Take a breath……relax….enjoy.

I got the feeling that you all enjoyed the picture of the “Beach Portal” last week, so thought I’d share yesterday’s picture. I took my visitors on a nice morning boat ride. This small island is just South of Naples, FL. It’s called Keewaydin Island. It’s narrow and there are just a few homes sprinkled a long the beach. It’s only accessible by boat, so building there is an expensive undertaking. It’s a public island, so if you have a boat, you can beach your boat and spend the night camping. It’s very peaceful there and local dolphin population is constant entertainment with their aerial flips,splashes and jumps. In the distance you can see some buildings, that is Marco Island.

Here you can see how narrow the island is at certain parts. The water you see is the bay side of the island. Do you like shelling??? You’ll find some real treasures on Keewaydin.

Easy breakfast. 3 strips of bacon, 3 eggs, some fresh salsa and a few slices of cantaloupe.

ENJOY your DAY!!!

How do you use IF?

On Rusty’s blog there is a give away for Brad Pilon’s new book. His first book “Eat Stop Eat” is one I highly recommend. It’s straightforward and easy to apply if you are still not sure about IF.
Dr. Eades is still not a 100% sure, but I believe he has turned the corner recently.
My advice; read up on it, follow a sensible protocol (NO….fasting 20 hours and then having a big mac, large fries, shake and a sundae does not qualify as sensible) and see how it feels for your self.
I know there is lots of quality,detailed and well researched information out there on the subject so check it out. I thought I’d share with you how I incorporate IF into my busy life.

Monday I ate both lunch and dinner at a restaurant (I will post later this week on how to stay on track when dining out). I had a delicious breakfast , greek lunch and mexican dinner. After eating restaurant food, I like to give my body a rest from the ingredients (even though paleo/EF/primal) that I have no control over. I finished eating around 7:30 pm.
Early morning I made my niece and nephews breakfast. Went for a playful run outside, some push ups, balancing, jumping and sprinting. Then I hit the pool (it was somewhat cold) and swam for about 10 minutes and jumped around a bit in the pool. A nice natural work out.

Went to work. Feeling very sharp, I flew through my morning office chaos. For lunch, I left the office and played about 50 minutes of tennis. I was not hungry in the least bit.
Late in the afternoon around 4:30 pm was the first time of the day that my thoughts turned to food. I drank some water and planned dinner in my head.
Home at 6:15 pm I made dinner for my kids and their cousins (7 kids in total). Once they were done I got to cooking for me. As my sister had to eat too, I made a lot of food 😉
I had 2 large grilled rib eye steaks left over. I cut them into bite size pieces. In compound butter (garlic and herbs) I sauteed some garlic, spring onion, red pepper and a few slices of serrano pepper. Then add the steaks pieces. When they were getting close to done, I added a half a pound a fresh cut up shrimp and another pat of butter. A nice large salad with evoo and balsamic vinegar. To not freak my sister out completely with my protein feast, I made a large dish of yellow tomatoes and mozzarella, fresh basil, evoo and balsamic.

I believe FAT intake is a huge component of making all this work for you.
I consume large amounts of evoo and organic butter.

How do you apply IF in your life?

Low heat, yet easy and quick.

Here’s a relatively quick meal that I like to make in the morning, before I’m getting ready for work. I cook this on low heat so that I can get ready and do a few other things while the dish is cooking.

In a skillet lay down three or four pieces of bacon. Next cut up some red onion and sprinkle over the bacon. Then add lots of sliced asparagus. When it is ready, take a kitchen scissor and cut up the bacon into bite size pieces. Mix everything well. The flavors are delicious together.
I have my family from Holland visiting me, so have not been posting much.
The good news…….they brought me an ample supply of cod fish liver. Much to the dismay of my children. 😉 They hate the smell of it.

Cilantro, basil and garlic chimichura?

I’m not sure what to call this concoction I make, but try it. It’s easy to do and your grilled steak dinner will blow you away.

In the magic bullet (it’s a really useful tool to have in your kitchen arsenal) I combined a small bunch of fresh cilantro, about 6 large fresh basil leaves, 2 large cloves of garlic and about a 1/4 cup of evoo. Pulse until it forms a nice paste. Refrigerate at least a day. The flavor gets more intense this way.

I had a steak cut called Bavette. It’s a flank steak, but I don’t think it’s the same cut as regular flank steak.
Let the meat come to room temp. and then cut a grid into both sides of the steak. Now paint the steak with Marc’s chimichura sauce. Grill and enjoy. Let this cut sit for AT LEAST 10 minutes. That way the juices can really come back into it. Slice thin against the grain.
Here’s one of the leftover steaks which will be eaten later today. Big dinner so I won’t eat until about 2-3 pm or so.

Also made a nice salad to go along with the steaks. Organic red oak leaf lettuce with lots of cucumber and a sauteed garlic, onion, beef bacon and dijon mustard dressing.

This leaves me with the question of the day; What exactly is “Beef Bacon”?
I bought it at Whole Foods. Obviously many people had he same question I did, and I don’t think WF sold a lot of it. So it was on sale for $1.99 and buy one get one free.
It’s very tasty and I used it up in many different ways over the past week.

I got a really nice comment from Rusty yesterday. I’ve been a long time reader of his blog. He delivers top notch info. His link has been on the right for a long time, but don’t know if I ever pointed you all to it. Check it out!

Have a great day!!


It could be right? A portal to FEEL GOOD RELAXATION 😉
This is the kind of spot that you don’t get to if you are a visiting tourist.
A tiny, hidden, public walkway nestled in between 20 million dollar beach front homes.

I did not eat much this weekend. So thought I share a few local pictures with you.
The famous Naples pier…….from a distance 😉

Seafood salads

It’s a very busy time of year for me, so I get up early and make food for the day to bring to my office. “Seafood salads” are easy and quick to make. They are filling and work well for eating at your desk.

Remember earlier this week I bought wild caught fresh coho salmon? I saved a piece of it and yesterday I simply boiled it quickly.

Removed the skin and chopped up the cooked salmon. In a bowl, I added some smoked salmon loin and spring onion then mayonnaise (not too much). It had the most beautiful pink color.

For a side “salad”, I did the following.
I took the salmon skin (lot of good, healthy stuff in that skin) put it on a oven tray and sprinkled it with some Braggs liquid aminos. Under the broiler until crisp. Sliced some cucumber and celery and added the salmon skin. A few more drops of the Braggs Biquid aminos.

Another easy seafood salad is this one;
Instead of the old standby TUNA SALAD, make yourself a smoked fish salad. I bought a piece of smoked Amber jack at the farmers market. Some spring onion and some mayonnaise make for a very delicious meal and it’s very different tasting then the above mentioned stand by.
Any smoked fish will work for this. Refreshing melon is a nice accompaniment for a dish like this with a lot of taste.

If you are trying to loose weight eating the primal/paleo/EF way, please read Richard’s latest post on Free the Animal. There are some amazing nuggets of wisdom in his last post. Common sense at it’s best!!!.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and…….
“Remember…..it’s ok to get what you want from life”

Bone in Pork Butt Roast

I lifted this recipe from the magazine Coastal Living
3.5 pound bone in pork butt roast.
I marinated it for 2 days in Mojo dressing with some additional garlic cloves.
The pictures show how easy this is. Bed of onions in the crockpot. Next discard the marinade, pat dry and give it a spice rub. Thyme, cumin, paprika, oregano, sea salt, chili powder and garlic.
In a large pan, brown the roast on all sides. (this really seals in the flavor) Place in the crockpot, put lid on top and let it do it’s thing on low for 6-8 hours. It’s ready when the meat falls apart.
Please try this some time, you will be AMAZED how good it is.
I posted a comment/ quote that I wanted to share.
“Your ability to work miracles (stop smoking, drinking, sticking to your resolutions, sticking to low carb, be happy etc etc) is predicated entirely on how easily and quickly you can give the collective unconscious the slip. It is your attachment to the unconscious, or world belief patterns that holds you back.” SW
Make it a great day!


This has to be one of the easiest breakfasts to make. And a good change of pace if you are fed up with your regular egg breakfast options.

In an oven proof skillet, quickly saute some veggies and meat (salami is especially tasty) in butter or bacon grease.

Whip 3 eggs (you can add a splash of heavy cream, even a splash of water works).

Pour eggs in the skillet with the veggies and meat.

Put it in the oven at 350 for 15 minutes. You can also add a few thin shavings of your favorite cheese on top before putting it in the oven.

This is a great “veggie left over remover” dish.
It also transports really well. Cut it up in slices for on the go convenience.
Have a great day!!!!!


I had marinated some skinless chicken thighs in thai spices and coconut milk.
Tossed it in my hot electric skillet with sliced onions. I need propane for the grill, otherwise would have used the grill. I cook on my lanai with the electric skillet. There’s something about cooking outside…..
Chicken was served over a nappa cabbage slaw. Shredded napa cabbage with some toasted sesame oil, chopped garlic, spring onion, a splash of tamari and a tbsp of vegenaise.


One avocado, one small cucumber, 2 grape tomatoes, one small spring onion, 8-10 pieces of beef bacon, 4 slices salami, 3 large (broken into bite size pieces) red leaf lettuce leaves.
Dressing; 1/3 cup evoo, one raw egg yolk, teaspoon of balsamic vinegar.
Mix everything well.
Very tasty……