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Month: March 2009

Accidental Marinade

First I HAVE to share some link love. Please check out “Smoketheblowfish“. MikeZ will delight you with his writing skills. Sit back and enjoy. You will also find some great HIIT workouts to experiment with. Accidental Marinade: I whipped up some home made mayonnaise with garlic and basil. Guess what??? I didn’t take! It would Read More

The Hungry Hunter?

Does the title of this post make sense to you??? It makes sense to me. But more importantly, the proof as always is in the proverbial pudding. Or for us EF/Paleo/Primal folk, in the marrow. I’ve written about it before, but my scientific research capabilities are less then others, so please check out Keith’s blog, Read More


My laptop is a little under the weather.So I brought it to my friend who owns a computer hospital, where he nurses pc’s and laptops back to health. I hope to have it back in a day or two. Stand by for new posts and pictures. Next post; Tennis tournament, food pics and how much Read More

Burger time!

Step by step with pictures below. 1 pound of grass fed beef, 1 medium yellow onion, 3 cloves of garlic, one egg, fresh ground pepper, sea salt and one slice of asiago cheese. Chop onion, garlic and the slice of cheese, then. Combine all the ingredients. I usually make 3 patties out of a pound. Read More

Real Food # 2

At Costco I bought a big tray of Coleman organic boneless chicken thighs. Here’s an easy and delicious marinade. evoo, ketjap manis (sweet soy sauce), tamari, garlic or garlic powder and lemon juice. Let it do it’s thing for at least 6 hours. Delicious grilled, but you could put it under the broiler too. Great Read More

Real Food

“Alice Waters, one of the major movers and shakers in the Real Food Revolution, actually got 15 minutes of prime time mainstream media coverage last night. On 60 Minutes.” Thanks to Foodrenegade’s blog I was made aware of it and I was able to see the 60 minute piece . Go take a look, I Read More


After my question last week, I wanted to give you some more thoughts about walking. What’s our most natural and oldest mode of transportation? That’s right. WALKING. We’ve been doing it forever, and guess what? Over the last 50 years, as a whole we really don’t do it anymore. We walk from our car to Read More

K2, not for everyone?

Yes for everyone, just maybe not in the form you see below. Make sure you read all the posts on K2 at Richards’s blog. It’s important I believe. I’m missing a link for Stephan’s Whole Health Source on the right, but will get it up there. Stephan has a very very insightful and super smart Read More

Dinner and walking

This is so easy and so delicious, you MUST try it. I used a 7 oz. “Ultimate Grill Steak” from Lacense Beef. Side note. thanks to Jumpow (http://www.dadrewrite.blogspot.com/), in one of the comments pointed me to another resource for grass fed beef called, Lasater Grassland Beef (http://www.lgbeef.com/). It looks to be a lot more affordable Read More

A friend’s paleo dish

Check this out; I put a little bit of this dish on a plate to show you what my good friend surprised me with.Marinated shrimp.She entertains a good amount and serves this dish. She’s gathering quite a fan base.Knowing about my blog and they way I eat, she brought me some to try.Cooked shrimp, olive Read More

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