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Month: January 2009

I’m posting this for those of you that have never made an exotic/Indian/coconut milk dish. I want to hopefully show you how easy it is, and then this can serve as a springboard for you to experiment and go to town on your next new flavor dishes. So here’s is a super easy recipe to Read More

A big appetite and a satisfying meal

I have not experienced this in a while, but after eating an omelet for breakfast and not eating the remainder of the day, by 6:30 pm I was absolutely ravished!!!! Not an IF day, but my food intake has not been very much the last few days, so this might have been “compounded hunger”. Has Read More

One of my favorite fishing spots. I didn’t catch anything……..but he sure did. Turkey meatballs; I like ground turkey. It’s versatile and makes for a good change from the grass fed ground beef. I don’t however like ground turkey breast. It has no flavor at all. Chop up some onion, grab your spices of choice, Read More

Left over soup…….

With the farmers market available to me this time of year, I must confess that I sometimes end up with a fridge so chock full of greens that I can’t always get to eating everything.A beautiful head of organic bok choy looked at me sadly yesterday and said “what about me?”In comes left over soup…….. Read More

Don’t know what to call this post, post ;-)

First things first, is he cute or what?? What does a little Dutch boy know about “Texas Chili“??? Well, nothing really but stay with me here. 😉 I had REAL chili in Texas one time, and the experience never left me. Unlike the chili I knew, this was not ground beef, with beans and the Read More

Exercises and the wonderful world of left overs

Once again thanks to Chris , a while back I was introduced to someone I wasn’t aware off. Mr. Steve Maxwell.Take a look at his blog. The last post about the greatest exercise machine of all is a must read.It’s a nice way to put yourself through a quick evaluation. How do you stack up???Due Read More

Crockpot and Links

Last night before going to bed, I got the crockpot going. Garlic cloves, evoo, carrots, remaining 2 pounds of the beef chuck shoulder clod, turkey sausage and a Black Hawk stout.Woke up to a wonderful smelling house this morning and breakfast was ready.Blogger won’t let me upload pics at the moment, so pic to follow. Read More

Beef & Stout

Thanks to Chris and this recent post about beer marinade. I decided to try something new. I bought a large cut of grassfed beef chuck shoulder clod. (very cheap, even grassfed) It’s almost a 3 pound hunk of beef. I cut of a slice of about a pound and submerged it for a day in Read More

Working out in a fasted state

Just finished up a small weekend tennis tournament.Yours truly won both the men’s singles and the men’s doubles.I’m sure most of you read Keith’s amazing blog. He talks often about working out in a fasted state. I’ve found that playing tennis in a fasted/ somewhat hungry state has me playing at my best. I started Read More

Another day in the life of Feel Good Eating and….LIVER

Two pictures, it just looked and tasted sooooo good 😉 What a way to eat breakfast after an early morning work out. Half an avocado with some smoke salmon loin, scallion and extra virgin olive oil. Some slices of smoked salmon loin. Cantaloupe slices. A boiled egg with a dash of paprika. Spinach leaves. And Read More

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