe In the crock pot mix about 3-4 cut up garlic cloves and a sliced small onion. Add Read More


Just let me know if you’ve heard it enough, but it really is so simple to eat the right way. Now throw in some sensible and regular exercise and watch what happens. Chris from Conditioning Research wrote a fantastic post on it. Yours truly even got some nice link love 🙂 But the point is Read More

Strength Barometer?

I recently got a complimentary membership to a brand new gym here in town. It’s an extremely large facility, built from the ground up by Life Style Family Fitness. I think it’s 32,000 sqft.It’s a very popular gym, attracting many people of varied ages and fitness levels. It has been a few years since I Read More

India,France and Music

Some grilled chicken Tikka. Well, the Feel Good Eating version anywho. I’m not going to share the recipe of this one, as one day you can come eat it in my little restaurant. But try and mix some different spices and some lime juice, marinate for a day or so and then grill these little Read More


I know I’ve said it before, FAT is crucial. After reading a post from Jeff Erno that made me think, I realised something. His post asks the question why Paleo is not working for some people. In my opinion FAT is an integral part of the equation. Not just on a physiological level, but on Read More

Video….sort of

It’s not your typical cooking video…..but hey it’s a start. 😉 http://www.youtube.com/get_player (Obviously I forgot to mention one of the ingredients, a nice big handful of fresh Cilantro)It took me about 90 minutes to grill the meat only turning it once. Kind of like “set it and forget it” lol. Seriously though, I grill this Read More

IF , it does a body good

In my line of work, dining with customers is part of the program. Last night was one of those dining experiences. Whenever I have to eat one of these larger meals, I make my day simple and use it as a fast. After a 24 hour fast, a meal like that is really tasty 😉 Read More

Movement updates and some Fish eggs

Just a quick post to let you know about my progress trying to become a Bar-Barron and training for my 5K. Thanks to Bryce (who has a wonderful blog and is a frequent commenter on Keith’s blog) I’ve been trying to get the feeling of “weightless-ness” when doing a pull up. I’m trying to do Read More

Breakfast Music

http://www.youtube.com/get_player Sorry for the lousy quality. When I post cooking video’s I will use a proper camcorder. When you cook, do you listen to music? I do 😉 So this morning when I made my little to go cooler for the day, I decided to put my breakfast on a plate and let you all Read More